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  1. I bought a ragtop and after much searching found a steel surrey in excellent condition, had it resprayed to give us 'extra room' in the back so our old spaniel could come out to play too! It's been great, much quieter, but now thinking about reverting back to ragtop. I have only used the 'hardtop' twice!
  2. Monty/Roger I like you was very happy to transfer from Towergate to TRRI and when I spoke to Denise at IWE I understood that apart from losing the Homestart from the breakdown cover it would pretty much be the same. I spent some time on the phone to TRRI and when I queried the hike of 60 quid I was told it was due to the age of the named drivers. The same drivers that have been on my Towergate Policy for the last 4 years, who are now a bit older than they were! None are youngsters... 71, 57, 31 & 29. I was disappointed to say the least. I was happy with Towergate and the help we got from Sue & Denise in the office. Be interested to see if your premium rises next month. Roger, I hear what you say about FJ - I know nothing about them, happy to have other companies recommended from other members. Phil
  3. Saw Denise at IWE and was persuaded to move over to the Register Scheme. Got my renewal notice in from the Towergate replacement, Footman James at £140.69, up about 10 quid. Called the TR Register Scheme this morning and the quote came in at a shade over £200! No thanks. :-(
  4. I used Towergate for recovery when my 4a broke down on A1(M) - I was 'recovered' to home address (100 miles) - good service, no problem, no hassle.
  5. Prambert

    TR4 Rebuild

    Hi Roger been out of the country for a couple of months on the other side of the world and then a sojourn in the sandy bit of the Middle East - great to be back in Blighty - happy and safe in the knowledge that some things are just there, reassuringly in place whatever the world throws at us. The Monarchy, H.M of course, the Great British pound, spring flowers, April showers, footie.... and your rebuild. Year after year after year... It's good to be back. :-)
  6. Not too long Bob at the rate we are travelling :-)
  7. Thanks Dave - that's really useful
  8. 'nuff said... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/cricket/counties/10320605/Durham-crowned-County-Championship-Division-One-winners-after-eight-wicket-victory-over-Nottinghamshire.html
  9. Welcome Bob No problem with Yorkshiremen or indeed any of you southerners (from a Durham lad) May well see you around if get along to the joined up meets with the Cleveland Group. Most likely after we have won the County Chanmpionship...again!
  10. You do have a self cancelling clip in place, and it the right position I assume? Thanks Peeejay Err - hadn't realised until just nw there was such a beast - just assumed it was old technology and self-canceling wasnt fitted! ergo wasn't aware of the 'clip'. Am working away at the mo - but will check when I get back... don't meant to hijack this strin but anyone got a photo/diagram to show what I'm looking for? Looking at the indicator stalk - it looks like it's an original. I have fitted a buzzer that works in parallel with indicator light. Thanks Chaps Phil
  11. Err - self cancelling indicators! Mine don't - should they?
  12. I second Roger's question above. Being playing with the horn all afternoon on my $A and can't get it to work unless I 'earth' across the steering column -> bulkhead. Therefore with my limited knowledge - the horn push works OK. Relay works OK Checked earth strap to steering rack Earth leads across top UJ seems OK Given up for today I don't have the little spring clips under horn button but it doesn't move about or pop out anyway - are they necessary? Phil p.s. On the plus side did get the washers working and now have an audible signal with the indicators - small victories! MOT due
  13. Greetings from the North East...... welcome aboard!
  14. Prambert

    TR4 Rebuild

    You Airfix kids.....................
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