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    Took my cousin out to lunch. She was born in 1918. Tom
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    Dartmoor . December . '18 Deggers
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    Stuart-- Some better pics of the tubing straightener. The aluminum blocks are 7" x 1" x 0.5". You should be able to closely estimate the other dimensions from those, though none are particularly critical. The V-groove bearings are industry number RM2 2RS. A Google search will turn up a lot of places to buy them. Those bearings work for a range of tubing sizes, but for 5/16" tubing, if the tool is adjusted too tight, the sharp tops of the grooves will leave marks. The standard shoulder bolts I used required a couple of thin shims to tighten up the fit. Ed
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    Lovely end to a lovely day. Crisp winter coastal run, and down to the beach for a stroll at sundown. Happy new year all, Deggers
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    Off topic, but thought I'd share this photo from my local vet:
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    Cornwall . Sundown . Summer '18 Deggers
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    Gaydon HRCR Open day. Here with the ex David Seigle Morris TR3a of 1960.
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    Didn't get out at all in December, so I promised I would take the 250 out on 1st Jan. Reasonable weather and a good blast to clear the head. Cheers Graeme Gabriola Island ferry in the background. de Havilland Otter float plane about to land.
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    And mine in happier times. Stuart.
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    I like this one of Annie Soisbault with VHP and her own TR3 just sneaking into the shot.
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    Only a short run around the lanes near our house to test out the gearbox/overdrive and diff after a complete overhaul all went back in easily than expected. Just need to recheck all nuts, bolts and oil levels before re fitting the interior. Mike. Redrose group
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    Here's my offering, ascending the Gavia on the same rally as Iain Paul. Rgds Ian
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    This topic has been prompted by wiper-brush kits becoming available on eBay for much lower prices than hitherto, £12 as against £25 or more. And I bought a DR2 from 1958 with the classic destroyed commutator, caused by running with worn-out brushes. A few years back I'd have to store a motor like this until a new armature turned up. Both DR2 and DR3A wiper-motors will run to destruction without carbon-brushes. This one was running OK, if a bit squeaky. Then I bought some commutators from the US and could fix them. But after shipping, import cost and VAT these worked out to cost around £10 each. Now I can get them on eBay from China for less than £3 including shipping. And very good parts they are too. The photos are largely self-explanatory I think. Except photo 3. I get the old commutator off by crushing in a vise. You can see that only a few thou of copper remains and if run a little longer this would all come apart. More or less anybody with a soldering iron could do this job and it would take only an hour or so. The last photo shows the front area of shaft where the bearing runs. Even after 60 years of hard life I cannot measure any wear here. They are usually like this. Whereas NOS ones in boxes are often rusty, even if advertised at £100 or more.
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    Our Geranium TR2 long-door at Bo'ness hill climb September 1954, Scottish RAC Rally 1954 and this years IWE
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    Hi THY999 is currently in my garage having a overhaul ready for its first overseas trip to Belgium for the spa classic 6hrs at the end of September I’ll keep everyone posted and a few pics as the event draws near . Ken.
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    This is one if those thread titles that you need to read ......slowly !!
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    ..had a great weekend at Stratford A sight to greet you ..with Triumphs as far as one could see. With the TSSC together with the TR Register there was lots of interesting cars to see and keen owners to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, and then of course ten times as many non-standard 'personal touches' ..as one massive spot-the-difference game. As you can see despite the forecasts all week it turned out - breezy but otherwise good weather. I took this photo on Saturday during the Pride of Owner competition, not realising the absolutely gorgeous midnight blue TR4A which had caught my eye had a registration number familiar to these pages. See Mike's post of August 10th : "driving the Dingle Peninsula". Personally (..as a non-participant in this event myself) ..and bearing in mind how that car gets around a bit and is obviously just so enjoyed - I was delighted to see Brenda taking home 1st place in that competition. Congratulations to Mike and Mrs 'Brenda' on such a sterling achievement.. However it was equally as wonderful to wander around the camping site to quietly chat to owners and to see what delights they had brought out to show us.. Sunday was less packed but as you can see there were very many more cars to see. being the 50th anniversary of the TR6 there was a fabulous turnout of that model, and then I was astounded by how many TR5 & 250's I saw over the weekend. I'd never imagined so many had survived and were cherished. I'm old enough to remember the day when nobody wanted such gas-guzzlers ! Being a prior owner of a daily driver TR3 - I'm a big ban fan of TR2 and 3 cars, so i spent quite a while looking and taking photos of those. And then again because I'd restored a TR4 (in the early 90's) ..and am now buying a 4A, a fair amount of my interests was focused on those models too. Sunday's showing presented the cars according to model, so you'll see in the background (above) an equally fine collection of TR7's and 8s. The Triumph Herald celebrated it 60th anniversary and again as a prior owner, and also a member of the TSSC with a friend with a Herald estate, I was delighted to see them in abundance. I could easily envisage having a Herald as a nice & practical town car and a TR4 for spirited cross-country jaunts and touring. Similarly the Triumph 2000 / 2.5 estates always catch my eye, and whenever I see Triumph Stags - I think back to my dear old Mum, who I think was quite disappointed when I bought a '64 Daimler 2.5 instead of the Stag (always a favourite with her). A few oldies of the Standard and Vanguard marque were a welcome sight and the 1948 motor-show Triumph ? roadster was there too. With features reminiscent of a post-war Frazer Nash but very much more bulbous a car. The body is all alloy so I guess not very heavy (and despite not having been restored looks to be in really good condition) Its headlamps have pop open covers (think Lotus elan and you'll get the picture of how the covers look when closed.) and the car also include many hydraulically operated features including its hood (soft top). This fascinating vehicle and snapshot of post-war car design trends in response to 'Export or Die' politics and steel rationing, is looking for a kindly benefactor-enthusiast to restore it .. who knows perhaps crowd funding ?? There was so much to see for a returnee to the Triumph marque (after many years away) and so I had a great show. I really thank the organisers who pulled it all together, as well as the marshals and volunteers who made all things happen pretty smoothly. Great job boys and girls ! As for my own self.. well, I camped next to the very gentlemanly Yoop VanLiempt and his dearest wife Connie, ..a frequent visitor to international TR events over the past 20 years. I understand Yoop has some 40 cars including a collection of TR 2 through to TR7 models. We spent a very pleasant time sitting in our garden chairs drinking coffee and watching the many and varied Triumphs parade passed us into and out of the main arena field. I also had the opportunity to help Rich Crewe-Read (a very kindly friend from the East Saxon TR group) set up his gazebo / trader's stand in the gusty winds of Saturday morning, before I trotted off to the show itself. Rich had an impressive range (eight or so ?) different gearboxes restored by Peter Cox to show, explain the differences, and to offer TR owners ..as well as his very high quality aluminium fuel tanks and a host of other goodies on offer. While in that corner of the paddock I also spread a little wealth around the various auto-jumblers. I'm well-pleased with what I bought - a pair of black with whit(ish) piping TR4A seats and their runners for £40, a brand-new finned alloy rocker-cover for £55, and a very good condition TR3 centre console panel for £10. I left soon after 3pm on the Sunday. Even so on the return from Stratford to Suffolk I stop-started passed the M1 roadworks at a slug's pace, rather than go around the A14 roadworks and Cambridge at a snail's pace. The distance was much the same either route, but I had arranged to pick up the TR3 steel gearbox cover I'd agreed to buy from Brian Chiswick in Stotfold. Brian has a lovely TR3A and so we also had a good chat. I'm equally pleased with that purchase, so it was an all round a most enjoyable and also successful weekend for me. The drive across country from Stotfold via Sudbury to Ipswich is a great drive, so I then had a fun driving fast "only to the speed limit Officer" as a golden sunset illuminated the fields all around me. Autumn is fast on the way. I arrived home soon after 9pm, so 6-hours for a 160mile trip. And to think we actually pay good wages to civil servants to manage our road network.! It's not as if roads are a new thing in this country. I'm sure 2000 years ago or thereabouts the Romans popped across here for a week or two and built the Fosse Way. That's a decent road which for all its years - has probably had less roadworks than the M1. Or perhaps we should just get rid of our civil servants, concede to being European, and invite the Germans to replace our motorways with Autobahns [ end of gripe ]. Anyways up., I could babble on and on, show dozens of photos of car details and deviations from 'standard'', but I'll leave that for others to contribute. My big thanks to all who attended and showed their cars (..the real stars of this event), to the traders and auto-jumblers who brought so much to tempt us, the excellent commentators and evening entertainments, and again to everyone involved in making the event so excellent a gathering of Triumphs. Pete (aka Bfg) p.s. my tongue-in-cheek apologies to the chap in the beer tent on Friday night.. Bearing in mind I'm a towering 6' 5", broad and with a scruffy greying beard - I walked in from the dark ..literally dripping-wet, dressed in my summer clothes befitting that evening's weather ..ie. size 13 wellington boots, a XXXXL sized dark brown cape-like waxed cotton Driza-Bone full length coat, and a flat wide-brimmed waterproof hat ..of a style not dissimilar to that of the witch-hunter general ..and this guy just looked up at me and froze as I walked straight faced in his direction. I leant over and quietly asked him in a slow gruff voice "Have you seen where I left my chain saw.? " His eyes visibly went round, his jaw dropped, and his complexion drained to pale grey.
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    I told Marco I would do a surf-themed photo shoot and it was more pleasant than I expected! Cheers Dan
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    Drove from Notts to Abersoch this morning...250 miles Roof down, cool start and Sunshine Finish....what more does a man need..
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    Well this morning is the start of reinstalling the rebuilt engine, to start with rewrapping the 4 branch, then dropping the engine in, it may have been a little easier with two but I got there in the end, do a little more tomorrow morning. Mike. Redrose group
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    Bit of a misty day, but this is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Graeme
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    Hopefully this fits the criteria. Dorset Group trip to Brittany in September 2018. Tim
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    Exeter Trial R Class (None damaging) In good company at Musbury time control 5:00 am OGB with dirtier shoes than normal at Islington And a happy Mr & Mrs B at Torquay about to go in search of a beer - or two You've got to do it, it's a blast, even the road class Lands End Trial from Bristol to Newquay in April and the Edinburgh Trial in the Peak District in October Phil
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    Last run in the TR4 yesterday on a Beatles themed run to Strawberry Field, John Lennon and Paul Macartney’s Childhood homes and Eleanor Rigby’s grave First run of the new year in the TR2 today. Weathers looking great and the roofs off to just need to decide we’re to go! All the best for new year Jonathan and Caroline
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    This all depends on if you have plugs inside the ends of your rocker shaft. Original shafts do not have internal plugs and the end caps, which seal the ends of the shaft tube are retained by solid pins; that create an oil seal where they are pushed in the end cap holes. Split pins will not form an oil tight seal in the end cap. I have seen repro shafts that have internal end caps in them from new. So, check your rocker shaft for internal end caps if you intend to use split pins. Peter W
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    Only trying to help a fellow TR’er.
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    Devon . . Autumn '18 Deggers
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    Earlier this year on Cape Ann
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    Taking advantage of the first sunny day for weeks, 50+ miles around the Peak District....
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    I've spent a great day today with my 17 year old Grandson Bailey, on a half day track day at Cadwell Park in my Race TR6. He's been with me to virtually every race since he was about 12 and has been a huge help in both building and preparing the car and acting as Pit Crew at all the races, including at Spa, Belgium. He's been driving the car in the paddock to Scrutineering, etc for the last 18 months, but this was time for him to have the opportunity to try it out at speed on the track. Thanks to the organisers, North Humberside Motor Club, for allowing him to take part. First session was him in passenger set with me driving to find his way around the circuit. Then, in the still damp conditions, him driving with me in the passenger seat. He took to it immediately, with only one minor early indiscretion, which I think taught him to focus and respect what he was doing. Over several sessions, as the track slowly dried and he became more familiar with the cars characteristics, his confidence grew and his pace increased. By the end of the event he was well on it and really trying hard. No misdemeanours and car safely home. Couldn't have asked for more. He had several genuine favourable comments from other session drivers about his conduct. One very Happy young man, grin from one ear to the other, and one very proud Grandad. See photo. Dave McD
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    Before ordering all the parts from suppliers, it is better to understand the "why" and the "what". I can recommend two books: https://www.amazon.de/How-Make-Your-Car-Handle/dp/0912656468 it has a Triumph on the front page and Tune to win - carroll smith I would start with the first one, which has some stuff about beam axle cars. And if you got the clue from these books, you maybe have a better judgment of what to buy and what not. For example I did wrong in the beginning and failed to mount the wheels properly so that they do reach the ground.
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    Smurfette as an imposter at an American car show
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    Well my opinion for what it is worth when the treasure hunters have made the cost of the cars way over the top there will not be many true Tr fans that can afford them and when the market goes pop fingers will get burned and club membership will carry on going down.The young ones have no chance in buying one,sad times alas.
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    Some B & W photos of mine : As purchase (£40) A few months after Doing a bit of work
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    Morning all, got the job finished gearbox out the only thing that got in the way was the flap on the bottom of the heater. Now got to clean all parts take off and tidy up things under the dash as there is loads of room now. Mike. Redrose group
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    Ready for the Fall driving season which in my case is typically one day long. Very 70's look with the black vinyl roof.
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    And a very much younger me back in the day
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    Today was the Redrose Group Meeting after the meeting we had a short run to TR Bitz. Craig, Johnny and the team put on a open afternoon with nibbles for the local TR Groups about to 45 TRs turned out for a great afternoon to catch up and look around the workshop. Mike. Redrose group
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    or at least complete until my next task which is to get her ready to compete at Inter-club Triumph weekend in Stratford in a few weeks!! Then of course there'll be the long list of snagging stuff no doubt… but she's on the road again and I'm a happy bunny.. Thanks for all the help and advice I've had along the way... this forum has a wealth of knowledge if you use the search function!! Special thanks to Bill Bourne though, who has been absolutely brilliant as both a sounding-board and a helping hand. I think I would have made many more bad decisions during the rebuild without him..!! Check out my Owners Blog on the website for more info on the rebuild... but in the meantime, here's some pics from the Henley show this afternoon... See you at Stratford... Panch
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    Having just got back from doing the Liege Brescia Liège Rally, ( also goes to Ljubljana) we have done some serious passes. My car on standard H6 carbs and setup on a Rolling road to check mixture all the way though the Rev range under-load performed brilliantly. A little rich at the top but no issues at all. Here we are at the top of the Stelvio
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    I am from Scotland ( falkirk)I have owned my 6 for 23 years. I have now lived I Croatia for 20 years and drove the car thier 15 years ago where it now resides. Yes, still on British plates. So here are so.e photos of it out and about in Croatia. Club rallies and just enjoying the coast roads. Enjoy. 2014-05-30
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    Hi Folks, last Thursday/Friday and Saturday we went up to the Wensleydale Railway in North Yorkshire. The steam engine 'Tornado' A1 pacific is there for a couple of weeks. Wensleydale Ry have 22 miles of track and in very good condition. It is a fairly new preservation project and they are snowed under with every job in the book to do. But they are getting it done - slowly. It is hard to describe the power of an engine when sitting 6 or 7 coaches away form it; but the sensation of movement upon starting off was very impressive. No clanking or clonking, a very quick progression up to 20mph and then onto about 50mph And yes, the line side was full of people waving, taking pics and generally enjoying a very fine machine. .On the way home to West London on Saturday we turned left at King's Lynn and had a nice time at Blakeney. We witnessed a real life saving event. The little village of Blakeney is quite a way form the sea, across the marshes. There is a small channel for boats to come and go. iI was low tide but was starting to come in. Boy did it come in. The flow was so great is sent a young lad on a kayak type thing between two moored boats. He fell out and got jammed between the two bows. Thankfully some quick thinking men pulled him to safety. Roger
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    Preparing my Ford Zodiac MK4 Executive for sale. Too may classic to look after!
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    Never mind the car ! Looks at that wonderful garage space and tools !! no really great looking car and receiving some professional looking lead work.
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