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  1. Thats exactly my plan. To be able to deliver to your door without exceeding 200 pounds. I would have to, to make it a serious option.
  2. For sure your not wrong. I know from my own car that the factory dash needs fettled as my dash was re- upholstered in leather. And like my own, I've added a hole for a clock. I have no need for the dimmer switch. I still have to produce a complete dash so u can best ascertain the cost. I want this to be a great product at a sensible price. I think most dashboards are overpriced. I also have my MG here so once I have mastered the tr6 dash I will look at the mgb dash and see what can be done. If its all looking feasible, I will start a dedicated Web site.
  3. Hi guys. I've uploaded photos and videos of the beginning of the dash prototype. Drop by my Instagram and drop your comments. #croatian.classic.cars
  4. Funny you should ask about the door capping. I have them in my car. Thats something for me to look into. I'll get back on that. As for holes in the dash for other instruments. Thats not a problem. There is a limited space to work with. But if someone said I want a hole here or there, or they don't want t the glove box etc, it all very easy to do.
  5. First template done. However my own one will need modified due to my dash being done in leather. So the outer dimensions will need reduced by about 3mm all round. But we have made a comparison and the template is a perfect profile of the original. We will now work on a finish. I am going to consider reinstalling the dimmer switch or just deleting it, I'm putting a clock where it used to be
  6. Rodger. Your a wealth of knowledge sir. A veritable classic car encyclopedia. An no i dont mock. I've had my 6 for 25 years but the car rarely needs attention. Plus it does so little miles. The last 10 years I've had so little time to devote to my cars.
  7. The dash is coming out today. I'll first have to find the original live feed. Fingers crossed. If the fan doesn't work, sadly due to not working now for 4 months, no new fan motor will be bought. But it will be added to the wish list. I'll let you guys know what my findings are
  8. Got it. So there should be a green live feed to the switch. The the other 2 wires are for 1st and second speed and the black is ground. Ok. I'll fire a live to wires and see what we have. Thanks for that.
  9. Good evening guys. My heater doesn't work on my tr6. I've had the car 25 years and can't remember when it ever worked. As I'm currently working on the entire system I. Ay as well see whats going on. So I find 3 wires coming from the heater. None attached to the switch. Have a feeling I disconnected this years ago. So what arw the 3 wires and where does the live for the motor come from? I also found about 10 more wires going nowhere. LOL. Whats it all about eh.
  10. As for world wide shipping. Like Australia, I will find out the shipping fees, shipping times and see if its still an economically viable solution.
  11. Yes, painted with polished varnish finish. I have still to have one finished using this method. When its done, if i don't like the finished product, then veneering is still possible. I want to produce a product that looks great, can be totally bespoke to the owner, or simple wooden walnut finish at more affordable price. A price thats simply unbeatable. The skills, material and equipment are here.
  12. Grand advise sir. I will follow your lead.
  13. Good day Everyone from around the world. I am from the UK but have lived in Croatia for the last 21 years. With me is My TR6, also MGB, MK1 Escort and Morris Minor. I've owned my 6 for 25 years now. And a few weeks ago i was looking at my walnut dash and thinking i need to renew it. After looking at all the UK and US markets I realized that the cost of a new dash was between 250 and 300 pounds. Wow, for a flat piece of plywood. ( the attached photo is my current dash that I plan to replace) Now as it happens, next door to me is a furniture manufacturer. A family run business for 50
  14. murrayarnold


    Hmm. Remind me if I ever build a tr6, to start with the heater box assembly and build the car round it. From the sound of it, it would appear the best methodology
  15. Its a fact. No cycling of gasses, no flame trap requirement. The breather tank is really just a nice add in feature if you maybe live in North America and have smog controls etc. Or if your an enviromentalist. I have no need for either. So I've got the crank breather sorted. Thread closed. Thanks for everyone's help. Job done.
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