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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll put in the "to do list". The TR2 is for the moment in dormancy waiting for spring, but I keep myself occupied in the garage with a new project, a kit car based on Lotus Elise that will more look like a Lotus 2 Eleven. I got my hands on two Toyota engines one 190 bhp and another supercharged 240 bhp, so couldn't resist a present to myself on my 70th birthday recently
  2. This is the more straight one on my TR2 longdoor
  3. I think the more straight one looks like the one on my TR2 longdoor.
  4. As far as I know, G-thread is a straight thread
  5. Probably the 3 O-ring seals around the gear selector shafts. Be careful not to loose the spring assisted ball bearing balls that hold position of the shafts. Fitting them back can be very tricky. https://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/ under tab Tech articles, Gearbox, Cover overhaul you can find a very good "how to"
  6. At the time I didn't realize the repro bumper irons might be wrong, so I did a couple of notches to make them pass through the edge of the apron. I got them from TR Shop, and in the aftermath I should have cut and welded the bumper irons instead.
  7. Look at the wiring diagram on the casing, to me it looks like a standard on-off relay
  8. It is, and I think it looks worse than it actually is
  9. Oops, didn't see that , but Eli said earlier that it is of steel.
  10. I don't know if you got a welder, but I would weld a big nut on top of the old one. The heat in it self might help to loosen the plug.
  11. "soots up" explains why my TR2 sounds softer now after a couple of years driving with a stainless system (TR Shop) than it sounded with brand new system, or maybe it's my hearing that is worse now
  12. You can make wet plugs as new heating them red hot with a blowtorch/gas burner
  13. Upload the video to Facebook or YouTube and then post the link here
  14. OK, didn't test that. I have a couple of senders with lower resistance. But in my head lower resistance would deliver more power to the gauge and then the gauge would read even higher. But I don't know how the gauge works so I'm probably wrong here
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