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  1. Bloody hell. That a science project right there. I take my hat of to you and with no measure of mocking. I am very happy to be schooled. In another not regarding the carbs i have. The throttle linkage i have on them looks luke a heavy bugger located under the carbs. Is there any other option?
  2. Thats only because of the servo vacum. To be honest the tr with vented/grooved brakes doesnt meed the servo which means no vacum to the carbs. Helps all 3 carbs run in sync. but hey, just my opinion.
  3. How did the car run on the triple SUs.
  4. The flange at the head on the aftermarket SS exhaust is bigger. The new inlet would fit with the standard exhaust manifold but not what i have. I had to cut down the webber manifild to get it to fit with the exhaust. It just is that way. Thats all.
  5. Well as luck has it, its not straight forward. As with the webber manold i am going to have to butcher a good inlet manifold again. Why you ask. Its due to the after market exhaust. The flanges on the exhaust mean that i have to cut the flanges back. Its a damn nuisance but unavoidable. I have also ordered up new head studs and thin nuts to make the instalation easier. I have in addition taken about 6mm of all the studs on the carb side of the manifold. Again this maks instalation easier as i have had to seperate the carbs from the manifold.
  6. The bottom 3 for sure are easier. I even drilled an access hole through the inlet outer flange to get access with a ling alan key. Worked a charm
  7. Hi guys I have just removed a set of triple webers. I bought them second hand 10 years ago from an etype. I rejected them but have today removed them from my tr6. They were running terribly and i reckon stale fuel etc. Someone suggested to boil them in lemon juice to clean them. Does this work? And what other remedies has anyone got to deep clean carbs inside and out? Thanks.
  8. Well the conversion starts. I have opened up my box with the triple strombergs. Included was a strange looking thing. I assume as this all came from america its part of an anti smog thing. Think this will be seeing the bin. Photo attached. I drove the car back to the house and by the time i got home i was down to maybe 2 cylinders. The old webers are needing a recon i recon. Someone sugested to boil them in pure lemon juice. Hmm. May have to take some advice on that. I will do another topic on it. As for the initial view of the new set up. I may have to modify the inlet flange to fit with the after market exhaust flange. Also i will need to reinstate the water line that i blocked when installing the webers 10 years back. And the linkage. Hmm. That looks like i will need to think of something. Stay tuned. I will update on progress over the next week.
  9. Thank you sir. Appreciated. I only have allan bolts for mine. Hmm. I will take a better look in the morning. Its ti bloody humid to work. Wish i had an air conditioned garage. Thanks for that.
  10. Good day guys. I am doing a carb conversion. I have noted that the inlet manifold bolt sizes differ. The top 3 are i think, 8mm and the bottom 3, 10mm. Is this normal or has my head been modified. Also are they metric or imperial? Thanks.
  11. This was my late dads kilt. His mum, my grandmother who I never met, was maybe a Johnston as you said. I have no idea. I normally wear the Scottish SRU tartan as my dad was a life long rugby fan and I was named Murray after Murray field. Thank God he wasnt a footy fan or I would have been named Hampden. So in memory of my father I wear the SRU tartan or my fathers own kilt. It just seams right either way.
  12. the coastal drive from the Istra peninsula near the Italian border, all the way to Dubrovnik is utterly fantastic. One of the best kept secrets in Europe i believe. There are many classic car clubs from Europe that visit. But July and August are so busy its best to keep clear. May, June and September are great months to visit if your driving. My wife and I love driving the coast line, stopping of at sea side villages for tea etc. Wonderfully relaxing. I recommend it to everyone. And as you saw, the Islands and fantastic. And the water, how could you not go swimming. Paradise.
  13. That's us in Dubrovnik
  14. Hmm. Tried to add more but it's not letting me.
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