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  1. Hi, Please can you clarify what you mean by this/what this involves. Thanks, Martin
  2. Thanks everyone for the helpful replies. Will go for the Moss/K&N combo. Seems like it may be a bit more involved than I had hoped. Still, at least I have plenty of time at the moment, if not much talent ...
  3. Having had engine oil dumped all over my drive after an oil change, I've decided to change from the Purolator oil filter for a spin on converter. Obviously, these are sold by all the usual suspects (Moss Europe, Rimmer, Revington, SC Parts, TRGB) but I'm not sure whether they are all selling the same bit of kit or if there any differences between them and, if so, if any of them are recommended or to be avoided. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  4. Dropped the plastic seal (that the the lid is attached to) from a bottle of valve master into my fuel tank filling up today. Annoying, but I don't think it will do any harm? Is this right or do I need to try to fish it out?
  5. Interesting to see the auction price, would have been about 15k with buyer's premium and VAT. I have put in an offer on it today so fingers crossed ...
  6. Blue TR4 registration BPJ 386B currently on sale at Sussex Sports Cars?
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