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  1. Will email Graham. Many thanks for your advice. Jim
  2. I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same position as myself. Last August my green TR6 was involved in an accident as the outcome from the insurance company was it was a total loss and paid out the agreed value. In October I bought a replacement TR6 which is white. I did remove my private plate from the green car using a rentention certificate before the car was removed by the insurance company dismantlers. In Nov I put my private plate onto my new white TR6 and recieved the updated registration documents. I recently contacted DVLA as I had not recieved a reminder
  3. Check and see if the metering unit choke lever is fully returning. Jim
  4. Looks very nice and hope you enjoy it. Jim
  5. The end cap looks fine and I cant see any damage. I have ordered a selection of thrust washers. Fingers crossed. Thanks Jim
  6. Many thanks and I do have end float on the crankshaft. I have taken the sump off and found two thrust washers lying there. Pleased to have found the cause of the problem. Thanks Jim
  7. It was making the noise before I replaced all the parts. I did not replace the bush in the flywheel. The engine is running well and sounds great. Will have a check for any end float. Thanks Jim
  8. It has had the clutch slave and master cylinder were replaced a few months ago. There is no wear on the cross shaft bushes or the push rods. Jim
  9. My 1969 TR6 started making a rattling knocking sound when the clutch is pressed. On Monday removed the gearbox and clutch. I found the tapered pin holding the fork onto the cross shaft was broken, but still in place causing a small amount of movement. The conclusion I reached this was the problem. I have now replaced the following parts, clutch kit, release bearing, carrier, cross shaft, fork and taper pin. After having completed this job I have found I have made no progress and the clutch still sounds the same when the pedal is pressed. Any advice and guidance would
  10. It was a Healey 100/6. Great looking car. Jim
  11. Todays car meet in Fife. Great to be out in the car. Jim
  12. Classic Cars magazine 02/1990
  13. Nice looking car and on the front cover of Classic Car magazine.
  14. I would still be tempted to try a glass suction puller before I went to the lengths of trying to dismantle anything or drilling holes.
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