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  1. On my slow rebuild I reached the point where the RH inner front wing needs replacing. I replaced the LH with British Motor Heritage part couple years ago after unsuccessful trying a pattern panel. I now find out BMH panels for inner wings are no longer available. I phoned them up and to say their response was lacking any passion for their industry was an understatement. No interest in reinvesting in the presses on a part that in prone to accident damage. If there was no demand for them the shelves would be full of their unsold panels surely? If this continues all they will sel
  2. Hello TR fans Progressing slowly with my TR6 rebuild I have started to assemble the front end. The car came to me in pieces and it looks like I have the early CP type front bumper. My car is an early CR. Not a problem as both types of bumper should fit. The problem I have is with the front bumper fitted it looks like the front end is too narrow. There is approx 1/2" gap between the lower wing and side bumper bracket on LHS and a generous 1/4" gap on RHS. The bonnet is on and even gaps all round, parallel to the front bulkhead so looks like there is no twist i
  3. I came across this paint on a Citroen forum, and wondered if anyone here has used it. Looks like its a good base later before painting Bonda Rust Primer. Any thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn9eQrMW4qU
  4. jwykes

    TR6 dials

    Hello Tim My brother did the CAD work and sent it off for printing as a Christmas present, but I am working on a light weight design to keep cost down. 3D printing is not cheap and not all of those out there have the ability they claim to have James
  5. jwykes

    TR6 dials

    Hello Folks I have been renovating my rev counter for a number of months now. 1st of all changed it from mechanical to electronic using the Italian kit. Next step which has taken some time was to replace the damaged and pitted bezels. News ones are available but they are all chrome and I like the original look. So designed a paint mask in CAD and sent it off for 3D printing. Results of my efforts I have to say, is 9 out of 10 for originality. Just need to finish the other 5 gauges and the rest of the car now. Have a look at the attached for a few photos.
  6. Bonjour gang On holiday in South of France and called in to L'isle sur la Sorgue and spotted an Italian TR6, burble past. Still the tanks at the back of the gite takes some beating to regards James
  7. Hi John £45 for a kit including postage regards James
  8. Hi Austin £45 for a kit including postage (would be a little more for post to France though) regards James
  9. Hi £45 for a kit including postage regards James
  10. Just thought i'd share my latest piece of the TR6 restoration. Like many cars out there the radiator shield has seen plenty of action over the years and needed replacing. My brother has tested his CAD skills and designed a replacement. Side pieces are 5mm steel so will be more up to the job if it ever needs a tow. Finished welding it together today and i'm very pleased with the finished article. If anyone is interested in a kit of laser cut parts, to weld together yourself please let me know. regards James
  11. John Yes i'm James I used 20x40mm box section for the hoops and 2x25mm for the cross braces which bolt to the body. Need to improve the castor to frame securing method as I ran out of material. Alex Falize was the source of this design, but I thought it was a little on the heavy side and the braces were not removable from the frame. hope that helps James
  12. I've been busy fabricating a roll over frame for several weeks, to reach all those hard to find places on the body. I have impressed myself as I finished it today. The frame when attached can be easily rotated by pushing and holds the body secure. It will be useful to transport when its ready for painting Just back to underseal scraping and more welding. Have a look and see what you think. Its been done before I know but my frame is lighter
  13. I had a similar problem a few years ago on my Spitfire. Try cleaning the bullet connectors to the front indicator / sidelight units. May not work, but worth a try regards James
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