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  1. Don't forget about the electrics, you would probably like some upgrades in those as well, and the work need to be integrated in the build planning. Else, I myself wouldn't spend to much money on upgrading the engine, overdrive is of more importance to a nice drive. The 2.1 or 2.2 engine does cope well with today's traffic as it is, and the car isn't heavy. Lead free conversion and new rear oil seal is probably a must though.
  2. Thrust washers in the diff are bronze, but I don't know if bronze classifies as "yellow metal", or if was just brass that didn't agree with GL5
  3. I bought one of these, £25, ca pump or suck 1,5 litres 3197 (1360×1361)
  4. OK, I get it. In the picture the hose is actually bent 180 deg, the other end not seen is attached to the MU. The hose end seen in the picture was attached to the fuel pipe coming from the tank and the fitting it was pressed on is still at the end of that pipe (not so obvious as it can't be seen in the picture) Funny thing that is so difficult to explain the whole situation when the image is so clear in your own head . By the way, both sets of MU:s and injectors you refurbished for me still works fine, so clearly you understood years ago what materials to use with ethanol in the fuel.
  5. The hose is sent to Rimmers, the fuel pipe was also bought from Rimmers ready with nut and flared end. It is finished vertical, just as original. New hydraulic hose fitted with the fittings of the original hose, and the car is 80 kms away from me , so sorry, no pics at the moment. I've done same piping on the PI I used to own and 2 other PI cars, and they are working OK, so ....? /Inge
  6. It is, I know because I bent the new copper tube fuel line to position and fitted the hose up to the MU, the hose had only a slight curve to accept some movement of the engine.
  7. I guess he bent the hose to be able to take a photo of the end of the hose, it wasn't the end at the MU that came off. Quite flexible hose compared to the original one.
  8. Can't say because the hose has been sent to Rimmers for investigation. As you can see in the picture, the hose had became enlarged and split in the end and didn't look as it was much compatible wit 5% ethanol. We did a 6 mile test run to check out the PI system, then the car was left for a week and when he used it the next time he only came a mile before the hose came off. The jubilee clamp seen at bottom right was used just to bring the car back home.
  9. The unclamped ones are probably done like the old one we used a hacksaw on, to liberate the hose fitting. the ruptured new hose end seen to the left.
  10. The failed hose had the simple principle of push on, nothing at all to hold the hose to the fitting. It may have worked if it had been done the same way as the old hose with a more aggressive barb and a thick hose with internal steel braiding. We had to use a hacksaw to get the old fitting loose from the old hose.
  11. Got a mail from Rimmer that they would like us to return the hose so they can investigate what went wrong. I hope they find out why and eventually can track down who bought the faulty hose.
  12. It may look similar, but in my friends case the hose was definitely of the wrong type, clamp or no clamp. If you take a look at the very first picture in this posting, you can notice that, even if the outer diameter of the new hose was about equal to the old hose, the inner diameter was much lager (compare the old and new barbed fitting) and you can understand that the new hose had quite thin rubber. The inner reinforcement was textile in the new hose, the old hose had woven steel inner reinforcement. I can mention that he also bought the rear hose from pump to PRV at the same time, and that o
  13. Rimmers even quoted 11 pound extra for supplying the SS reinforced hose as guarantee because it is more expensive, some harsh comments in an response mail and we got a "one time offer" of getting the SS hose for free!
  14. Our hose is very thin, just like a common hose for low pressure, it even looked as it had suffered a bit from ethanol softening it. If you try, I think you can remove the coupling by hand pulling it off. Unfortunately the plastic bag is long gone, but the hose was purchased in February. If your hose really is from Mocal, it ought to be of better quality than the one we got.
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