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  1. Many thanks. I will play with it tomorrow. I will report back on how it goes.
  2. Ok, now youve lost me. Scratching my head. Yes or no. Clockwise = advance?
  3. Thanks and much apreciated. Now the next question. Do i turn the dizzy clockwise to advance?
  4. Good day. I am running tripple webber's on my tr6. Standard cam. Someone told me a while back that the timing should be advanced slightly as they prefer it that way. Or was i hearing something wrong at the time? Hmmm
  5. Ran them in stock mechanical pump for 10 years. They never hesitated once full open. I am aware of thier fuel needs and apparently the stock pump work just fine in them.
  6. Hi all. I don't know whos installed tripple webber's. Mine have been on the car for 10 years. But i need to install a decent, reliable and easy in the eye throttle return spring. As the old set up was simply ugly and very Heath Robinson. Seams a home made set up is required. Any photos of set ups appreciated.
  7. Ten years ago when i swapped out the power sucking SU carbs, they had a water cooled manifold. The webbers dont. So as a temp measure 10 years ago i blanked the pipe with the only available item available. Its been there ever since
  8. No regulator. I am running the stock mechanical pump. The 7th plug eh. Now theres a question.
  9. Spot on. My bad. What a muppet
  10. Ah ha. School boy error. My gauge is metric and people are giving me imperial sizes. I live in Croatia. Its all metric here. I have just worked out the conversion
  11. There must be something wrong. I am looking at 0.025 and its wafer thin. What am i missing
  12. Wow. Think i made a wee mistake. I set them to 0.54. Time to take them back out. Maybe thats why it was a wee bit unsettled when i started it. Thanks guys.
  13. Good day. Well i must thank everyone for their interest in the webers. I was very surprised at the interest in them. So i left the carbs in portugal with no intentions of getting them fixed as mentioned. I was happy to sell them on for parts. As i was working in kuwait for the last 5 years and my car was garaged out of site i just forgot about my car and the carbs. Plus last year i left the forum for a reason i cant even remember. So anyway. Out of the blue, the guy contacted me. Wow, i had forgot at this point i owned the damn things. He said that as they were a set of classic carbs it would be a huge waste binning them and he wanted to repair them. So i ended up paying nearly 800 euro for a complete rebuild of the 3 of them. I have just today fitted them back on the car. I know i promissed to sell them and appologise for not. Thanks to all for support and wising me up to the classic carbs that i had. After all. Its our passion to repair and keep alive. Not give up and through in the bin. Life lesson for myself right there.
  14. Good day. My 73 runs triple webbers and electronic ignition. I have just bought a new set of NGK spark plugs. Can anyone enlighten me to the correct gap? Thanks.
  15. thank you sir for that. I have a feeling my investment in the Strombergs now needs about 400 pounds spent on a new inlet manifold. Oh the joys of classic cars. This is exactly why i am going for triple Strombergs. My loud racing days are behind me. I want the car to be smooth and economic. I dont need the roar any more. I love just jumping in the car with my wife and driving the Croatian coast line. Which is a real undiscovered and unappreciated gem. The road hugs the coast and passes by so many lovely towns and sea side villages. Sitting in a cafe sipping a coffee, looking over the sea and the yachts with my classic car in the foreground. It dosent get any better. As you can see we do love to be beside the sea side :-)
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