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  1. Yes, it did mess up economy, but didn’t really seem to impact on the performance and handling too much. If anyone is interested, the rack is a Saris Bones, made in USA and I think should fit any TR. over such a long distance it did mark the boot lid a little bit it t-cut out easily. The bikes sit rock solid even on the twisty bits. Miles - Thats sounds like a lot of fun, I love the XJS. I only wish I had had the courage to get one when they were cheaper! Would also like to get the TR up to the Yorkshire Dales one day.
  2. I wanted to share some pictures of an epic mountain biking trip from South East London to North Wales I did with my brother recently. You can forget your Volvo estate/SUV, the best utility vehicle for two blokes, two bikes and all your stuff is a TR. We clocked up 750 miles in total over 4 days and used a lot of fuel. It was a real adventure though, great to get the TR outside the M25 and get it on the roads it was made for. I hope you enjoy the pictures: B4391 over the moors heading to Bala without seeing another soul, has to be one of my favourite roads.
  3. Done 100 miles since new cable fitted and all working great. loving the weather!
  4. Done 100 miles since new cable fitted and all working great. loving the weather!
  5. Fitted as suggested and now all working again. Nice smooth read out on the instrument, much better than before so that is promising. Only nice smooth bends now on the cable so hopefully it will do the trick in long term. Cheers Phil.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I have just picked up another cable from the Tr shop on my way home from work. I'll fit it as suggested and report back. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you Robin, I will give that route a try.
  8. Hello, I have been having a few problems with the tacho cable on my 71' TR6. The original inner cable recently snapped, very close to the instrument end. I replaced the cable and all worked fine for around 30 miles before the new cable also snapped. The instrument itself seems fine with no obvious resistance to turning by hand. I think the likely cause of the breakages are due to a bend in the cable which is too tight, as the cable is forced to bend immediately after it exits the rear of the instrument. I suspect the cable might be routed incorrectly. The original cable was passi
  9. Hi Len, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have very limited skills when it comes to bodywork, so need to enlist professional help this time (I do plan on learning at some point). I got a quote from a specialist and one of the reasons it was so high was because they were well aware of the difficulties of getting the replacement panels to fit correctly. Having read the previous posts I suspect that more rot lurks within the places you can't see on my car. I think maybe I will get a few more quotes and see how they compare. Phil
  10. Hi Len I have similar issues, sills rotten but floorpans and rest of car good. I need to take some action as it has failed the last mot (not because the rust is any worse than it was 10 years ago, but because the tests seem to be tightening up). I would like to replace them in the long term but the costs are prohibitive for me at the moment. That leaves repair, I wondered if anyone could recommend a body shop in the south London \ Kent area which could sensitively patch up the original sills in order that I can keep the car on the road in the interim? I hate to have it shut up in the
  11. Hi, thanks for all your replies. I realise some time has passed but I thought I would share some solutions for the benefit of those who may be experiencing similar problems. The main cause was a seized distributor advance, but also a weak coil, low voltage to the fuel pump, tired leads (20+ years old) and oiled spark plugs all contributing. Car is transformed to drive, I now realise that the car has never been running properly in the 2 years I have owned the car. The tr6 is actually a very quick little car, puts a smile on my face when you give it the beans and the back bumper almost
  12. Welcome! Car sounds great! I also have a saffron '71 car, but with a few more miles on it...
  13. Hi I was looking forward to exhibiting my TR6 at the Bromley Pageant of motoring tomorrow. Unfortunately, even though it was running perfectly the last time I used it a few weeks ago, when I got it out today it was misfiring throughout the rev range. Sometimes running on 4 and sometimes 5. I have tried:- - Checking plugs (All were a bit coked, some a little oily buy all in good condition) - Cleaning plugs - Testing all plugs for spark (all sparking) - Changing dizzy cap - Taking injectors out, cleaning them out. - Testing them all in a jar (nice conical spray on each one) - C
  14. Hi Peter I have tried both of the above suggestions. The tongue tests suggests that the MU diaphram is working ok. The operation of the choke control also seems to be fine (full movement, not jamming). The more I listen to the engine running i'm sure it sounds like the exhaust is blowing (very load air sucking/blowing noise) Other than that the engine seems to be idling fairly smoothly when warm with all cylinders firing most of the time. I wonder whether it could be the exhaust, but could this have such a drastic effect on performance? Rein, I don't have a compression
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