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  1. dingle

    TR6 Factory Color

    Most likely Carmine, code 82 shown on the commission plate. Berry
  2. Even though I could not get my auxiliary latch to go over center, I decided to add a stop. Instead of a screw in the bracket, I made a collar with a set screw that fits over the rod to limit movement. Berry Price
  3. I am kind of scratching my head over the issue of the auxiliary bonnet latch going over center. I made mine from an article on one of the forums,( it looks identical to the one Moss sells) and there is no way it can go over center. Berry
  4. Stephen-maybe try pushing on the underside of the bonnet with a padded stick in the area of the latch while an accomplice operates the latch. Your problem seems more challenging than the usual broken cable. Good luck. Berry
  5. Here is a tip from the colonies-https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c6dec53b10f25d4edf0b3f7/t/5d0193e9570e0800010c9b31/1560384490058/Bonnet+Cable.pdf Not sure how it would work on a RHD car. Berry
  6. I have found that using the line pins (as shown in a previous post) and making sure that the gap between the bellhousing&engine plate is equal all around, is the secret to painless mating of the 2 components. Needless to say, the clutch plate much be accurately centered on the flywheel. My first attempt at replacing the transmission (many years ago) took several hours and much frustration. Berry
  7. I noticed that keyways on a TR4A outer axles are 1/4" compared to 3/8" for the TR6. Probably the change was made to cope with the extra torque. Not sure if it would matter unless the car is flogged or raced. Berry
  8. dingle

    Indicator buzzer

    I switched the wire from the turn signal indicator light on the speedo to the brake failure light. It is red, much bigger, and gets my attention. Berry
  9. I have had success in stopping this leak by using a rubberized gasket material (1/32" thickness) made by Victor Reinz and hylomar sealer. The permatex sealer became hard and brittle despite being labeled "non-hardening". Berry
  10. Here's an article on re calibrating the speedo by changing the strength of the magnet. http://bullfire.net/TR6/TR6-40/TR6-40.html Berry
  11. Why not just get a hex or socket head plug? Berry
  12. It helps to cut a piece of plywood to fit the floor pan to prevent marring it. Might not be necessary when using a lift. Berry
  13. Here is a site that gives approx compression ratio vs head thickness-https://www.goodparts.com/tr6-compression-ratio/ Berry
  14. Here link to an article on the hard top restoration. It has much more detail than the factory fitting instructions. http://www.74tr6.com/hardtop.htm Berry
  15. Thanks Waldi. If you currently own all of the cars listed by your name, I don't know if I envy or pity you. That would be a lot of mistresses to be a slave to. Berry
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