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  1. Hi tom I can’t get through to Ken’s land line and I can’t seem to send you a pm Can you please send me the hospital ken is in thank you Helen
  2. I see someone as the above part for sale I have one also. sadly not in bag but new and usable if it helps anyone to get the both sides pm me. £30 posted because it’s not totally perfect but very usable. Helen
  3. I have a very pretty triumph spitfire mk3 With Le Mans bonnet for sale. It’s has a straight six engine, Hard and soft top, In silver. Been covered in the back of Garage for 15 years and not been out for a run since. Turned it over first time last week. £3900 Pm if you want a nice little spitfire Mrs gill
  4. Wow that’s big text above. Was it someone on the forum who won the tin of spire clips on eBay, hope so. Mrs gill
  5. I came a crossed an excellent condition original Set of rear wings for a tr6, And a lower front valance that’s new old stock. Tr6 Contact if interested and I will send picture. These were left with us 5 years ago, Could be more. The owner is a tr register member from Ireland, Collect from me if interested and pay Him, they are not in my way at all and defiantly not in his, But are for sale. Mrs gill
  6. Sean Great to here you got your part Delivered today. Regards Mrs gill,
  7. Peter I’m sure I saw Conrad had one on BST give me a call helen
  8. Thanks for adding Sean. I will look for some more clips and I will add what ever I find to the tin before the sale ends, mrs gill
  9. I found a tin stenor ltd richman Surrey spire nuts I have added on eBay. Not Conpleat mrs gill
  10. Such a pleasure speaking to you john look forward to meeting you in person best Helen
  11. Thank you all for your pms really didn’t expect such response. I would be grateful for pictures of the parts that you need and part numbers and I will see if I have, once again thank you helen
  12. John it’s my mistake Mail was full have deleted some messages so if you want to pm helen
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