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  1. Unscrew the cable from the back of the speedo. If the inner cable rotates when the car is moving, the likely fault is the speedo itself. If not then pull out the inner cable and see if it’s bust. If not work back to angle drive and further to speedo drive gear until you find the defect.
  2. What did they do to sort the head crack? Putting an insert into the inlet should machine away most of the crack and the two inserts then sandwich a crack which goes to nowhere providing the machine shop is good and has the right inserts
  3. To be fair it is not unheard of to bust a ring on assembly but you usually hear that sickening noise as you do it so carrying on having heard it is frustrating as it means much more work that if you do it at the time! Who rebuilt your engine? Rusty bearings is a worrying sign of a job done badly. At least you have go to the bottom of the issue.
  4. I've found Westway lubricants to be very helpful on disclosing ZDDP levels on their classic oils. And don't quite spend as much on marketing as the likes of Duckhams and Castrol etc 20:50 semi-synthetic £25.99 As for filters I use the Mann 719/5
  5. Will do- probably won't be until Sunday as busy couple of days with work.
  6. Yes. Works well. Made a Perspex one too but preferred the MGF one.
  7. There are 3 settings for tightening by hand. Gentle - hold spanner in hand with hand near to the ring. Alloy threads or1/4 unf. Moderate - as above but using a good degree of force. This is what you want here. (Otherwise know as 2 clicks of the elbow) Gorilla tight -full force applied with hand away from the ring. Rarely required other than cylinder head bolts. A torque wrench is to enable even pressure or to prevent use of he Gorilla tight setting.
  8. Hart formerly of HRS (Stags) has been selling extensions for the handbrake levers for years. Fitted to both my TRs and the Stag and not had any alignment issues that would require spacers fitting. They are angled. Very simple and require no modifications. I like the idea with the spring, however the cables themselves to have an element of elasticity and simple ageing cables can reduce the efficiency of the handbrake.
  9. Did you use any sealant to join the split edges of the seal? The Bastuk instructions are a bit unclear on whether this just applies to the housing.
  10. Pretty minimal. Would leave as is. Coatings for that level of rust probably more likely to cause blockage. Not bad enough to replace.
  11. The easier option might have been to have left the cooler in place and wrapped the cooler in a cloth or obscured with card to prevent airflow/cooling. Hindsight is wonderful.
  12. Can you obtain gears when the engine isn't running?
  13. You can use a latching relay and use the existing headlamp flash but bear in mind that the current supply of latching relays require the latching to be done by making an earth connection (-12v) so you will need to use a regular relay to make the earth connection to trigger the latching relay. Apparently the latching relay's internal wiring has been changed so the old way of wiring them as per the TRAction article of a few years back no longer works without blowing the latching relay. (It used the headlamp flash to latch the relay) Still need the diode if you want the headlamp stalk to pr
  14. My concern that, at least at room temperature, the pin was turning in the piston rather than the rod.
  15. Short answer they are new rods which came with the little end bearings already in the rods from Maxpeeding. Prior to reaming I thought I would fit and see if they were already reamed to size. New 89mm pistons with new pins.
  16. Just trial fitted the gudgen pin into the little ends. Slide in fine and can rotate in the little end holding with fingers but the pin is certainly looser in the pistons and the pin rotates in the piston rather than the little end. Is that a bit tight and should I ream it or give the little end bearing a light polish with emery?
  17. Would fitting a seat for the inlet valve not remove the crack?
  18. Have there been any issues with the standard timing chains? I know there were problems with the tensioners a while back but have there been a spate of broken or stretched chains? Stretching might, over time upset the cam timing I guess. Failure would be a nuisance but not catastrophic as there aren't interference engines so no risk of valves and pistons meeting.
  19. For those of us who have driven Lucas PI cars since back in the day before leaded fuel disappeared, the issues with the Lucas Pump were present back then. The pump in perfect condition is marginal and minimal can result in cavitation in hot weather. I wonder how many are still using the Lucas pump in hot climates?
  20. Ultimately the temp should be regulated by the thermostat. If your car isn't getting up the gauge the thermostat should be pretty much closed. So either your stat isn't really functioning at 91c or the sender/gauge/voltage regulator combo isn't working. Thus covering the rad may prevent the water in the rad from cooling but the effect on engine temp should be negligible until the thermostat is fully open.
  21. The form that the lead is in makes a significant difference to the availability in terms of its capacity to enter the body and do harm. Lead pipes are relatively low risk. Tetra-ethyl lead goes through the skin relatively easily so probably not ideal to handle without a great deal of care. Why was it removed from fuel. Nothing to do with perceived toxicity from exhaust gasses to those exposed to it, more the fact that it damages catalytic converters. If you want to use cats to clean up exhaust gasses, then the lead had to go. How much of an impact the removal of lead from fuel h
  22. The exact numbers do indeed reflect the compression ratio. If we assume atmospheric pressure is approx 14.7psi then there should be a reasonable correlation between the measured pressures. However the exact figure can be affected by things like engine temp and indeed the heating effect of compressing the air. The key thing is that the figures are within 10% of each other - more than that you start to suspect uneven wear, ring damage, leaking valve seats, head gasket failure and so on. Obviously all engines wear and it is plausible that even on a totally shagged out engine they will b
  23. The Lucas PI system is not the Achille's heel of the TR6. It was widely blamed in the day, largely by those who didn't understand it in the service centres.
  24. Looking at the the filter set up, I would be tempted to replace the paper element in the Bullet filter with the coarse mesh one. All it really needs to do is o stop larger chunks of rust/debris from the tank damaging the pump. The high pressure filter after the pump will sort the fine stuff out and protect the metering unit/injectors. The paper filter before the pump can act as a restriction and possibly contribute to the pump being noisy and contribute to the resonation. Interesting to see if your hose swap sorts it. Braided hoses are more resonation prone in my experience. Yo
  25. The pumps have a resonant frequency as do the PRVs. The high pressure flexible hose in combination the first two can result in the racket. Shorten the pipe or lengthen it, adjust the fuel pressure slightly. It doesn't take much. Twisting it can help. This is the first time I have come across it with the diaphragm PRV.
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