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  1. Ok in an attempt to hopefully get an answer I have attached some photos to help. My issue is that the adaptors I have I cannot find anywhere. Mine are the same as the threaded type but without a thread. Anyone know why and where I can get a replacement. Also I have 4 injectors that are prefixed with E and 2 injectors prefixed with D. Does anyone know the difference and if it's better to keep them all the same or is mixing not an issue. Final question what is the reason for the nipple on the end of the poppet cone that makes the spray and is there any difference in spray pattern
  2. I've just had a battery from Tayna a week ago, they did exactly as on the tin. Really recomend them.
  3. Ok thank you all for the replies, really interesting. Couple of points to my earlier posts that may have been missed I think. I know there are two types of injector adaptors (1 push type with two groves and one screw type with one grove for the o ring) but mine don't look like either I have 5 adaptors that look like the screw in type (1 grove for o ring) but they do not have a thread and accept my push in type injectors and 1 adaptor that IS a push in type with two grooves. I would like to make them all the same as the 5 I have but cannot find this type on line, any ideas?? Mos
  4. Thank you Bruce I will see if I can make an adaptor and give that a go. In looking at the injectors tonight I found that my adaptors are the same as the screw in injector type but without any thread cut into the plastic ( my injectors are push type) has anyone got the same as these. I've looked online for a replacement as no6 adaptor is different and is a two slot push on type and I believe they should all be the same but I can't find adaptors the same as mine for now's 1-5 without a thread, any ideas ? Also no 4 adaptor is no coming out is there a tool that will enable this one to
  5. Evening all Did a search on this but nothing i can find, anyway, took the 6 out yesterday ran like a dream. Took it out again today and for some unknown reason it was running like a tractor. Anyway checked ignition etc and finally found this evening that injectors 1 & 2 are just kind of almost dribbling where as 3 4 5 6 have a nice fine cone. It's almost like 1 & 2 have no fuel being sent to them. Anyone seen this or can point me to the correct thread so that I can look in the right place as opposed to looking everywhere and possibly finding other work to do lol Thanks
  6. Tim You can change the flasher unit ( see my previous post as I had the same issue) it's an easy job. Steve
  7. Hi Roger Thanks for the reply , I assume that's the correct length then Steve
  8. Hi All Tried a search on this but after 14 pages gave up. I have a RHD CP 6 and I need to replace the Tacho cable but there are a number of sizes I see. My inner cable length is roughly 42 inches (old school) and the are cables availanle are from 39 to 48 inches. Can anyone tell me the correct length for my TR6, do I have the wrong one in the first place ? Thanks to all who reply
  9. Ok thank you Michael I will give them a call Steve
  10. Hi Y'all Hope you are fine and dandy. Does anyone know if there is an engineering specification for the 6's hardtop front and rear fixings. I have been lucky enough to get hold of a solid original hardtop (which im in the process of getting sprayed) and whilst I do have the side fixings I'm missing the front and rear plus the rubber corner feet ( for want of a better word) I wouldn't mind having a go at manufacturing them myself but can't find a specification. I could buy them but have you seen the price !!! For a couple of bolts and spacers etc geezzzzzeeeee Any help
  11. Hi Pete This is cured if you use a LED relay as directed above and then link the p connection of the relay to the dash indicator lamp(LED). I used the one that Bob gave me the link to. Mine work just fine with no dimming etc https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/indicator-relays-electronic/products/12v-electronic-indicator-flasher-relay-classic-car-with-oe-click-x-l-p-2-3-pin Hope this helps and I suspect will be much easier than trying to put diodes across the switch etc. Steve
  12. Hi Harvey Long shot but are you sure that the ignition switch is located in the key switch correctly, Mine occasionally comes out and I have to pop it back in Steve
  13. Hi Aarhus This looks exactly the same as the units I have on my 72 TR6 but the link on shows one view Happy hunting Steve
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