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    Ken Mumford

    Thanks for all the replies, I have sent you all details except for Helen. I tried to send you the details but a message said you cannot receive them. Perhaps your mailbox is full? If so clear out some messages and i will re send you the details tomorrow or early next week,
  2. I have some sad news regarding Ken and his health which i want to share with you. A lot of TR owners will know Ken Mumford very well, as a friend, as a provider of a wealth of all early TR knowledge and advice, as a finder of unobtainable parts and of course re chroming our bumpers and shiny bits. Ken has had a fall and has injured himself and is for the foreseeable future stuck in hospital. I visited him yesterday and he is tired, in pain but in good spirits. He talked at length about his life restoring (and breaking) TR's from the late 50's when he used to buy TR2s and 3s from Triumph which had been damaged on the production line or when they had actually fallen off the back of a transporter on their way to a dealer! Even though he was in great pain talking about his cars cheered him up, just as it cheers us up when we talk about our cars. What I am hoping is that if you know Ken, could you send him a get well card or better still if you live near enough to Watford go and pay him a visit. He spoke so well of all the people he has known both those who have passed and those still with us so please send him a card. Could someone copy this to the members area as I cannot do so. I wont publish his contact details here but pm me and i will reply. Thanks, Tom.
  3. Time to sell all my TR5 brochures I think!!!
  4. i all, Sorry for the delay, PM's just sent, as I have had a bad case of the lurgy!
  5. I was in the shed the other day and came across a few bits i had forgotten about for a 4a. I have a windscreen surround which has no rust and is painted in 2 pack signal red. The location pins need adjustment but other than that it is in superb condition. I also have an exceedingly good clean original 4a grille. So i thought i would ask here first. If you want a picture pm me and i will take a couple.
  6. I have not got a bumper but i do have an original front and rear over rider. Both have been triple chrome plated and are ready to fit.
  7. Ian, I was not quite sure whether you wanted replacement seats or just to re cover your existing ones so if you want the former: I have a pair of as new Ridgard seats with TR6 runners and set up to allow the seats to tilt forward and lock in position when driving ie they work as per the original tr6 seats. They are Black , and come with head rests and seat belt guides I bought them for my TR restoration but did not complete the project Let me know if interested and i will send you some photo's Regards, Tom.
  8. Provisionally sold to Kev, thanks
  9. Hello Roger, it is me Tom the original Red 6. Yes I have sold my 3a to a club member but i have a few bits of interest, the biggest bit being the new side screens, in Black and here are the pictures.
  10. I know where it is (ha ha)
  11. I suggest this is a good time to do a compression test to see what is going on in each cylinder. The next stage is remove the head and visually inspect what is going on. What could be the problem is that a build up of sludge around No4 jacket has become cemented leading to overheating and HGF. Do not worry about unseating the liners as if the problem is cemented sludge you are going to need to remove the liners the chip out the cementation and clear the water jacket. It is also a good opportunity to replace the piston rings and while you are about it the big ends. The job is simple and straightforward as you can do it all with the engine in situ, all it needs is a bit of spare time to do it:-)
  12. I have a pair of side screens for my previous pre 6000 3a if anyone is looking for a pair. They are as new and un fitted. I bought them from Ken Mumford who had them re covered with new seals and windows. No exchange is required so you can purchase them outright and sell you old ones on. £450 for the pair. I might have a few other bits and pieces such as wishbones and will create a list once i have sorted my ( empty) garage out next week.
  13. Touchez! I have the same picture (and colour) also with the cemented and bunged up drain hole.
  14. Rust and panel fit are problems and they take a long time in the restoration process to remove and get right respectively. Parts availability are generally good to excellent unless you need body panels at anytime, when you will be in trouble. One item not mentioned is the engine. With age the water jackets become filled with rust and sludge which then becomes a sort of cement which no "patented" cure can shift. This will lead to overheating as the sludge is thickest on NO4 jacket. I know this as my previous 3a suffered with this and required and engine rebuild. To make sure this never happened again, the car I am currently in the process of selling has had a complete engine rebuild which included new pistons and liners, the block soda blasted and machine washed prior to final engineering and rebuild with all new parts. This does not come cheap so is often ignored and covered up with a nice engine paint job. My suggestion is to get the seller to prove there are no overheating issues. I have a series of photos taken at each stage of the rebuild showing how much rust and sludge is present in a running engine before the rebuild which I will publish here with a full article on why 4 pot tr engines overheat. It has been covered many times before but I think my photo's will add to our collective knowledge.
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