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    Complete respray

    Ha ha ha Stuart !!! well the tub and all the panels are booked into Inviro Strip 14th December and should be back with me by the end of January, can't wait to see it all one colour again even if it is only etch primer Lol. Then the finishing and rebuild can start Nigel
  2. nibbo

    Complete respray

    Hi Guy's thanks for all your input, I've had the following price from Enviro-Strip (UK) Ltd: Good Morning Nigel, Thank you for your enquiry. The following costs will apply; Paint Strip & De Rust - £895 2PK Etch Primer Coating - £495 Delivery & Collection - £385 All prices exclude VAT. If you require any further information, please let me know. Thanks. Best Regards Enviro – Strip (UK) Ltd Craig Duncan Operations Manager Mail To: cd@envirostripukltd.com
  3. Hi All, Right my body off resto is ready for respray, what do you think the average cost should be ? All the rusty parts are gone, I am going to grit blast the surface rust with silver sand, so just need etch priming, contouring around the rear scuttle, seam sealing, sound deadening, soft two pack under sealing, and then finishing that includes all the wings boot lid, bonnet etc. Had 1 quote off £5000, I thought £2500 to £3000 would be nearer ??? Nigel
  4. Yes just undo the bolts if they are not rusted up too much. Nibbo
  5. nibbo

    Dash Board

    Thanks guy's, it looks like I will have to find a cabinet maker / furnature restorer locally here in East Suffolk. Not worth the hassle of D.I.Y. for £40 odd quid ha ha anything for an easy life Picked up my thrust washers from the post office today from Scott Helms took just 9 days from order to delivery not bad. Nigel
  6. nibbo

    Dash Board

    Hi Guys, Where in the UK is the best place to purchase some Walnut Veneer to reface the dash ? Kind regards Nigel
  7. nibbo

    Crank end float

    Hi Mark and Dave, Thanks for your very prompt replies and advice which I will be taking up. Nigel
  8. Good morning guys, I need some advice / guidance re my crank end float. I am getting ready to put my engine back on the chassis but before I do this thought I should measure the end float as the engine is on an engine stand with the sump off ( before I started my resto the engine was running as sweet as a nut )anyway yesterday I measured the end float and found it to 0.008" which I believe is the top limit. Do you think I should have some thrust washers manufactured to reduce this float and if so who would you recomend I get to do this ? Many thanks in advance Nigel (Nibbo)
  9. Stuart, Where is the best place to purchase a new loom for the TR6 with relays for head lamps and fuel pump already accounted for, and a decent fuse box ?? I will need one in a few months when I start putting mine back together. Many thanks Nigel
  10. nibbo


    Hi Guys, Two TR6's came up for auction at: Clark & Simson, Auction Centre, Campsea Ashe, Suffolk, IP13 0PS. Last week, reg: XBK 7L (Green) & JHP 956N (Red) I believe they both made about £10500 which I think was very cheap. Does anybody have any info on them ?? Kind regards Nigel
  11. nibbo


    Hi I'm trying to find the where abouts of CCX344V Fixxed Head TR7 Cheers Nigel
  12. nibbo

    Coil Springs

    Many thanks Robin and Tony. Nigel
  13. nibbo

    Coil Springs

    Hi all, Forgive me but I am having a blonde moment ( sorry all you blondes I don't mean to be chauvinistic Lol). I have just cleaned up my old coil springs ready for painting and as far as I can remember (I removed them 18 months ago) the short pair are the front ones, the long pair are the rear. Is that correct ????? In anticipation Nigel
  14. Hi All, as you may or may not know I am in the process of a body off full resto. Before I put the body back on the chassis I am toying with the idea of removing the old trailing arm brackets ( which I have lovingly repainted ha ha ) and fitting fully adjustable brackets to make Toe and Camber adjustments easier. Where in your opinion is the best place in the UK to purchase these. Kind regards Nigel (Nibbo)
  15. Thanks Guys, I have a Gunson mixture instrument so will check it at the weekend. I have just read a bit in the Moss catalogue in there perfomance page it says "Damper springs for SU carbs, when fitting free flow filters the damper springs should be changed for the heavier 8oz yellow springs" interesting I didn't do that I will order a pair, I did change the waxstat jets for standard fixed jets. Something else to try Nigel
  16. Hi Peter it's a 2 ltr 7 with a 2nd stage tuned head, I regularly top up the dash pots and the timing seems to be fine, ticks over at 800-900 rpm and dosn't hesitate when I accelerate ! This was a recon engine from S & S so is a good lump, the only difference from the normal set up is I fitted K & N filters, on the original triumph filter there was a plastic pipe that went to the manifold, this was removed and a blank fitted, could this cause a problem ?, there was nowhere on the k&N filters to fit this pipe to. Nigel
  17. Hi guys, When I am driving my TR7 in slow moving traffic say 20mph in either 2nd or 3rd I am experiencing the car chucking or hesitating if you get my drift sort of back and forth !! Is this caused by play in the diff / prop or is it something to do with timing ? Driving in any other conditions is fine good acceleration etc It also does it when I am deaccelerating. Your words of wisdom would be much appreciated !! :-) Nigel alias Nibbo
  18. Hi Guy,s I've seen referrences to "Fluted Stud Extractors" on here. I've managed to snap a couple of studs holding the water pump housing to the block !!!! Years ago I used easy outs with little success (they normally break) I've seen some advertised with a slow twisted flute or straight flute. Could one of you experts please enlighten me as to which are best and if possible the make. Many thanks in anticipation. Nigel
  19. Out in my DHC 7 Tuesday 16:30 and got caught in down pour !!! bloody roof leaked along the seams and windscreen along the top edge, I got soaked may as well have got out and danced in the rain Does any one know of a goog seam / stitch sealer, and I suppose I may as well have the windscreen taken out and resealed by Autoglass or similar. Nigel
  20. I use a Gunston, with all the belts and whistles, works for me !
  21. And an absolute pain to adjust without prehensil fingers and hands and a special spanner Nigel
  22. Dig your self a pit much much better standing / sitting at the correct height rather than laying on your back, never looked back since I dug mine, only looked up Nigel
  23. Well my TR7 failed because it only had an interior mirror, had to fit just one mirror on the drivers door !!!! Regards Nigel
  24. Does anybody know the where abouts of GT6 reg number LOC 400F. nIGEL
  25. Got mine from S & S they fitted a treat !! Nigel
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