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  1. Hi, just thought I'd give an update on the fuel tank filler seal. The new one from Moss was fitted, I had said the hole was hardly perceivable and on a run out a few weeks ago and on entering a garage, there was over pressure in the tank!! still quite significant. Just last week I took the advice of previous contributors and took a very hot skewer (say 2mm dia) and enlarged the hole; a neat job I must say. Next few opportunities to review the tank, no over pressure, so job done! Thanks for all your help on this one. Regards Trevor
  2. Thanks for letting me know James, good look with the project. Regards Trevor
  3. I still have the Kenlow fan installed about 12 years ago with the lower hose steel tube installation fitted originally by Manvers Triumph. The fan sits on the front of the radiator. I had bought the kit and asked him to fit it (amongst other things at the time). However I had mislaid the override switch and it was never fitted! Maybe I’ve been lucky but after many years of 3k miles pa, inc the heat of Le Mans the fan switches on and off as design. Yes the ammeter and the rush of warm air sweeping up and around the door tells me all working well. (No fixed fan either). I am deliberating on changing it for a more modern design at some stage. Just when that’s the question!
  4. I received the rubber seal from Moss today; only ordered it yesterday standard service! It’s as described but a surprisingly small hole visible only on serious interrogation! I’ll install as given and monitor accordingly. Regards Trevor
  5. I’ve had this response from Moss Technical Support, ‘I have checked the rubber seal 718738 and if you stretch it apart a bit there is a small vent hole in the middle. You could try putting a tiny hole in the centre of your rubber seal and see if that cures it. ‘ I have made an incision in mine, but given it’s perished on the outer edges, I’ve ordered a new one. Thanks for all the responses. Best regards Trevor
  6. That's an excellent point Sean. Maybe I was wrong with the 'release' observation. Either way a clear pathway will solve my problem. Thanks again Trevor
  7. Harvey, That makes complete sense, Thanks Trevor
  8. Thanks Harvey I'll do that as a starter for ten. If you see the next photo under the seal. I think I may drill a hole in the fitting to guarantee a pathway. was yours like this? Regards Trevor
  9. Thanks Harvey, I must admit my seal is probably a few years old now. (10+ maybe). I bought it from Moss. I've also just asked Moss the question ref the vented seal on their website - Is it sufficient?
  10. Hi again, just reviewed my fuel cap (only had the car for 24 years!) and I cannot see a vent hole. I confess I have experienced this over pressure before, probably more so after I replaced the sender unit gasket two years ago. (See my posting on that story!). It appears I have no vent hole and the rubber seal has none either. The Moss catalogue only refers to a vented seal. This would explain the build up of vapour pressure. See my photos. My next question if I replace just the seal for a vented one, (mine is breaking down on the edges, not visible in the photo) - is there a path for the vapour through the seal and its support which floats on a screw and spring. Thanks for the comments so far. Regards Trevor
  11. Thanks Steve I’ll check. It’s original I think, hopefully just blocked. Trevor
  12. Yesterday I filled up the TR6 with fuel. The weather was very warm here in Essex. On opening the fuel cap, there was a significant release of pressure. I probably had only 5 litres of fuel so as you can imagine, plenty of vapour! My question is - is this normal or shouldn’t there be a vent to balance the pressure with the atmosphere through the cap maybe?
  13. Hi My 72 CP TR6 has the side repeaters. I’m sure I have the original loom in place, it’s not pretty if you see what I mean!
  14. Hi James no probs, give me a day or two and I’ll photo and scan what I have. It’s very light so happy to send it to you. Trevor
  15. Sorry for the long time replying. I do indeed have a template made whilst I was making mine from the originals last year. I’ve just rediscovered it buried in the garage. It’s drawn on the inside of a piece of spare vinyl I was using. Do you still want the info or I could send it to you. I no longer need it. Regards Trevor
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