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  1. twice

    Inlet manifold

    Hi does anyone know where I can buy a triple su inlet manifold ? Just like the look and fancy one . Don't need carbs got plenty of them . thanks Terry
  2. Just got the Heritage Certificate for my TR 2 restoration project. It was built 29th Sept 1955. The chassis number makes it one of the last 125 cars built (TS8503-o). I was wondering how I could find out how many more right hand drive cars were built later than mine? There may not be many records of my car as it has been sitting in a barn since 1965. Terry
  3. A while ago I bought a gear box and overdrive with the intention of converting my TR6 to overdrive. I'm not sure if it is an A type gear box as I do not have the adaptor plate for it. How can I tell what type it is as I intend to sell it and don't want to misrepresent it as the wrong box? Also, an idea of value would be helpful. thanks Terry
  4. just got some from rimmers they only list then for the front but they fit on the rear as well
  5. I have one from an early 73 cf car if you still need one rgds Terry
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