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  1. Hi: my May 1964 TR4 needs a decent respray. Car is Mot'd and insured and hence can be driven to / from suitable facility. No bodywork required. Any recommendation in an area from say Manchester to Birmingham, Shrewsbury to Nottingham - i live just south of Stoke? Thanks and regards Steve (6717)
  2. Good evening: thanks for the replies. Decided to postpone the respray as spent a lot on full rebuild of all rear suspension and had cylinder head re worked due to valve problems - back now fighting fit. Also my steam engine is due an overhaul as from 1st January 2021 as PSSR 2000 certification expires the day before. Many tens of thousands of pounds to be spent on the forthcoming overhaul and most of the work will be done by asome mates and myself - bah!!
  3. Hi: i got a quote from a chap in Stoke for £2500 - would this be reasonable? Further, my car is white from new but not sure which shade - has anyone got a colour chart or link to same for TR4/4A paint options please? Thanks Steve
  4. I have ordered the chrome outer casing and nuts from J D Motorsport on 01372 361640 or email mjd128@outlook.com Steve
  5. Hi: in removing the cylinder head for recent repairs it looks as though the nuts the hold on the front K&N air filter chrome outer cover were not tight and it has fallen off and disapperared. The engine is fitted with two 45DCOE weber carbs and the oblong with tounded corners cover measures 18 cm x 12 cm. Anyone got a spare or one though wish to sell please? Regartds Steve
  6. Hi: i have had my TR4 for over 40 years and it was last sprayed quite some time ago but now needs doing again - underlying body is fine. Can anyone recommend any good sprayshops within say a 30 mile radius of Stoke - say up to South Mancheter and down to North Birmingham and east to Derby and west to Shrewsbury. Thanks Steve
  7. Hi: i have had the cylinder head overhauled and the problem was worn valve guides. Refitted a couple of weeks ago and for the first few starts it was still smokey. Persevered and now no smoke at all and performance is all there: lovely job. Pity it was off the road for 12 months. Since modifying her all those years ago i think she is sitting a bit low all round - from where can i get front road springs to raise her perhaps an inch - might ned to take it to a specailsit who can advise on spring rate / free length etc. Any thoughts please? Passed its MOT earlier this week - which was n
  8. Trailer I used when i purchased my alternative traction in June 2007 en route from Crewe Basford Hall to Ruddington, Notts. http://www.class47.co.uk/c47_zoom_v3.php?img=1144051008200
  9. My apologies to you. It was cylinder pressure i was quoting - must have not been paying attention. Steve
  10. Good evening: i own a 1964 TR4 that i have had for 40 years this month. The engine is extensively modified (circa 1991) including modified unleaded head, 2290cc, two 45DCOE webers and extractor manifold etc etc. It as you can imagine is quite nippy. Despite oil pressure being around 210psi in all four cylinders I suspect an oil control ring has gone down and needs changing - it is very smokey when warm / hot though remains nippy! Can anyone recommend a suitable garage near Stoke on Trent that can do the job with the block in situ. Too busy with work myself and have much bigger and more po
  11. Hi: despite 120 reads of my two postings nobody wants these magazines. So it is off to the magazine stand for them all at 10 p each at my local heritage railway.
  12. Hi: i have been a member since 1980 having bought a TR4 in February of that year and still have it. I need to dispose of loads of TR Action magazines (in good condition) to anyone who wants them. I don't use this forum very much so don't know how to use the pm bit so just reply on here and we can arrange delivery if you want them. Regards Steve
  13. I've had 45DCOE x 2 webers on my TR4 since 1990 and they plus some other engine work transformed the somewhat pedestrian performance of a standard car. I still have the SUs somewhere in the garage.
  14. Nice pictures - I have no idea how you post them - can anyone advise please. Steve
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