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  1. A couple of members of the Devon Group... I'll let them know of their fame. Alan Devon GL
  2. Hi, I'm GL for Devon and I've been contacted by an ex-TR member who's having a clear out and has a spare crank for a TR4. We then got on to talking about his previous car and he'd be interested to know if there is a current owner on the Forum who might be interested in a chat about the car and some of its history. Thank you, Alan
  3. Hi Colin, welcome to Exmouth.. yes, as 'Drewmotty' (!) says.. I too live in Exmouth and I'm the Devon GL.. please get in contact 07964 970960 and have a look at our Devon pages where you'll see our planned meetings/events.. Alan
  4. Hi Ashtal, is that the full reg? I used to own NEW276M, a red 6... Alan
  5. Mark, I swapped my original flat wheel for a 14" dished Moto Lita and found it uncomfortable. A little bit closer to me, so bent arms and the Overdrive lever was just that little too far away for hands on the wheel flicking in and out, so I bought a flat 14" Moto Lita and it's proved ideal for me. Black leather btw, so no colour issues either. Alan
  6. My 6 wasn't running too well and was very temperamental at the bottom end. Having checked ignition, plugs, vacuum, injectors etc. I decided to bite the bullet. I was wary, having seen other cars on the RR at the International being tested for power but I was not to worry. It was running weak at tickover and Carl explained what he was doing as he went and it was very much a process of setting up the MU. A 2.5 thou adjustment to the datum track transformed the car and it is now going really well. As I had checked lots of things beforehand it was quickly identified where to look and so it was £20
  7. Hi Steve, the overdrive is out and not engaged, when the steering column lever is up. Like electrical switches, up is off. Alan
  8. I've been and looked on my 1970 Signal Red TR6, which still has it's original paint, (and only 7k miles from new) and it is definitely matt black. Being somewhat roughly painted by brush(?) just as Derek says. Alan
  9. Hi smudgeh, I did get the 86mm unit in the post and to be honest it's just too big and needed serious modification, so I've decided to send it back and get a refund. The 76mm would be ideal, I reckon, but they don't have one that size. Like you, I think it would work and prolong the life of the Lucas pump but not this one. Regards, Alan
  10. Hi, I too have been thinking about adding a heat sink but couldn't find anything of the right sort of size. Having read this thread, I decided to look again and I managed to find a UK company who, it turns out, had just three of these oil filter coolers left, all 86mm dia. Then by real coincidence, I spotted that they've put them on eBay eBay. I measured my pump motor calculated from circumference) at 77.8 mm so there is a need for some modifications to get a good surface contact etc. and I'm thinking about the benefits of a small fan as well but with my lucas pump still going ok, I thou
  11. Well, I've fitted the anti-rattle springs and bingo, the noise has gone! Well worth the money.. Alan
  12. Hi Cwells, my money is on pad rattle as I am having exactly the same problem. I've got as far as jacking the car up and just rocking the wheel back and forward and you can see and hear the pads rattle. Following the help from one of your other replies, I've just bought myself a pad fitting kit that includes some anti-rattle springs from eBay. A job for the weekend and I'm hoping it'll work. Regards, Alan
  13. My gearbox is pretty new and Neil Revington told me I should lift the lever. Two hands makes this easy and it slips into reverse nice and smoothly. Hope that helps, Alan
  14. washed and polished my 6 today, looks fantastic

  15. washed and polished my 6 today, looks fantastic

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