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  1. vish

    VVT 123G?

    I owned VVT 123G for a short time back in the early '70s. Had to sell it because I couldn't afford the isurance as a student. It was in Valencia Blue. Does anyone know what happened to it? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what happened to this car. I owned it for 3 months back in 1973. Thanks.
  3. BUMP! Can anyone point me in the direction of this car?? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm bumping an old thread here, but I came across it whilst googling, as a long shot, for my old tr5. This is a real trip down memory lane! Neil was an acquaintance of mine (to be accurate a friend of my 'best' friend from school back in the 70s). They both worked for the Post Office (telephones back then) to the best of my recollection. I bought VVT 123G from Neil, but sadly only had it for about 3 months because of the cost of insuring it. I was in my first year at Uni then, so funds weren't exactly flowing. That would have been 1973 I think. If the current owner has the origi
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