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    Also have a 1972 MGB-GT (as seen on BBC "The One Show") A 1971 TR6 PI. 1992 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 (XJ40) Automatic. 2008 (R171) Merc SLK. Aviation (Pulsar Aircraft Rep). Travel.

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  1. According to my USA spec (up to end 1971) diagram, you should only have four spades/terminals (of which 3 are used) ignition switch. Wonder if the ignition switch you have is for a TR6? The 1972 diagram is same as 1971. I have no diagram for 1973. Cheers Alan
  2. No heat shield or extra protection fitted when I installed my high torque starter (9 years ago) and have had no issues. Alan
  3. I modified my gearstick (1972 TR6 2.5PI CP) to take the operation of overdrive on top of it. Purchased a secondhand MGB-GT gearstick. Cut the TR6 gearstick in half as well as the MGB-GT gearstick and welded them together. From "CHIC DOIG" I obtained to top of the gearstick that shows the correct orientation of the gears. Did this modification in June 2012 and no issues to date. Cheers ...> Alan
  4. I also purchased and fitted mine from Glencoe (part number OTP019) back in 2012, and have had no issues. Alan 1971 2.5PI
  5. My TR-6 has all steel wheels, but my MGB-GT has wire wheels, and the front right wheel as shown. Cheers ...> Alan
  6. Thank you Derek. Not aware of the other manuals you have shown. Had a quick look on e-bay, and none available there. Cheers ...> Alan
  7. My last message should say no BL logo on my pages Cheers ...> Alan
  8. Hi John. No, does not have pages missing. ISBN is 1 85520 1836 Should say there are no BL log on my pages. Cheers ...> Alan
  9. Hi Tony. As fitted on my 1971 CP. Cheers ...> Alan
  10. Thank you John and Derek. Looks like there is more than "one" Brown manual!. The one I have is as attached. Cheers ...> Alan TR6 Brown book0001.pdf
  11. Thank you John. What manual are you looking at? Cheers ...> Alan
  12. I am refurbishing my differential, and need to know the torque ratings for the bolts that fit the "Diff cover" to the diff and also the "Plate Assembly" (that fits on the front of the diff)? The Brown book, plus Rimmers/Moss catalogue do not offer these details. Thank you. Alan
  13. Purchased our 1972 2.5PI in 2011 which was fitted with braided injection lines. One of the lines (#4) was showing chaffing, so had it replaced. Used thinkauto.com to make up a new one. Invoice shows PTFE smooth bore tubing used. Never had a problem in starting. I do however have a hi-torque starter motor fitted. Have done about 14K enjoyable and trouble free miles since purchase of the car.
  14. +1 with Tim D. Did mine with crackle paint. Cheers ...> Alan
  15. Hi Michael. If you end up having to change the starter motor, then I would suggest fitting a Hi Torque up-rated starter motor. I fitted one to my 1971 CP TR6 (from TRGB - no commercial connection) and have had no issues. Regards ...> Alan
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