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  1. I have reluctantly decided because of ill-heath that my partially restored Doretti will have to have a new owner. The car was being re-built professionally to my personal specification which incorporated a TR4 rear axle and front disc brakes with separate hydraulic brake and clutch systems. A custom heavy duty aluminium fuel tank is also included. The chassis and all the inner steel bodywork have been blasted and re-painted. The steering and suspension have also been restored and a 2" stainless steel exhaust system fitted. A re-built TR2 engine with the correct H6 carbs is installed with a re-
  2. The latest on-line photo gallery of Warwick GT and GT350 images can be found at http://www.doretti.co.uk/Warwick or just type "Warwick GT Gallery" into your browser. Ken
  3. The latest on-line photo gallery of Warwick GT and GT350 images can be found at http://www.doretti.co.uk/Warwick or just type "Warwick GT Gallery" into your browser. Any information or photos of these cars will be most welcome. Ken Yankey
  4. 1294 was built by Walcliffe Motors of North Road, Lancaster and first registered as YTS 286J, which dates from October 1970. In August 1993 the car was "discovered" in a garage where it had been stored for around 20 years awaiting restoration. On completion of the restoration in 1998, the DVLA re-registered the car with the age-related number KSJ 153.
  5. As an ex-owner of a Warwick GT, I’m still interested in the marque. However, it’s only occasionally that there’s a mention of a Warwick on the internet. To help raise the Warwick’s profile, my intention is to set up an on-line Warwick photo gallery. There is no intention of any competition with the P&W Register, it's just my way of helping them to reach out to Warwick owners and enthusiasts. All photos of a Warwick GT or GT350 are welcomed and no personal details are required – it's just going to be a collection of car images. Please send photos to Ken Yankey at: doretti2020@outlook
  6. The negative reaction of of some people to the removal of the Gallery section of my website is understandable. However, after taking into consideration the numerous owners and enthusiasts who have over many years contributed their information, photos and anecdotes, I have decided to re-introduce a modified Cars and Owners Gallery. Ken
  7. Many thanks to Mick and Hamish for their express service. Ken
  8. Can anyone tell me the location where this photo was taken and a possible date? Ken
  9. I am sorry to belatedly report that Helen Rainbow died on 28th May 2019 in Tockington. Over many years, Helen was closely involved with many of Frank’s activities and after his passing, she willingly shared his photographs and documents with interested persons. In 1994 as the honoured guest at the Swallow Doretti Register’s 40th Anniversary celebration at Eccleshall in Staffordshire, she described it as an emotional occasion and thought it was marvellous to see the dedication and enthusiasm and sheer joy of the owners after all these years. A few years later during a conversation wit
  10. Michael, New adjuster bolt (£8.50 on Ebay), homemade aluminium block. Ken
  11. Thanks for the quick answer. Ken
  12. Can anyone identify the red car heading towards Piccadilly Circus in this 1950s London picture?
  13. Image copied from a Kodak stereo slide many years ago.
  14. This picture of an early Doretti, (probably taken in Los Angeles), shows some unusual features that were not incorporated on production vehicles. Ken
  15. Very sorry to hear of Diane's passing - enjoyed some pleasant chats with the lady - RIP Diane. Ken
  16. Stuart, Here it is on display with its hardtop fitted. Ken
  17. Can anyone identify the designer/builder of this attractive roadster on a Doretti chassis? It is reported that it was a regular Swallow Doretti, exported to Spain, that was rebuilt after being badly damaged in an accident. Suggestions that Pedro Serra was the coachbuilder, have been positively denied by Pedro.
  18. I bought this Bordeaux Red TR7 convertible, around 1989 from a car dealer in Heald Green, Cheshire. The car was driven daily by my wife for many years but was eventually starting to succumb to rust, so it had to go. There was once an unusual breakdown when the clutch master cylinder piston return spring broke into three pieces. I recall the car was sold to someone from Chester. Does anyone know what happened to the car? Ken Yankey
  19. Dan Lots of information is available on the Swallow Doretti website: www.doretti.co.uk Ken
  20. A Swallow Doretti owner in South Africa has recently been in contact with me, to enquire about the existence of another Doretti in the country. I do have a faint memory of some mention of this other vehicle but cannot find any documentary evidence in my own personal collection of information. In the past I would have written to classic car magazines, and car clubs asking for their help in finding the elusive Doretti. Many times I would be successful and another Doretti could be added the growing list of cars built by Swallow Coachbuilding. After production of the Doretti was ended, no factory
  21. doretti

    LNV 389

    Sorry it's not a TR but a Swallow Doretti with the registration LNV 389. Does anyone have information about this car which was first registered circa January 1955 in Northamptonshire. I just have a photo of the car on the starting grid at Silverstone 10th Sept. 1955 with Denis Barrett at the wheel. Information about this car or any other Doretti sports cars you may have been fortunate to own, would be greatly appreciated. Ken Yankey
  22. What is the purpose of the 70mm hole in the right foot-well? Ken
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