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  1. I have some blue rear springs, purchased from Moss in the 1990. They were touted as being progressive, meaning that they get stiffer with increased compression. I believe they are 10.1875", 390 lbs, and the Moss catalog # was 670-148 and may have been manufactured by TriumphTune. They are not currently listed. I still have them on my 6 and am satisfied. Berry
  2. That would be my guess. Berry
  3. Something not right here. Berry
  4. I was asking the question because another person in a local club was repairing a shaft with damage. He is welding over the threads and will recut them on a lathe. The plot thickens because he just posted that he checked another shaft and found that it was 28 TPI. I checked my shaft and could not decide if it was 27 or 28 TPI. I tried both a pitch gauge and taps. Maybe the threads were deformed from tapping on the shaft to remove the steering wheel. Learning the 9/16 UNS is available in 9 different pitches makes it even more confusing. Berry
  5. Ok, I just answered my own question. According to my Haynes manual, it is 9/16" UNS, which is 27TPI. Berry
  6. Does anyone know the steering shaft thread size for a TR4 ? I am sure that Roger could probably recite it in his sleep. Thanks. Berry
  7. Peter is correct. The thermostat cover used with the late NA radiator is different-the hose fitting should point to the front of the car and a different hose is used. These covers aren't available (AFIK) new and good used ones are expensive. Anyway, it looks like someone fitted the late NA radiator to an earlier car by using a flexible universal hose. Too bad you are stuck with an expensive silicone hose that can't be used. Berry
  8. The radiator was used on the 75-76 US cars. I think the change in the top hose outlet was to accommodate the air injection pump. Berry
  9. Graham-Sorry to state the obvious, but have you tried find a source of parts for the compressor? Berry
  10. I didn't find that soldering was a problem. Berry
  11. Graham-It is a pretty common problem and is baffling until the cause is discovered. Here is another cure-https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c6dec53b10f25d4edf0b3f7/t/5d01940fdd6f4f0001b1e5a3/1560384530670/TR6+Taillight+Sockets.pdf Berry
  12. Bob Dylan was probably kind enough to share his starting handle with Joan. Berry
  13. Just my own unsolicited opinion, but why not stick with the mechanical AC pump? In over 50 years of TRs, it is one of the components that has never failed. I would add a shut off valve up stream of the pump for convenience when servicing the pump or carbs. Because the fuel level in tank is higher the than carbs or pump (when full), It also prevents filling the crankcase with gas from a stuck carb float valve or leaking diaphragm (which has never happened). Berry
  14. I feel like we should do a virtual group hug and smoke a cigarette. Berry
  15. Keep the idle speed as low as possible (below 1000 rpm) may help. Berry
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