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    My TR7 V8 restoration project.
  1. Thanks John Saved me doing some damage! Chris
  2. Hi again I have come for some more advice. I am trying to remove completely the hood and its frame, I am unsure how the rear section of the vinyl is attached to the rear deck, it appears to be firmly held. Is it just the press studs or is there some other fixing as well? I am afraid i will damage something if I apply some leverage.
  3. Yay!! This is a first! I never win anything. I will add it to my collection, I don't have any brochures yet, just books and manuals.
  4. Thanks for the address, I have fired off an email asking if they have an adapter for the 9 hole Motolita wheel and hub, They don't list Motolita as one of the suitable wheel types. The 1 inch will be compensated by using a zero dish wheel, I also plan on increasing the diameter to 15" so I hope to have more clearance for my legs. getting in and out wont be a problem if I remove the wheel first. No power steering hence going for the 15" The car is still up in Rossendale at S&S getting new suspension and brakes so the wheel is on hold till I get it back.
  5. Thanks for the contact I will get in touch with him.
  6. I have a plan to fit a 15" wood rim steering wheel to my TR7 V8 Cabrio, main reason is to overcome the heavy low speed steering. and to improve appearance etc. 15" will make entry difficult for my 6' 3" frame, so I plan to remove the wheel prior to exiting, replacing after entry. additional benefit is the added security of a wheel less car. I have no idea which quick release mechanism and hub/ wheel combo to order. Does any one have any advice on this subject? Here is a pic of the wheel in question. It has zero dish so shouldn't end up too close after taking the quick release mechanism into account.
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