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  1. Many thanks for that useful info, Stuart (as ever) ! I'm away from home at present but will check the rear panel upon return, although pretty sure it's original and must have accommodated the folding hood fixings.
  2. Had some info from Honeybourne which looks quite encouraging, I didn't realise that their top comes ready to drop on, with the rear window & anodised mouldings, seals, etc. already fitted. Cost for backlight is £295, lid £270, total £565, but would still need the soft top and frame. This is as against £2500 or so for an original surrey. Quite tempting, so one would like to ask: Is the Perspex window much of a disadvantage as opposed to glass ? Must be lighter, if nothing else, but does it scratch in normal use, or become opaque ? Is it correct that a grp rear frame isn't happy with a glass rear window ? 8 holes have to be drilled in the rear panel - does this also apply to a factory backlight ? And are said holes concealed if a soft top is fitted ? Talking TR4A here Thanks, Anthony
  3. http://classiccars.brightwells.com/viewdetails.php?id=5892 Plus a magnificent 16k miles ZB Magnette !
  4. Like Tom, I'm with Hagerty, they seem excellent and do multi-car policies too. And they're based at Silverstone, which is a good sign ! Touch wood, never had a claim, but when you ring up you get someone who clearly understands classics and probably runs one himself; the last guy I spoke to at renewal had a Karmann Ghia, if I remember rightly.
  5. Thanks, Snowy and Roger, but I'll leave tyres until the car's nearly ready, hopefully next spring.. There were some mutterings about age limits on tyres a few months back - anyone heard any more about this ? The Longstone website has an interesting item about the XAS v Vredstein Classic on Mk2 Jags, the former seems much better but then it should, considering the price ! Anthony
  6. Many thanks for the encouraging replies, Ian and Mike. I'll probably try and get there anyway but, y'know, after a couple of years of buying parts I've got into that mindset but actually it's just dawned on me now I think about it that there's not much I still need ! And most of that is stuff that has to be new anyway, like wiring loom, grommets, pedal rubbers and such. Still not decided about stainless bumpers or whether to go the tonneau / soft-top or the Surrey route, those and a new set of tyres are about all the major items left now. Kind regards, Anthony
  7. I cannot get to IWE on Saturday due to a family wedding. Need a few parts for the ongoing rebuild of our 4A, but am wondering whether to bother on the Sunday (100 miles away) as most worthwhile bits will probably have gone - true or false ? Thanks, Anthony
  8. As Stuart has pointed out 2K is a two part paint the hardens like something really hard. Part of its make up are some rather nasty components. If you haven't used it before then best left alone. Although you can get a non-isocyanate 2k primer, just undercoated our TR4A with it and it's fine.
  9. Yes, that's probably the way to go, Stuart, and probably what I'll have to do, but still there must be many like myself that have to start from scratch. Even if you get the Honeybourne moulding, you presumably still have to fit the glass, rubbers, trim etc., don't you ? I mean, if you added a Surrey setup as an option back in the day, you wouldn't have been given a kit of a million parts, you just fitted it and 'off to go' as they say in Wales.
  10. Don't know why Moss et al cannot simply supply a ready made backlight that will just drop on, instead of our having to faff around with millions of bits as above.
  11. Interesting, Stuart ! Can you recall you managed to wangle o/d in the lower gears, or did you just bypass the switch ? I inadvertently did so with a Volvo P1800 once after a clutch change and it worked in all gears. Once put it into o/d reverse in the middle of Madrid, made a noise like wheels spinning and expected to have jiggered it, but fortunately no harm done !
  12. To get smooth engagement of overdrive, have the throttle hard open - if the overdrive doesn't like this, it needs to be checked by a specialist. Although I think you need to be somewhat more gentle when not in 4th gear, which I've always understood is why some mfrs such as Jaguar only allowed o/d via top gear.
  13. Not too bad a price @ under £5k ea, I suppose, if you really want 3 ! But out of interest: "Car still retains its hard to find wood grain steering wheel" Was this a factory option ? Looks like a Motolita. Anthony
  14. I was thinking of getting a fibreglass backlight from Honeybourne and the rest of the bits from Rimmers or similar when they have a sale - are these backlights all in fact made by Honeybourne ? And are there any issues with fitting the glass to these ? Have also heard that the grp frames can crack - anyone had this happen ? But I could be put down as a possible for the ali assembly, I'm in no particular hurry as our 4A is still (since the end of March !) waiting to go to the paint shop so unlikely to be on the road until next spring. Corvette C3s onwards and Ferraris also have targa tops but none, I believe, combine this with a removable top, do they ? And none predate the brilliant Triumph idea. In Classic & Sportscar this month there's a feature on the 2.5 PI saloon, saying what a super car it could have been if not let down by almost non-existent BL quality control. Thanks, Anthony
  15. I got a brand new rhd metal dash from TRGB last year, at a very sensible price. This was in fact a TR4A dash, not sure whether the TR4 one is the same underneath.
  16. Doh, doh and thrice doh ! I was looking in entirely the wrong place for these drains, I thought they'd be exiting somewhere below the scuttle vent, not out at the sides of the scuttle ! So I've found the blighters now and everything is after all as it should be, and pleased to say that they're rock solid so I can get on with the modded drains. So humble apologies to all for setting this false hare running, but thanks again for all the help in focussing on it, without which I'd still be stuck.
  17. Mmm, this is a bit bizarre - we don't seem to have a plenum chamber per the photos at all, let alone drains ! The car's a 4A which came in from California and had very little rust, although we did replace the floors as per usual and also the panel below the battery; that was about it. Even if it had a 'heater delete' option originally, like some warm climate American cars, surely it would have still had the plenum, and anyway it has a heater and the controls, although the car was in bits when bought so I never saw how it went together. The box below the scuttle vent was and is rock-solid, incidentally. In any event, it looks as though I'll have to get a plenum chamber if they're still available, or fabricate one if not. Many thanks to you all for the comprehensive replies and particularly for the useful photos.
  18. Am I being dim here ? I mean, the plenum is the box area below the scuttle vent, right ? So why has our car got no drain holes ? We're at the paint stage now (at last !) and I need to do the draining mod before it all goes together, but where should the drain holes be ? Corners. presumably, but front or rear, as it all seems pretty flat ? Thanks, Anthony
  19. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Assuming your pic is of a TR, Roger, you seem not to be using the standard bolts, which I think are countersunk (Allen heads) into the flexi coupling ? I wasn't so much thinking of the splines being the weak point, rather the coupling itself. Which is what failed on the aforementioned 3.4, and the car wasn't very old then.
  20. Just been assembling the column on our 4A and rather dubious about the flexible couplings. Seems that, if the things disintegrate, you'll have no steering whatsoever as there's no fail-safe that I can see. Has this ever been known to happen ? Well, yes. I recall, back when I was a lad, a local solicitor's 3.4 Jag got stranded at the main crossroads in Welshpool town centre - the wheel was just spinning in his hands ! A few of us managed to get him to the side by tugging at the front wheels, then when we opened the bonnet we could see that the coupling had broken. Just as well he was barely moving !
  21. Out of interest, I just found an angle drive c/w cable in my 'stores', which I think came off a SIII XJ Jaguar. Just fitted it to the gearbox and the speedo and it seems to be perfect, but cannot test it as the car's not yet running.
  22. Bizarre but not unattractive ! It's quoted as a '67 which, if correct, must make it a 4A.
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