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  1. Trailer I used when i purchased my alternative traction in June 2007 en route from Crewe Basford Hall to Ruddington, Notts. http://www.class47.co.uk/c47_zoom_v3.php?img=1144051008200
  2. My apologies to you. It was cylinder pressure i was quoting - must have not been paying attention. Steve
  3. Good evening: i own a 1964 TR4 that i have had for 40 years this month. The engine is extensively modified (circa 1991) including modified unleaded head, 2290cc, two 45DCOE webers and extractor manifold etc etc. It as you can imagine is quite nippy. Despite oil pressure being around 210psi in all four cylinders I suspect an oil control ring has gone down and needs changing - it is very smokey when warm / hot though remains nippy! Can anyone recommend a suitable garage near Stoke on Trent that can do the job with the block in situ. Too busy with work myself and have much bigger and more powerful beasties that demand tlc. Regards Steve
  4. Hi: despite 120 reads of my two postings nobody wants these magazines. So it is off to the magazine stand for them all at 10 p each at my local heritage railway.
  5. Hi: i have been a member since 1980 having bought a TR4 in February of that year and still have it. I need to dispose of loads of TR Action magazines (in good condition) to anyone who wants them. I don't use this forum very much so don't know how to use the pm bit so just reply on here and we can arrange delivery if you want them. Regards Steve
  6. I've had 45DCOE x 2 webers on my TR4 since 1990 and they plus some other engine work transformed the somewhat pedestrian performance of a standard car. I still have the SUs somewhere in the garage.
  7. Nice pictures - I have no idea how you post them - can anyone advise please. Steve
  8. Thanks to those who have replied. Certainly an eye opener when I got the quote. I'll follow up the leads. Regards Steve
  9. Hi: just received a quote to rechrome the front and rear bumpers for a TR4 - no dings etc - chrome just lost its lustre. I nearly fell off my chair with the price of £700 quoted. Does anyone know / recommend a firm who is good and is cheaper? Never got around to a price for four overiders! Thanks Regards Steve
  10. Hi: the old girl nears completion. Just thinking about some safety upgrades. Does anyone supply good quality seat belts / anchorages etc plus a roll over bar / hoops suitable for a car fitted with both Surrey and hard top. If so whom? Thanks and regards Steve
  11. My thanks for the help proferred. I am now fixed up with a full set of seat runners. Another question - twenty or so years ago I ditched the original standard painted wheels and bought four off chrome wire wheels (5.5k x 15) and they were shod with 195 x 65 x R15 tyres. I have just purchased a new set of chrome wire wheels and was wondering if I should stick with replacement tyres to the same size or take the opportunity to modify tyre size slightly. Any advice gratefully received. By the way standard wings and suspension front and rear though front has adjustable shockers. Regards Steve
  12. I have sent you a message but where do i receive a reply - forum very new to me. Regards Steve sTEVE
  13. Back in February 1980 I purchased my first and to date only 'TR' - other cars have come and gone but the TR remains. After running it from purchase date to the end of 1997 (inc two trips to Le Mans in 1989 and 1991) I took her off the road ostensibly to repair the lower n/s front wing. One thing lead to another resulting in a new floor pan, inner and outer sills, inner and outer rear wings etc - you get the picture. She was sprayed in white as per original though with tasetful red lines along her flanks and then i lost interest. I was too busy rebuilding much larger and more powerful 'vehicles' which are now complete, which has awoken my interest in the TR such that a couple of weeks ago the engine was started for the first time in years. Hopefully she will be back on the road in early 2012 but I appear to have lost a few items in the last 14 years - one item in particular is holding up proceedings and that is a seat runner: the 'channel' that allows the seat to move for and aft. If anyone can assist it would be much appreciated. Regards Steve
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