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  1. http://www.brightwells.com/ClassicCarsMotorcyclesAutomobilia/ClassicVehicles/Catalogue.aspx
  2. Once had loss of power with a Series One L/Rover. Checked everything - mixture, timing, compressions, all fine, but she could hardly drag herself along. Then one day in the rain noticed the rear drums steaming ! Turned out it was just old brake hoses, they'd let the fluid out to the whell cylinders but not back again, so the brakes were just sticking on.
  3. Somewhat off topic, but the owner of Motolita is, at least if he still has it , one of the few remaining who have owned a SI E Type from new.
  4. Belated thanks, Peter, useful to know it's possible with rhd cars. Back in the early '70s a colleague ran a supercharged Cortina GT Mk 1, went like the clappers and probably faster than a Lotus Cortina, but he blew it up after a few months, ended up dropping in a crossflow engine and selling the supercharger. It was also very thirsty but that was due to how he drove it, probably.
  5. Am I right in thinking, though, that superchargers can only be fitted to lhd cars ?
  6. Having started this post and forgotten about it, I can offer a bit of an update now. The panels were given a preliminary fitting, which is when I noticed the problem, then they were all taken off for undercoating, polyester stopper, etc. On refitting the panels for a final trial before removing them for painting, the fit was perfect ! Investigating why, I realised that I hadn't bolted the front end of the n/s inner wing to the front flange of the outer wing. So what we did was to lengthen the inner wing by adding a strip of about 3/4", and bolt through that. The whole thing seems much happier now that the misalignment isn't bowing out the wing. Hard to say why the problem had arisen, maybe at some point that corner had a bit of a bump ?
  7. Thanks again, all. Are you referring to the 'Original' book, Alan ? Mine's not to hand at present as I've lent it to the guy painting the car, for reference purposes. So if the car in Bill's book is a late 4A, then that's not inconsistent. I'm doing a colour change from BRG to R/Blue, so the chassis plate's no help, Stuart ! Mine's a very early 4A but I think therefore that I'll just go for blue carpet - anyone's guess, as you say, Alan. Anthony
  8. Thanks, Stuart and Alan. Reason I asked is that a brand new set of black carpets came with my project, but maybe I'll put them on eBay and get a set of blue instead; frankly I think they'll look better. Anyone know what shade of blue would have gone with a Royal Blue car ? As Stuart says, probably few originals left now.
  9. Were all carpets black when the TR4As were new ? If not, presumably a Royal Blue car would have had blue carpets? Thanks, Anthony
  10. Just a note to say that the switch arrived today and seems fine - has the chrome stalk and the headlight flasher. This came from Chase MG, but Neil above has a NOS one which may be of better quality than my repro item (not that there seems anything wrong with it).
  11. Thanks, Neil, but unfortunately read your post just after ordering the eBay switch ! If it doesn't have the chrome stalk (or lurking underneath, as Roger suggests), I'll get back to you - it should be here on Tues or Weds.
  12. Many thanks, Bill and Steve. It looks as though it should do the job, then. I'm trying to avoid the dreaded floor dipswitch so, provided this has a flasher, I can use a Hella changeover relay to make it work as a dipper. The pic actually shows it as having a chrome stalk but, if not, I can always send it back or use a different stalk as you suggest. The overdrive and indicator switches are chrome stalked, so it has to be made to match somehow or other ! Cheers, Anthony
  13. I'm looking for a lighting switch for my TR4A, I thought initially that this may do but on second thoughts probably not: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/361158800462?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT The problem is that I can't seem to find a 4A switch with a chrome stalk - the 4A switch operates the sidelights and headlights and has a headlamp flasher, but presumably this switch is just a dipswitch and flasher - am I right ? Thanks Anthony
  14. Thanks, Roger. There's a Lucas chrome stalk indicator switch on eBay which I'll get, but no sign of the light switch - just need to keep looking !
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