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    This is my one from Twin Busch. My slab was laid fourteen years ago at a depth of 150mm with reinforcing. The recommended depth was slightly more but they supply a capping which spreads the loading on the floor. Mine did not need it after testing the concrete and depth. The max loading lift is 4200 KG so our TR'S are well within the lift capability. Cost 2k plus their fitters cost of £500 and a certificate of conformity when installed. Well happy with it. I cut two slots in the ceiling so front and back screens go up and into the space. I have two RSJ's going left to right supporting the roof structure hence the two slots. Regards HarryTR5 Nutter
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    Thank you Pete ~ a very clear explanation ~ Tom.
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    Before taking 883GOH rallying, Len gave the TR a bit of a shakedown at the Portreath Drag Meeting in June 2000. Here we see Len and Rodders going head to head in blinding sunlight. Julian
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    Haha! There may or not be secretly texting with Richard, but CBJ always performs perfectly for me. Nigel
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    Hi Pete I bought 883GOH from Gerald in 1998 with another donor TR4 car 358EXV. The cars were taken to west Cornwall so not sure where the 'last known to have gone to Scotland' came from. A bit of the history I remember is that Gerald rallyed the car in the early 60s' and was a member of the London Motor club; I can remember that as I had to take the club badge off of the car grill and give to Gerald to keep. The car was taken off the road in 1968 when Gerald was assigned to America with EMI if I remember right. At one stage, the car was stored in Kent, where a tree fell on the barn and a beam then landed on the roof of the car (see photo). When back in England Gerald purchased a second TR4 in the 80's as a donor car to rebuild 883GOH, but never got around to it with running his business in Exeter. He advertised the two cars in 1998 and I purchased them both. I rebuilt 883GOH over the next 2 to 3 years, and uprated the car to do historic road rallying - which I had got the bug for after navigating on Le Jog in 1997. I even sold my TR5 to fund the project. All the original panels were kept and I only purchased two new sills, the base of the wings had new metal shaped and welded in, even the ally hardtop was beaten out, and the surry frame straightened. The second photo is of the car in 2001 fresh after the rebuild. The car was rallyed by myself with three diifferent navigators over the next 4 years, and we won three events in it, two HRCR clubmans championship events and the 3 day Circuit of Wales in 2003. Due to a sudden illness and going down with ME/CFS in December 2005, I was unable to drive for a while and actually thought I'd never be able to drive 'in anger' again so sold the car to Roger Bricknell in 2007. Roger then successfully rallyed the car and won another three events with it I believe, before selling it to Ryan Pickering (who was one of my navigators). Ryan won a couple events with it as well, proving the car was very competitive in any drivers hands. 883GOH is probably the best TR I've ever owned (out of the 8....so far), so much so that the donor car that came with 883GOH is now in the process of being rebuilt as a copy! I've been working on 358EXV for several years now, but seem to have less time every year; and last year I did my first season hillclimbing and time just disappears maintaining and trying to improve the TR4 road car I have, but it will get done. I have many more photos of 883GOH which I can share with Gerald, just PM me Regards Len
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    C'mon Andy, show us a photo of them fitted...give us the good stuff now. Mick Richards
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    Hi, all 3 pieces ready, they will go out tomorrow to get a galvanic zinc coat, then pressed and clued together with Loctite 648.
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    "Darling, I wanted to sell the car, but the market is down and sadly we have to keep it"
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