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    Only a short run around the lanes near our house to test out the gearbox/overdrive and diff after a complete overhaul all went back in easily than expected. Just need to recheck all nuts, bolts and oil levels before re fitting the interior. Mike. Redrose group
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    This is one if those thread titles that you need to read ......slowly !!
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    Exeter Trial R Class (None damaging) In good company at Musbury time control 5:00 am OGB with dirtier shoes than normal at Islington And a happy Mr & Mrs B at Torquay about to go in search of a beer - or two You've got to do it, it's a blast, even the road class Lands End Trial from Bristol to Newquay in April and the Edinburgh Trial in the Peak District in October Phil
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    Taking advantage of the first sunny day for weeks, 50+ miles around the Peak District....
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    Well my opinion for what it is worth when the treasure hunters have made the cost of the cars way over the top there will not be many true Tr fans that can afford them and when the market goes pop fingers will get burned and club membership will carry on going down.The young ones have no chance in buying one,sad times alas.
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    Morning all, got the job finished gearbox out the only thing that got in the way was the flap on the bottom of the heater. Now got to clean all parts take off and tidy up things under the dash as there is loads of room now. Mike. Redrose group
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    And a very much younger me back in the day
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    or at least complete until my next task which is to get her ready to compete at Inter-club Triumph weekend in Stratford in a few weeks!! Then of course there'll be the long list of snagging stuff no doubt… but she's on the road again and I'm a happy bunny.. Thanks for all the help and advice I've had along the way... this forum has a wealth of knowledge if you use the search function!! Special thanks to Bill Bourne though, who has been absolutely brilliant as both a sounding-board and a helping hand. I think I would have made many more bad decisions during the rebuild without him..!! Check out my Owners Blog on the website for more info on the rebuild... but in the meantime, here's some pics from the Henley show this afternoon... See you at Stratford... Panch
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    Dump the waterless anyway its not all its cracked up to be and very flammable too. http://www.oilem.com/potential-issues-with-waterless-engine-coolants/ Stuart.
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    Fitting this T7 Designs heater to the TR3 and writing about it for the Devon Group “In The Garage” newsletter.
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    Wayne Scott TR7 and Phil Tucker TR3 at 26mins A few of the Devon Group spent the day spectating at Simms. Believe me when I say that it’s a lot steeper than it looks on screen. Its worth watching it all; some entrants seem to have gone out of their way to find the least suitable vehicles!
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    After 4 years of restoration The car is resprayed (not by me). I’m really happy with the end result. All gaps are even, and I did not have to do any removing/adding for that. Getting the gaps right took me a some time though. I now have fitted my Panasport Z Lites (well, light....). I could not find the torque for these wheels. Also, I have 8-9 windings engAgement, is this sufficient? The std steel wheels had more thread engagement. Thanks, Waldi
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    Back from a refreshing run in the TR2.Sunny but a little cold. Liver Bird is a clue to were we ended up.
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    A rare break in the clouds Bob, before heading out to enjoy other local sporting activities . . . . like water skiing. Deggers
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    Lunch at Keith Floyd's old place in Tuckenhay, south Devon. Overlooking the Harbourne River and a jar of Dartmoor's finest. Cheers, Deggers
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    Posing at the top of Glencoe during the TR Tours to Scotland in September 2019.
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    Hello All, Took my ’59 Triumph TR3A, my daughter and myself down to a birthday party at the Pizza Express in Woking this afternoon. Please bookmark this post in case I need it for an alibi in 20 years time. Charlie.
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    I don't know what all the fuss was about. 5 blokes and 4 women.Took around 55 seconds and zero damage! Roger M-E
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    If you can't make a J type slip you aren't driving it hard enough
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    TRGB sourced and rebuilt a 1960 TR3a for me some 4 years ago. It was sourced from the USA so work entailed it being converted to left hand drive. The original specification was red with grey interior, overdrive, heater and steel wheels. I kept to the original colours, exterior and interior and decided to make a few modifications. These were; rack and pinion steering, front anti-roll bar, brake servo, alternator, starter motor, electric fan and radiator. Attention was also paid to the engine with, 89mm liners, gas flowed head, TR4a inlet manifold, four branch exhaust manifold and electronic ignition. A year or so ago I heard about the Jenvey Heritage fuel injection throttle bodies and Emerald ECU. I wondered what this set up might do for my car and after a long discussion with Jason at TRGB decided to go ahead with the conversion. Before work started it was taken to the rolling road at Emerald to check existing power and torque. The result was 115.7bhp engine power at 5465 rpm and 129.6 lb.ft at 3890 rpm. Jason then began his work and after the conversion the car was again put on the rolling road at Emerald. This time we had 137.6 bhp at 5500rpm and 144.71 lb.ft of torque. Power was still rising at 5500 rpm but discretion came into play! Other changes are instantaneous starting from cold, rock solid tick-over and amazing drivability. Power delivery is absolutely smooth and linear with no hiccups, flat spots etc. After driving car before this modification for a couple of years and getting used to its foibles (no criticism meant) it now feels like a different vehicle. I thoroughy pleased with the experiment and thank Jason and TRGB for their superb work. Here's a pictures of the engine bay. Tim
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    Will just hope its ok, another 740 miles to Helsinki via St Petersburg, keeping my fingers crossed! John
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    Keep throttle on going both ways always. Going in it matches load to engine power and coming out it matches revs to road speed. Been doing that for nearly fifty years and never had any problem or wear connected to using it that way. Stuart.
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    Not bothered by the heat at Bo'ness for the Scottish TR Weekend but a great show none the less. A good run down to the newly opened Jim Clarke Museum on Saturday on narrow roads through the Lammermuir Hills. The static part of the show on Sunday echoed to the sound of the hill climb where several TRs were competing including Alan Gibb in his Swallow Doretti, occasionally a steam train went past to add a different engine note. Cheers Richard
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    Just remember - careless torque cost lives Bob.
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    Delighted to report that my TR4A made it to my daughters wedding (and back)! Why surprised? ......Well, it's been off the road for 15 years, I purchased it as a project but I was just not getting around to it. Then my daughter challenged me to get it going over just a few months, as her wedding transport - with no plan B allowed! I started trying to refurb brakes and clutch units - but they turned out to be just a bit beyond rescue and so threw a credit card at new complete parts and pipes - still trying to get a perfect 'bleed' - probably expecting too much. Carbs were well worn - so I did a major rebuild on those - well worth the effort. Fuel tank had perforated beyond hope - but managed to find an earlier model one for £10! It too had a few small holes but I used a Frost kit to seal it - what a messy job that is! After a new fuel line, change oil and filter and sorting out a flooding aft float chamber the TR started straight away. One sticking valve caused a bit of concern - but seems to have got a bit freerer with a bit of use. Head rebuild planned soon. Had masses of help from this forum - thanks everyone!
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    I’ve seen this car, I find it difficult to believe there is a better 3a available anywhere. As regards price......try and recreate it for this sum, I think you would struggle. to be honest, I very much doubt they came out the factory this good! simon
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    Ok, I am going to follow up with this thread, which has an amazing result! Rod B. (Rodbr) agreed to take on the task with JB weld and eye of newt. Having done one before, he was either a genius or a crazy man to volunteer to do mine, which was on death's door. The result is below, and I am so pleased he was able to preserve the original part, or at least give it a fighting chance! How about that patina of a refreshed surviving original part, which happens to be as rare as hen's teeth! I will report on it further once bolted up and put into service! Cheers Dan
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    Met up with Bob (Lebro) at Newlands Corner (Guildford) this morning so we could trade a few bits - got some of Bob's nice LED lights. Bob then went off to lunch with the TVG and I went for a nice long drive in the sunshine - cracking! A few photos from this morning: Cheers, Andrew
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    I made these from Trailer mud wings. See also TRaction 310 page 35. Tom.
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    Sometime you don't have an event that can be published, you have an idea for an event that you would like to float and see what support there is and to further develop it. That's when you need a general public forum that is open to everyone for discussion. Stan
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    This is my long door TR2 restoration project. Ready for completion of the wiring and bleeding the hydraulics. I have a Skinners New Tan upholstery kit and fawn top and tonneau. It should be back on the road in 2019.
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    Don’t worry, he will let me out when he needs to get the car off of the ramps.
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    Ten days old eyes are just beginning to open going to be a busy Xmas so tr rebuild on hold. merry Christmas to all
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    A common occurence is the rear lever arm shock absorbers working lose - I'd start with them first, only two bolts on each & difficult to get to & torque up properly hence the problems
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    Nope...if you go downhill in the wet with new tyres on the front at the limit of adhesion, and come to a corner the back end will be lost (the older harder rear tyres (even if the same tyre as the front will have less grip) oversteering you into a tree or oncoming traffic. Doesn't matter if front or rear drive, when limit is met the rear tyres will still have less grip, the rear tyres become hard in use with multiple hot/cold cycles. Even Michelin think so Ha...what do they know.
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    Hi Gareth, see attached for my simple circuit roger TR4A lights alarm.docx
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    Hi Gareth, are you handy with a soldering iron ? If Bob's ideas do not do the job (I suspect they will) then consider making your own. A SPST (single pole single toggle) relay https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=12v+buzzer&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.X12v+SPDT+relay.TRS0&_nkw=12v+SPDT+relay&_sacat=0 A buzzer https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.X12v+buzzer.TRS0&_nkw=12v+buzzer&_sacat=0 connect one end of the relay to the Ignition system (white wire) Connect other end to earth Connect one pole of the relay to the side lights Connect other pole to the buzzer. Connect other bizzer connector to earth Stick it all in a little box Roger
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    A great car Roger, hope we will still see it from time to time. Bob.
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    Car was delivered today and have had a really good look around it, I'm amazed just how solid it is, the bonnet needs some work and the nearside outer sill and lower front valance needs replacing but that's about it, really happy with it! Can't wait to get started
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    Cue old joke -I didn't know Audis had indicators....the ones round here don't seem to
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    The Works' Rally TR4s had an uprated overdrive operating on 2/3/4, and used it all the time. Graham described the uprating as Healey 3000 spec! Tony Sheach. on his Beastie, uses a 28% overdrive operating on 1/2/3/4, and he has a ridiculous 4.875 rear axle ratio! On hills, I find overdrive 2nd particularly useful as it fills exactly that gap between 2 and 3, and on country roads, overdrive 3rd is a delight. And with a logic box, there's no need to take a hand off the steering wheel. Ian Cornish
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    My experience having dealt with a lot of these cottage style companies in the classic car world... is that there are a lot of really good craftsmen out there that excel in the quality of their work but are rubbish at running a business and all it entails...
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    working to get my panel gaps to my liking, previous owner fitted new sills very badly. Can't believe how it affects all panels. Getting there slowly. Front wing as probably been on and off a zillion times.
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    For those who want high capacity UJs and nice splines all done for you at a good price then I can recommend Proptech, 81, Hartlebury Trading Estate Kidderminster DY10 4JB, on 01299 251247. No website - good old fashioned engineering company that mainly does industrial and commercial propshafts. Peek into their workshops and some of their stuff makes our propshafts and half-shafts look very puny. Very friendly and efficient service. No connection but a satisfied customer over many years. Mick
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    Such a nice day I took the opportunity to have a quick run out up into the Derbyshire hills. (Ramshaw Rocks) And play with phone picture settings. (As some will know I’ve been messing about with a steel hardtop. So expect fantastic weather !!)
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    Have only just heard but my congratulations to Richard Owen for not only winning his class F championship in Historic Road Sports with his trusty TR2 but also for retaining it for the second year. Richard has been a very active member in historic racing and his well prepared TR2 is a credit to him, the marque and dare I say it, to the club. Well done that man. Hoges.
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    Rich, the first pic in the document shared by Mike shows the original design, which is what I have. If you use a longer bolt, which protrudes through the bulk head, you can have an additional earth point inside the cabin on the bulkhead. I removed the paint from the inside welded nut (welded to bulk head), and installed an additional nut for proper earth from body to cable and then with a 3rd nut clamping additional earth wires to the bolt. Waldi
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