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  1. Hi,I have a pair of Weber manifolds, they are Derrington and marked up TR4. I was just wondering how rare these are and if anyone has seen these before. Regards David
  2. Make sure you check the rear gearbox mount, mine was torn and only half of it was attached, the shakes were really bad. New mount cured... If its more than 10 years old best to replace anyway as it can allows the prop to vibrate. Dave
  3. Hi there happy TR ers, Can anyone shed a little light on my TR3A issue? I have play in both rear hubs in an, in and out not front to back direction. I have been told the axle may need a rebuild or it needs the shims replacing. Has anyone had this problem or can let me know what is the likely cause I don’t want to rebuild the axle if Its a simple bearings issue, but I can't see how they would cause the play. I am in Derbyshire and do most of the repairs myself has anyone used a reputable business to rebuild their axle. Clutch Slip. The poor old car has sat unused fo
  4. Thanks for eyerone who gave me their views. I should have said that the car is in very good condition with no rot, as it was restored about 10 years ago and the underside has always had a liberal coating of oil despite my best efforts to stop the leaks!! Thanks again!! Dave
  5. I have discovered that I have chassis rot in my font rails between the cross brace and the front suspension. I have repaired the lower section it but the metal is awfully thin. Which maybe something to do with the fact that he car spent 30 years in Littlehampton West Sussex in William Osborne’s yard (they used to make lifeboats by the way!) To do the job properly it would mean major repairs and access to of the top of the rails would be limited with the body on. Has anyone been in this situation and had experience of either repairing in situ or a chassis swap. There are a number
  6. For many years I was using standard brake fluid in my 3A unfortunately the master cylinder decided to spring a small leak from the brake pipe union which has nicely ruined the paint. Once repaired I decided to refil the system with silicone fluid. Now I have had two brake switch failures and have seen on ebay a note with recon calipers that you must not use silicone. Has anyone else out there had similar experiences or thoughts on this. Regards Dave
  7. Hi out there, I seem to remember an article about brake light switch failure which may be caused by using Silicone fluid. I have now lost two swictches one on the trusty TR3 (on the way to lemans I must add) and the second on my wifes car a MG V8!! Both were fitted and purchased (new) around the same time. Does anyone have any comments or suffered the same problem. Regards Dave
  8. Hi check your manual I seem to remember the car weighs in about 900kg so there will be a 60 40 spit ish. I have a car trailer its a four wheel jobbie and it tows like a pig despite shifting the load. I recomend that you biuld in adjustment into the position of the car to get you weight distribution spot on.
  9. svs451

    Roll bar

    I have the wheel arch mounted version, the more you pay the more protection you get. Look at what is specified for other motorsports. At the end of the day its personal choice and your decision based on the likely hood you are going to park shiny side down. Regards Dave
  10. My wires were not new and not perfectly true but when I fitted minilites from my other car this did not cure the problem. I was under the impression that MWS wheels were the best that money could buy, looks as if this is not the case. I run 60 spoke wires which Im think are correct for 59. Does anyone know the correct offset for a TR3A. Is MWS motor wheel services or midland wheels services
  11. Calling all side screeners, I have now put up with a Wobble between 45 anf 60 mph thorough the steering of my trusty old three for the last 4 years and enough is enough. The works carried out so far are: Posh bronze drag link bushes, rebuilt steering box, revingtons top sprung box plate, and new idler arm plus of course balancing of the wires more than once. I have been advised by my friend Paul that he thinks the culprit is the nearside lower idler arm which he had to have a bush put in the top to remove the play despite replacing the componets. If you have any thoughts on
  12. To be honest I can believe the comments made from TR divers re their abilities to stop accidents and dive out the way of the 5ft spikes they sit behind in early Tr's. I’m lucky I own a mid production 3A so I have a split column but I have fitted a basic rollover and have three point harnesses. I drive safe in the knowledge that if the car was to be inverted I may get out, without a roll bar its unlikely. I am also concerned with the lack of neck protection given by early seats as the likelihood of spinal injury his nearly 100% is you are hit or you are involved in any collision My
  13. Its hard to determine from the various threads of conversations the exacts facts but there are a few issues that I would like to comment on.. If you agree a price with a business and payment has been made (therefore the contract has been concluded) under no circumstances can the retailer then decide to up the price for whatever reason. To increase the price a a later date gives rise to criminal offences controlled by The Consumer Protection Act and even if the contract has not been concluded it also gives rise to the potential offence of a giving or making an misleading price indica
  14. I personally use comma 20/50 and change it every year!! Millers and penrite in my book are too expensive....# Beware using synthetic oils in old engines the strip all the crud out of the block and I was advised by my college teacher that he has seen seized engines as a result!!
  15. Hi I have had similar problems over the years in the end the fix was to srip the engine and remove 40 years of rust and crud from the water jacket. Plus a new (not in line) recored rad and a ford fan which I made to fit on the back of the rad complete with a cowling so that it actually draws air through the rad!! Drop me a line if you want more details on the fan? Regards David
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