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  1. Apologies - Can't seem to edit the posting to remove the smaller versions of the photos I used initially! Miles
  2. I mentioned elsewhere on the Forum that two weeks ago, I joined a tour of England and Wales in my 3A, covering 1248 miles in 7 days. Credit for organising this goes to a guy called Chris Denham, who plots these events for his friends from his local pub! I thought I would detail it here is case any of the day sections were of interest / value to others. Set out below are each day’s waypoints (they were all pubs, but strictly no drinking until the final destination - there was no time in any event!). Having been given these the evening before, we simply programmed them into Google Maps on o
  3. Mick If this was the European rally that US purchasers of TRs went on, I did once have a note of the itinerary of destinations but cannot find it at present. Somewhere online there is a promotional film / home movie of one of the rallies. I suspect that I found a reference to it on the Forum. As I was watching it a couple of years ago I simply jotted down the various destinations, just in case...! From recollection it was a very ambitious tour with 30+(?) towns and cities visited across Europe. If you can track down the film, that might give you a start. 'Don H' might be able to assist.
  4. Hi Neil They are tough old cars and as long as properly serviced will go far. Of course at 60 years old things can go wrong but that is life life with a classic car. But they are better for being used. As for tools and spares, I can pack all that I am likely to use at the roadside in the spare wheel / compartment (and its a pretty comprehensive collection of both). Ultimately, I have the TR Insurance / AA if things become terminal. I will list the daily tour locations in case they are of interest to anyone else. We discovered some absolutely stunning scenery and driving roads.
  5. Just to report back for Ralph and others. Last week took the 3A on a 1200 mile tour over 6 days, of Wales and England: Tracks, B roads, A roads and motorways. So the car had a thorough shake down (literally in the case of driving over Hardknott Pass and a couple of others in the Lake District). You will recall we had some pretty hot weather too. Cooling definitely improved. I didn't have to use the override switch once all week which is unheard of. Inevitably, on occasions the temperature rose (but again not as regularly as previously) above 185 on various occasions but the electric fan w
  6. For my car and set up, went from 60F8 to 65F8. Also changed the plugs to NGK B6HS with gap set at 34 thou'. Slightly hotter than standard and I think, slightly shorter. I have 45s with 36 chokes, so it is all very set-up specific, as I think you are finding. Miles
  7. +1. The Weber 45s on my 3A used to do this and it would run on too. Took it to Tom Airey. He listened for 5 minutes. Opened the bonnet removed the idle jets and replaced with different ones. Instant improvement. He said the change was needed to address the use of ethanol in fuel. Another hour and a half fettling on the rolling road, etc., and it was like a different car. Miles
  8. Got mine from the TR Shop in Chiswick. Just noticed one on eBay now at £50... Miles
  9. David That is probably not surprising and quite common on a car that is 50 years old. If they survived, they were cheap vehicles run on a budget before they became the desirable classics that they are now. My own 3A was restored by a TR enthusiast some 15 years ago but the list of short cuts, lack of attention to detail and down right bodges I unearth never fails to surprise. Miles
  10. +1 and some of us have learned from your shared experiences. Miles
  11. The challenge is to find a mirror that attaches to the windscreen frame but does not foul on the sidescreen when opening the door - hence, Bob's modification. There are numerous mirror options and preferences if you search this forum. This is my arrangement but there are many others. Miles
  12. No.24 in the first and No.15 in the second, which was my first IWE. Still here. Still asking stupid questions! Miles
  13. Why the aversion the LEDs? Less power draw and probably less fragile than filament. I installed an 'o/d on' light between the speedo and rev counter using a new green lamp holder used in the centre panel of later 3As with a green LED - a white LED showed white even through the green plastic holder. Bright enough to notice without dazzling. Sorry haven't got a photo of it illuminated - driving and photographing with an iPhone can be 'challenging''! Miles
  14. How about that thick plastic sheeting used for damp membranes that you can but from well known DIY sheds or builders merchants? Just a thought. Miles
  15. Hi Ralph The cardboard duct can be fitted with the front metal shroud in place. Straightforward job. Some years ago discovered that my 3A did not have a duct. Removed bumper, disconnected and removed side / indicator lights, removed grille, removed arms from wheel arches to top of bumper overriders. You can then position the cardboard duct in the space. Secured by overrider arms. I also secured the base of the duct to the shroud floor using tape. The vertical sides of the duct opening rest on the front edges of the radiator otherwise air is forced between duct and radiator. I painted
  16. Tom Airey - http://www.aireytuning.com Tom is getting on a bit now but now supported by a colleague. Was great with my 2 Webers. Haven'y visited for a few years. Others may have more recent experience. Miles
  17. The difference is that you installed properly in the first place Bob! Miles
  18. 5 years - and my family say I procrastinate! Sure there was plenty to tinker with in the meantime though. Thread drift... ...I see you are going to install the glove box now. Recently replaced mine. Was having a real struggle getting it tight up to the centre of the car and the dash opening. Eventually realised that the rear was fouling on an over long bolt through the bulkhead which secured the earth cable from the battery. Replaced it with a shorter one. Also discovered the two holes underneath the dash opening had been covered up so the two retaining screws for the box had not p
  19. Further digression, but this is life with a 20 year old Boxster. Unless used within 8/9 days everything electronic shuts down. The battery is under the bonnet. The 'bonnet open' lever is unlocked by a microswitch. Result - one cannot open the bonnet to jump the battery. Genius design. There are various time-consuming manual responses. There have probably been more words written on Porsche forums about this than any other issue. About 15 year ago I wrote to Porsche suggesting that they incorporate some sort of solar panel technology in their designs. Got a very snotty response. Miles
  20. Ralph Surely you realise its all about the tinkering rather than the effect!!! Seriously though, need a good run out to test for any improvement although only expecting modest improvements. Alas, that may take a week or so but I will report back as always. I am sure you are correct but with so many rebuilt mouths and after-market grilles, I expect you have to do a lot of wrangling too. Miles
  21. Excellent result, but pretty gutted will miss the return to Malvern as my nephew is getting married that weekend! Absolutely no way I can duck that, although I wonder if he has considered eloping...must have chat with him... Miles
  22. Post Script Decided to persevere with crimping my spare original grille even though it had a bt more 'patina' that the 'newer' one on the car. The original already had narrower bars than the newer grille and was softer material. Original bars on left; crimping on right. In case anyone else wants to try this some time, this was the technique I employed using adjustable plumbers pliers and two pieces of wood, cut to length as required. Crimped from the front. Even crimp along the bar and no damage. Also enabled fine adjustments. No need for a thin bar behind the grille when crimpi
  23. Monday lunchtime, in under 5 minutes, the cat' converter was chopped off our 20 year old Mitsubishi Space Wagon, parked on the road outside our house. It's an epidemic round here - local garage round the corner said 7 were taken last week and that's pretty average. They usually go for Hondas, Prius' and Golfs. Must be desperate if chopping CCs this old. One guy on look out, the other slips the jack under, the slides under with a high powered cordless angle grinder. Chop, chop and they are away before anyone works out what's happening. Also the CC was on the O/S and its a pretty busy road
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