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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies. It is much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys; much appreciated. I just took the car out for an hour and it happened again. It seems to cut out at low revs (traffic lights etc) but only occasionally and usually starts after a minute or so of trying. It actually just did it as I got home so I was able to focus a bit more on the noise of the fuel pump which changed tone several times during the stall. That might be their usual operation, but I hadn't noticed it before, so I still wonder whether it is a fuel issue.
  3. Whilst out out recently on a run, my 1972 TR6 CP completely died (cut out), only to start quite happily a few minutes later. It then did the same thing after another 20 miles. It hasn't happened since then, but I've only done a few short journeys. It felt to me like a fuel problem although I could hear the fuel pump running. It was a warm day, but not too hot. The guy who renovated my car was a Lucas engineer and as such persevered with the Lucas petrol pump although he fitted a cooling coil and an electric fan. Despite this friends have suggested I should cut my losses and invest in a B
  4. Gents, thank you for your advice. Kind regards, Lee.
  5. My 1972 TR6 CP has just passed its MOT and whilst is in excellent conditions has gone many years without a proper service, due mainly to low mileage use. Can anyone recommend a reliable company to carry out a full service. I live in South Bucks, a few miles north of Slough. I have had quotes from Enginuity in Acton, who seem to get good reviews, and from JY Classics in Gt Missenden, but I don't know anything about them. Thanks, Lee.
  6. Hi Everyone. Many thanks for all the comments and recommendations. I won't comment individually but it has given me a great deal of food for thought. My original motivation in asking the question was to see if I could avoid any difficulties when out in the car and not particularly to upgrade just for the sake of it. Had I known about fitting a new brake light switch, for example, I would have avoided curtailing a great day out because the brake lights had packed up. Anyway, thanks again it is much appreciated. Some of you asked to see a picture of the cooling fan. I've attempted to a
  7. As the proud owner of a beautifully restored 1972 PI TR6 I'm still finding there are improvements to be made, usually courtesy of these pages. For example, I replaced the old indicator flasher unit with an electronic version which improved things enormously and I am now changing the (just failed) brake light switch for one of the solid BMW units. Both of these mods are relatively simple and inexpensive and replace parts that quite frankly are of poor quality. Can members recommend anything else that can be done such as this that might prevent future problems? (PS I have a Lucas fuel
  8. Hi Michael, I had exactly this problem with the odometer at 80,000 miles. Following advice from the Forum I took the speedo out and removed the mechanism from the housing. I then very gently blew off all the dust and advanced the first tumbler a couple of digits with a matchstick just to get it past that "sticky" line of zeros. Since then it has worked perfectly and the only problem has been that I now have a very bright and clean speedo which is prompting a complete overhall of all the instruments. This is a very easy job and if you were taking the speedo out anyway to send it off you
  9. Thanks to everyone who replied; i'm very grateful. I'm probably going to pay to have the dash re-veneered, but will have a go at refurbishing the instruments. I love Jules' idea of painting the inside of the casings white. I will let you know how I got on. Kind Regards, Lee.
  10. As a winter project I am planning on refurbishing my instruments. Earlier in the year I removed and repaired my speedo as the odometer had stuck at 79999 and needed a bit of a nudge to turn the gears. Have to say the cleaned and polished speedo that I refitted really showed up the other instruments and gave me confidence that I could have a go myself including respraying the black bezels. Anyway, the main point of my post is that my dashboard, whilst in very good condition is a rather dull teak and frankly I much prefer darker fascias, so I am thinking of changing the dash for a walnut fin
  11. I thought it worth posting the conclusion to this problem. I ran the car for another 50 miles or so, but the odometer stayed at 79999. Eventually I removed the speedo, gently took it apart and nudged the numbers around until it read 80,000 and then moved it on another few miles by rotating the toothed gear wheel. I then carefully blew out any dust, cleaned the gear mechanism with a lens brush and then gave everything else a clean and polish before reassembling and refitting. I'm pleased to say that it's now working perfectly again; it clearly didn't have enough "oomph" to turn over the fi
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll give it a couple of hundred miles to see if it releases and failing that will remove the speedo and take a look inside. Thanks, Lee.
  13. I was keenly anticipating my odometer moving form 79999 to 80000 only to see it stick between the two; I've driven a further 10 miles or so and it still isn't moving. Any suggestions? KInd regards, Lee. P.S. Did a lot of research on the Forum about electronic flasher units and fitted one recently. Pleased to say it works a treat.
  14. Please don't rely on the tyre repair and reflate packs. I had a punture in my Honda last year and dutifully followed the instructions on the can of goo and then tried to reflate; absolutely useless. Had to call out the RAC because clearly I'm now down to 3 wheels. If you read the instructions on the tin, firstly you are supposed to remove the cause of the puncture (nail or whatever) which is no easy job in itself particularly if it's dark or wet and then the sealant will only fix a hole of upto 2mm. Again no use at all if you've shredded a tyre in a pot hole. I bought a second hand spare a
  15. Thanks to everyone for the advice. Looks as though there could be a number of things contributing to the problem, but I now feel more confident about resolving it. Lee.
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