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  1. Hi Mick & Lain Thanks very much for coming back to me, As they say every day is a school day. So the one thing I have definitely learnt from this post is clearly use the search feature before you post…. As an old radio engineer I should have realised that you should RX before TX’sing once again thanks and I’m off to read the abundance of advice previously sought James --- ..- -
  2. Hi all was looking for a bit of advice about oil, so for many years I’ve been using Penrite oil 20w50, one point I tried 20w60 seem to me that at hotter running temperatures the oil gauge seem to go lower so swap back to 20w50.. Anyway so here’s the question, My oil supplier has stopped supplying Penrite oil he said that it just became too expensive, so he is now supplying Dynolite which I know nothing about. Is anyone using this oil and what grade, website and leaflets talk about 20w50,20w60 and 40w70,,relatively comfortable with the first two however 40w70 not quite with you on this , Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance James……………………………….. TR4A&TR5
  3. Yep that's what I am going with my 4A is the other way round.......................
  4. The O/D switch is on the Rh/s and it is down to put it in James
  5. Hi All well that’s give me a lot to think about my hand book shows it on the right as you look at the steering wheel and the faint sticker on the switch cover shows the lighting switch to be on the right, my 5 is a UK car and has had 4 owners and I have met all of them, and the first one is still breathing however in the mid 80’s it was shockingly maintained, and from 1994,to when I got it in 1998 an non-Triumph garage dealer butchered it, so nothing would surprise me. So what I am going to do is order a LHD one and see how I go I am hoping to be using the original stork James...............................
  6. Hi All in my 5 the headlight switch is on the right-hand side of the steering Colom, and the positions are Top=off middle side light bottom side & headlight So, when I got one from a supplier it was Top= side & headlight middle sides and bottom=off Can anyone throw some light on this (pardon the pun) have I ordered the wrong one ?????????? James……………….
  7. Hi Paul All really good points....... But really James
  8. Hi Graham The blue 3A got to 22,000 but was provisional and in the end was not sold. James...
  9. Hi All So I was browsing through some of the online auctions as you do and I came across A TR4 which was pleasantly described as This car is described by the vendor as a solid example of the Triumph TR4, first registered in February 1963 ,The car is a one owner vehicle and comes with the original log book. I went and looked at this car today and the best way I could describe it was it was a solid but certainly a barn find. So I stayed to see if it would even make Guide Price: £8,000 to £11,000. some i was quite shocked when the bidding went up and over 15,000 pounds then past 18,000 pounds and here it seemed to falter for a bit then carefully and very tentatively settled, are you ready for this 24,300 pounds plus all the auction fees. what she am I missing here SHED me. And as several hours later I still can't believe it and I don't believe I'm writing this post what is going on with a classic car market.............. James http://www.barons-auctions.com/auction_details.php?aid=15&cid=575
  10. James67

    Wailing TR4a

    Hi Ed The video posted earlier is absolutely priceless showed it to her indoors but she wasn't that impressed. Anyway to the problem in hand Ed do you have the Cowlings fitted on the back of your disks at the front sometimes a stone gets up between the Cowlings and the disk. This normally results in quite a high pitched squealing noise then as the disk wheres the stone away it falls out of its own accord leaving you wondering what was that noise James
  11. James67

    Scammer alert

    Hi John After sale probably wouldn't let goods leave my premises until the cash in my hands or the check had previously cleared. I've done a bit of looking into this on Google and it is looking like it's turning out to be an identity scan. When you get some of these unsolicited E mails if you some of sentences you can see where they turn up in other forums. James...........
  12. James67

    Scammer alert

    Hi All I received a similar e-mail and at the risk of appearing stupid kinder don't understand where the scam is Here a copy of the E mail I received Jackie Braze <kuvosky12@gmail.com> Jan 17 at 6:55 PM To james kearney Message body Hello, Thanks for the quick response about the product am buying from you,anyway the price is OK by me but i will like you to know that payment will be made by Check.. If this mode of payment is OK by you. Kindly send your information which you will like to receive the payment from the post man, so that i can instruct my secretary to issued it immediately Name to be on Check.... Address where Check..will be received by you:....... Phone Number's such as Mobile,Land line and Office number:.... Asking Price......... Never mind about the pick up, it will be after you must have cleared the payment from your Bank Account. Await your Quick Response so that i can arrange for the payment immediately. Thanks and Get back -----------------------------------------End------------------------------------------------------------ So I attached some photos and sent them to him or her????????? I then received an e-mail asking for my home address which I did not send since then I haven't heard any more as a said earlier I just don't get it James, a
  13. R Did not know that James..........................
  14. Winner Winner chicken dinner Yep it terms out to be the rectifier circuit, it looks like one of the diode is faulty. So back to the supplier what a faff. You do have to love them (the supplier) I phoned them to explain the problem that I was having and was met with mmmmm are you sure it has been put on the car right, did you get the part from us? when did it arrive and the best one (bearing in mine he is talking to a customer (Me) well that's a new one, haven't herd that be for I will have to put that one the book. Shame I was not in the show room it would not have been the book I would have tried to put it in But thanks to all who have helped on this one James..............................
  15. Hi John No all in line with each other and all running well. As Graham said when it's not plugged in runs silent........... plug it in and i get a high pitch ton from the back of the alternator James Go me well stumped
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