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    Also have a 1972 MGB-GT (as seen on BBC "The One Show") A 1971 TR6 PI. 1992 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 (XJ40) Automatic. 2003 Merc SLK. Aviation (Pulsar Aircraft Rep). Travel.

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  1. TR6 and its mates are all serviceable and ready to go. Spending my time making a buggy for my good lady to drive around the property. About half way through the project. 5.5 HP motor with electric start and centrifugal clutch. "Armstrong" steering (when fitted). Braking done by a hand brake lever. 0 - 60 MPH in about 15 minutes Keep safe Alan
  2. I went this way. Used 2 green lights, in line of site on the dash just ahead of the steering wheel. Wired them in parallel to the N/S and O/S indicator circuits.
  3. Like Steve, I also have the same model. I have bolted it to the concrete floor. The floor being 4 inches thick with reinforcement safety mesh. Good price for a 4 post lift, and most important it operates on 240V single phase. Purchased it in 2014. Never had a problem in assembly and general use. Very pleased with it. Spent the W/E inspecting the 1992 Jaguar XJ40 prior to its pending MOT.
  4. Plus the "brown book" and a list of TR owner contacts/clubs from the country you are travelling in. A
  5. Had same problem with our TR6 and MK4 Zodiac that has the same bulb type holder. Soldered on separate earths. All is well. Alan G
  6. A tip. I always smear my "bullet male " connector with Vaseline. Cheers ...> Alan
  7. Preparing my Ford Zodiac MK4 Executive for sale. Too may classic to look after!
  8. I always use premium where available otherwise its regular petrol. I do not use any additives. Car starts and performs fine, even after being stationary for a month or so....> Alan G
  9. Good luck in bringing it back to life Dex. From another Sapphire Blue (1971 150BHP with overdrive) happy owner. Alan
  10. Me thinks a write-up in our magazine would be nice. Showing list of items needed, with part numbers and where to get. Plus installation details (wiring etc). Cheers ...> Alan
  11. Thanks chaps. Just that on the ZZOC (Zephyr/Zodiac MK 4 Owners Club) A post showed a Zodiac Mk 4, 4WD power train (some Police Forces ordered them) and mentioned that a similar "transfer box" were fitted to the Triumph 2.5 PI and Jensen FF. FYI, my Zodiac Mk 4 still at local garage and nearing the end of a lot of welding, then ready for paint job. Hope to have it back to fit out in Feb 2015. Cheers ...> Alan G
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