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    You have the wrong idea. All the windings are joined. They make loops around the poles in two slots and then move on by one slot. They go in pairs. This makes for better balance than if you just go round in one pass. This is because each winding uses a bit more wire. If the windings look light brown rather than grey/black they are probably OK. I routinely rewind wiper motor armatures and I'll tell you how to do it and where to get the materials. Total material cost is around £15 if you are just doing one. There are minimum buy quantities involved. These motors melt the wires if they get prevented from rotating and power is kept on. So you need to make it spin smoothly before doing any electrical work. I started by unwinding one and making drawings of how the wires were wound. The first one I did worked out fine. This is NOT hard but is boring. The biggest problem is keeping track of the ends, which is the start and which is finish end. I taped and id label on them at first. Now I just know. If it's been overheated badly the commutator will be suspect. You can get these on eBay, at least close to original. Small size changes don't matter as long as it fits the shaft and have the right number of segments. That's enough for now, here's some photos.
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    Hi All Well many thanks to Bill944T who found an old grille in his spare parts pile and let me have it for a very reasonable donation to his favourite charity, so well done on that one bill. Go to know there are still some good people out there in these disconcerting times. Cheers Keith
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