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  1. Hi Richard, can you let me know how to get in touch? Hope all welll, Edward
  2. Hi Richard, Hope all well. I'm unable to message you directly (inbox too full?). Could you email directly? edward@abarisa.com. It would be great to visit the lockup. With best wishes Edward
  3. Thanks to all of you for your useful suggestions. Menno - I was hoping for somewhere a little more local! But your kind offer is greatly appreciated. Steve - thanks for the info - I'll mail the chap directly. Richard - your lockup sounds great. Can I come and visit you both? You can reach me on edward[AT]abarisa.com. [AT] being a good substitute for @. thanks! Or you can message me here. thanks to you all - your responses have been hugely helpful Edward
  4. Hello, Hope everyone well. Since my father passed away I've been the proud owner of his 1959 TR3A. I'm trying hard to keep it in the family! I live in a flat in London so no hope of local parking but I'm trying to find a safe storage place. Its been looked after by Mark up near Norwich (Classic Marks Sports Cars) until recently but needs to find a new home for at least 12-18 months. Happy to pay but some of these long term storage folks seem more geared to the Ferrari owners! Any ideas? Hope everyone well Edward
  5. I'd like to thank you all for your thoughtful responses - great to hear this body of advice and support! Much appreciated. Foolishly I expected to be emailed when there was a response so only just saw these promptly posted replies just now (maybe there is an option for this). Thanks again. I've had the opportunity to take the car out for a drive a couple fo times in this late indian summer - its terrific fun. I've been in a car and been on the receiving end of so many smiles and waves!!! Sadly the car will remain something of an occasional pleasure until I leave central london. I
  6. My father recently passed away and has left me his TR3A. He had had some work done on it to restore it (in mostly original fashion although I understand there is one fibreglass panel). It looks wonderful. It's a lovely family heirloom to keep in the family but currently costs me a fortune since I've garaged it London asi live in a flat in the centre of town. It's probably not very suitble for me at this time of life but I'd loves to keep it as long as the economics aren't too scary. Can someone give me an idea if it will appreciate in value? I'm looking for something to counterbalance the
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