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  1. Hi Rob From one '62 ex USA TR4 owner to another..........good choice and welcome. Nick
  2. Same with many other popular searches at the moment. Hundreds of 99p fraudulent listings in the motorhome & campers and Land Rover Defenders section. They keep relisting the same over and over
  3. Very nice. Lovely colour - very similar to my Keswick green Defender.
  4. I used the gun linked by Stuart and can confirm that Bilt Hamber is an excellent conditioner for your hair. In the end I purchased something designed for the job that had a very solid container.
  5. Thanks for your help. Mick when I rebuilt the carbs I couldnt get the needles out and decided that they didnt look to have any wear so left them as they were. They were stuck fast and I had visions of snapping them off. They went back in as they were. How are the held in? I dont get a soft click after lifting them and they are quite stiff to lift up against the damper, but always fall without friction.
  6. Ive got a strobe and can set 12 degress advance at tickover but I'm not sure what you mean by 32 degrees all in.
  7. Hi peeps After more than 2 years slumber I woke the beast last weekend. Fresh petrol, charged up battery and refilled coolant. Plugs out, spun up oil pressure, plugs back in and primed fuel bowls. Turned the key and engine fired into life instantly. Now the thing is that I guessed at the ignition timing and had the H6 carbs mixture mid position (12 flats down) after rebuilding both and it ran quite nicely. But it was a bit smokey when revved up. So I thought I would read up on basic timing and made myself a test light to do the basic set up. Following instructions I put my No 1 piston at tdc and the advance/retard adjuster on the side of my dizzy mid position and rotated dizzy anti-clockwise so the test light was just coming on at the leading edge of the cam on the dizzy. Then dialled in 4 degrees advance. First thing was the amount the dizzy had to be turned to get it to correct position. It was MILES OUT!! ~I reckon 15 degrees advanced. Restarted the engine and it fired up instantly again and I noticed 2 things. 1) It had stopped smoking and seemed to idle better and 2) It seemed to be getting hot a lot quicker (I have an electric fan so no engine fan) than before and the fan cut in after a very short time, maybe 5 minutes. Unfortunately my temp gauge has stopped working so I couldnt see how hot it was but it didnt get overhot and the fan seemed to cope. I then set up the mixture with a colourtune and found the front carb very lean but the back carb ok. Now I'm a bit paranoid about this because I'm sure I holed a piston years ago running very lean or badly tuned so although it seems to be OK I welcome advice from more knowledgeable peeps on the above and or the next step. Cheers
  8. I have put sealant between the panel and the car brackets but wondered how good or leak proof it has to be. For example I havent attempted to seal from the top of the wheelarches up. It would be very difficult to seal the top edge also. I decided that if the tank ruptured, sealing up to the top of the wheelarches would provide the necessary protection. If you ended upside down though, that would be different.
  9. This question is popular on other forums and I couldnt find anything on here so I thought I'd start..........better if you can show pictures. Today Ive fitted a firewall to my TR4. Not that bad to fit but not sure what level of seal is acceptable/advised.
  10. Did you get sorted Graze? I have some which might help if you still need any. Nick
  11. Thought I'd pop back to see whats hapnin in the TR world. Its good to see some of the veterans still contributing. Much to my embarrassment Ive not touched anything TR wise for over a year now. I fully intended on getting my 4 roadworthy for this summer but have been bitten by the Land Rover Defender bug. Anyway during the past year my enthusiasm for my 4 has been overtaken by my Defender but I'm looking to get it back with a vengeance by catching up with you fellows and your TRs. Cheers Nick
  12. They dont seem to have covered the brakes or exhaust either. That stuff gets everywhere.
  13. I can confirm that Bilt Hamber is a superb hair conditioner and is still keeping my garage ceiling rust free!
  14. Yes Andy, some useful info here for future as this comes up quite often. Nick
  15. Andy Ive just put my seat right back and it measures 40" from the bottom front of the seatback upright to the brake pedal. With the seat right back there was about another 2" behind the seat ie I could have made the brackets differently and used those 2". However there is no way the seat would go between the tunnel and the wheelarch. No chance. So I would say 42" is maximum. And I doubt there is a slimmer, easily available seat around. Nick
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