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  1. Inge, what´s your experience with this radiator now after a few years ?
  2. vegard_s

    New clutch

    Thanks for your reply. You have pointed out many of the same things that I've been thinking about too. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with the end result.
  3. Knut, PM me and you can contact me, I´ve got an early 70 CC engine and I´m based in Hønefoss. Yes, tham cam is also different on a CC compared to the CP. / Vegard
  4. vegard_s

    New clutch

    What are the thoughts on the clutch kits being offered today? I´m about to put in an order from Moss and was wondering what people think about the B&B kits they sell, any experience with them? CLUTCH KIT, Borg & Beck, 3 piece Note: standard. (B&B no. HK966S clamping load 535dn) or CLUTCH KIT, Borg & Beck, 3 piece Note: standard. (B&B no HK9649 clamping load 400dn) / Vegard
  5. Guess I´ll just have to go for the whole kit, the pictures on their websites is not great.
  6. I'm about to put in the new floors and wanted to order the new strips that go between the floor and the chassis. I can find these easy enough on the usual sites, but there are some bits that go where you fasten the floor on each side with screws, can't seem to find any of these part numbers. Can anyone point me in the right direction? /vegard
  7. Indeed, they will be etch primed or epoxy primed very soon to protect the bare metal.
  8. Got the new lower repair panels for the front wings. Most of the panels sanded down Started sanding down the engine bay, the battery compartment will need some new steel.. Some more sanding done.. So much work and too little time...
  9. I saw this when it visited Norway during the European TR tour last year. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the car. So when I look at it as a car type on its own I kinda like it, but it is a leap from the original convertible. / vegard
  10. Some more parts out of the engine bay and one floor out. Since all the sills were in great condition I will leave them and weld in the new floors. In case you are wondering I´m not finished cleaning up the cut out floor, I only did a quick rough cutout.
  11. Not familiar with the "..looks June to me" saying.. care to elaborate?
  12. I´ve read a few posts on the different types of conversions and I see that Type 3 seems to be the desired conversion. My car was equipped with this KYB kit, is this a Type2A conversion? Also, how can I identify the springs installed and should I leave it as it is if I have standard springs ? I really don´t want to crack my TA´s. / Vegard
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