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  1. Great and thanks, it opened in my free edition of DraftSight as well, now quarantine won't be a problem. I'll spend a lot of time to adapt this diagram to my TR2 (much modified) diagram, at the moment a .jpg-file.
  2. This fault was new to me, the engine wasn't running well, so I tried tuning carbs and ignition and checked the plugs. I didn't get any result and it seemed that it ran even worse after checking the plugs. This continued until I finally discovered that the brass insert in the cap, of one of the caps, was stuck on the plug. Checking the other caps showed that 3 out of 4 brass connectors were loose. Substituted them for considerably more expensive caps and the engine is now running as it should. So, advice to myself, stop buying cheap stuff!
  3. I did something similar, but did add relays for lights and horns not to draw a lot of current over the switch and push button.
  4. This is how I solved it, overlapping "flaps" and Velcro strips, also a "neck with Velcro strips around the legs of the roll over bar. Local shoemaker helped making the modification. Not 100 % watertight, but close to.
  5. And my LHD version http://ijonsson.se/tr2/photo_diary.php?day=interior&folder=interior&id=IMG_3434
  6. I'm using this fan, http://www.attwoodmarine.com/store/product/Turbo-3000 it is a bit noisy but delivers a lot of air, quite impressed. I'm using it hot days in slow traffic via a manual switch. It can be found on Ebay and Amazon for about GBP 25-30 and it looks, and seems to have same data as the one sold at Merlin motorsport
  7. It is superthin stainless sleeve you press over the axle end and the worn area. SKF is the most known manufacturer but other make them as well. You need the exact outer diameter of the axle to get the right sleeve
  8. "I have seen this done using stainless beadings that have been 'scotchbrited' then painted body colour " Thats what I did, and it works (at least has done so for 3 years)
  9. Yes, I have A-type OD in a TR2, the support from gearbox is (I guess) TR4 model. Picture seen from above
  10. I got mine from TRshop, fitted well, just a bit close to the frame at the big bend.
  11. Check if you still has power to the coil after ignition turned off, than trace backwards. Problem probably at the ignition key, a friend of mine had a similar problem due to that the whole ignition key lock had rotated and then shorted a couple of wires behind the lock. Another problem with not cutting out was given to me after I had wired in a main relay, the relay got enough power to hold via ignition warning lamp (cured with a diode)
  12. Thank you, I'll look into it. (Edit) Maybe the original servo was smaller, but the ones I can find (single line) look very much the same sizes, wherever I find them.
  13. FYI, I got this and some other pictures from a member in the Swedish TR club.
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