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    Bit of a misty day, but this is the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Graeme
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    Hi all, 15 years after buying my TR6, a spitfire, an abandoned TR6 project and many Land Rovers later, I'm finally back in a TR! A 1956 TR3 with a rather flashy colour scheme. A huge thanks to Craig at TR Bitz for everything. It's very stressful spending a large amount of money on a piece of old metal but Craig went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% happy with my purchase. Thanks too to Jean-Christophe and Marko for the friendly advice. Timing is everything, so what better weekend to pick to drive from Manchester to Le Touquet in France than last weekend? My partner gave me grief for leaving her alone on Valentine's Day to pick up a toy (she's not a fan of classic cars) but I had a couple of mates who were game to do seperate legs of the journey with me. I hadn't factored in the weather but the storm warnings were increasingly worrying. I set off on my own from TR Bitz on Saturday morning just as the rain started to get heavy. The original plan was to take B roads down and enjoy the drive but I opted for the motorway and made it down to Oxford in under 3 hours to pick up my first passenger. Cruising at 50-60mph in the rain was fine, the tyres (Contis) did a great job. Stoped for a great pub lunch before dropping Alex off in NW London. Drove to Hackney to pick up copilot number 2 and 50 yards after he jumped in the windscreen developed a crack and then the car died completely in the middle of Hackney. Fun, fun, fun. Dead battery, friend took an Uber to Halfords and brought a fresh battery back. Fired up and we continued our attempt to exit London. An hour later, we were still hitting heavy traffic near Dartford and didn't fancy driving at night during a strorm so headed back to London, parked the TR in a shopping centre and went to the pub. Early start the next morning but we ended up waiting for an hour to leave the car park as the weather was terrifying. I figured our breakdown the previous day was due to the lights, wiper and electric fan draining the battery with stop start London traffic preventing the alternator from charging it back up. So we drove with just the sidelights and no wipers just to be safe. And leaving early on a Sunday morning meant we saw very little traffic and had a full day of daylight to get home. Once we made it through to the other side of the blackwall tunnel, I could finally breathe! The drive down to Folkestone on the M2 was predicatably ghastly and we saw two very nasty accidents along the way. I only switched the wipers on for the last 5 minutes as the heavens really opened up a couple of miles from the junction for the Tunnel. Those last few miles were really scary, we're lucky we were so close. At the tunnel, had to pay a hefty surcharge as our original booking was void and as it was one of the busiest days of the year, the earliest train they could fit us on was 5 hours later. Needless to say, we were desperate to get home by then so I managed to plead/beg/charm our way onto an earlier train. Spotted a red TR6 a few cars ahead of us, we weren't the only idiots on the roads yestreday! The motorway from Calais to Le Touquet is very exposed to the wind so the last 50mi contained some further butt clenching moments but I made it the restaurant where my girlfriend and friends were having lunch in time to order a main course. I almost crashed the TR 20 yards from the finish line! A guy came it a bit hot but he had priority and I locked the fronts and continued sliding towards him. Just missed the other car by a whisker. Parked up and ordered a large beer and counted my blessings. According to its MOTs, the little car barely covered 1000mi a year over the past 10 years but it went through hell and back this weekend and came out the other side still smiling. I've got to sort our the cracked windscreen, will add some relays and fuses and a battery cut off over the next few weeks. I would like to get rid of the yellow lipstick and eventually swap out the red interior for a used black set and probably convert to LHD. Runs a bit rich too and running on when the ignition is turned off after a long drive. 27mpg on the way home. That's 10mpg more than the Landy! I'm very, very happy with my car and am looking forward to long drives along the coast here in the sunshine. Maybe then my girlfriend will forgive me! 12 years ago, less hair and less arrogant these days... This was when we were about to set off for Le Mans Classic in the TR6
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    Well Sunday morning was a little eventful for the first start up, battery fully charged but still not enough power in it turn the engine over fast enough, got out the jump leads and she fired up. Ran for 30 mins. Just a few teething problems, new battery required ( had this one 5 years) and the new temp transmitter is running very high but the fan is clicking on/off I’ll try the old unit tomorrow. Mike Redrose Group
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    Well this morning is the start of reinstalling the rebuilt engine, to start with rewrapping the 4 branch, then dropping the engine in, it may have been a little easier with two but I got there in the end, do a little more tomorrow morning. Mike. Redrose group
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    We were invited to park our cars by the front doors of The Castle of Mey this was the Queen Mother’s Scottish summer retreat, well worth a look round. Mike Redrose Group
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    Hopefully this fits the criteria. Dorset Group trip to Brittany in September 2018. Tim
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    En route to Helsinki via Moscow and St Petersburg, Scenic Car Tours, September 2019, St Basils Church, Red Square, Moscow and Hotel Metropol Moscow, well guarded.
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    Mount Hood(11250ft), Oregon. Aug 2018. The photo taken at approx. 7500ft.
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    Going back a few years but it is definitely Scotland in April 1980 on honeymoon!! 40 years ago. Tim
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    Another successful morning after going food shopping with Carole, (it has to be done) day of tomorrow looking after grandson so back to it Saturday get car up in the air to fit exhaust and bleed brakes and clutch then hopefully Sunday we will see if she starts Mike Redrose Group
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    Called in to see Farther Teds house Cloon Ireland.
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    My TR3 parked at Nordkapp, Norway - June 2015.
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    Timmelsjoch Summit, Austrian Dolomites, C.T. 2010 10CR. Tim
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    Hi Folks, Another landmark Anne Boleyne's gate at Hampton Court. Taken when TS2 was on its tour of all the groups a few years back. Roger
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    On tour in Scotland parked near Loch Ness with Pink and Guy back in 2011 Stuart.
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    Stopped of at John o Groats for a photo shot on one of our holidays Scotland 500. Mike Redrose Group
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    Great topic H. Here's the 3A in an English summer setting of coast and castles . . . Kingswear Castle . Devon . England Deggers
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    A few more photos all bottom end finished, working on the cylinder head valves and guides. Mike Redrose group
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    Just got back home to North Devon - we did encounter some pretty nasty stuff early on in the journey but not as bad as I was expecting & certainly not as bad as other areas of the country are getting. Thoroughly enjoyed Stoneleigh which in the main was down to meeting up with loads of old friends & making new ones - bought some bits & sold some bits.... Thought the numbers were probably down but that's not a surprise given the storm conditions for many & the recommendations not to travel unless necessary.... I do think it's about time the event organisers sorted a freebee printed programme showing the layout and who is where - it would make life a whole lot better for all the attendees & I suspect improve trade for the sellers, I had a devil of a job finding certain stalls I wanted to visit.
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    Just a quick thanks to the staff at the shop 50 year rally plaque ordered on Thursday afternoon and the postman delivered this morning looks very nice well done to all. Don’t forget to order yours folks. Mike Redrose group
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    Great result for the owner- and the Forum!
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    I moved elsewhere for intelligent discussions with fellow Triumph enthusiasts. A thread on carbon offsetting is running at present: http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/8722-carbon-offsets/ Peter
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    It’s just like any other form of online media... if the treads/topics/replies are predominantly negative people will add to that flavour, if the topics are mostly positive then that will lighten the mood and enhance the experience. constantly looking back and picking old scabs isn’t gonna brighten the mood just my tuppence. ...... Andy
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    Hi Folks, is it just me!! but when I read Xenon for headlight bulbs I immediately think of Xenon gas filled filament bulb. However I suspect that some posters are referring to HID bulbs when stating Xenon. Just to clarify (certainly for me) there are - The standard filament bulb. This is filled with a cheap inert gas. Gives a nice glow, pleasing on the eye. But often quite useless. Halogen bulb. This is a Halogen gas filled filament bulb. Significantly brighter than standard. The Halogen allows the filament to burn brighter. Good lighting and pleasing on the eye. Xenon Bulb. This is a Xenon gas filled filament bulb. Can be significantly brighter than Halogen. The Xenon allows the filament to burn brighter the other gases..Very Good lighting and pleasing on the eye. HID Lamp unit. This is not a filament bulb but an arc light. This is not a Xenon bulb. Usually filled with Xenon gas but other Noble gases can be used. Very very bright. Needs to be used only in special applications. Our TR's are NOT allowed to use these as they must be automatically adjustable to avoid blinding on coming traffic - come to West London and be blinded. These should be banned. Roger
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    Above the clouds and Christchurch (New Zealand) - Darran plus looking back over to Lyttelton Harbour and the Port Hills!
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    Not if you use a correct puller like this The heavy duty channel goes over old gudgeon pins (any old thickwall tube will do) which is slid over the diagonal head studs as spacers, then tighten the centre nut with maybe 50 or 60 lbs ft torque on the nut and go to the liner skirt end and strike the centre pulling stud with a reasonably heavily ball pein or lump hammer (don't go ape). Click ...click...clunk it goes as the seal is broken on the Figure of 8 seals. Carry on and wind the liner out until a couple of inches up before trying to "wiggle" them. The alloy plugs are turned at different diametres to suit the liners used, 86 - 87 - and 89mm with a steel backing piece to spread the load behind (painted orange). The minor outer diameter of the alloy plug is about 10 thou less than the liner bore inner dimension, and the larger outer diameter is about 10 thou less than the cylinder block liner spigot hole. This puller brings out liners that have been in 30 years and think they are part of the block. Mick Richards
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    As stated Moss for front and rear screen seals, Woolies trim for door and boot seals Stuart.
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    I enjoyed my Aeroscreens too, untill I got stung on the nose by a hornet while driving , its my fault for having such a dainty nose (small children shelter under it when it is raining) cheers Alan
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    Got caught in a hail storm after lunch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! span widget
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    Surely Triumph did all this in the 1970's Why not use the rear brake assemblies (drum, backplate etc. and friction set up) from Mk 2 Triumph 2000, 2.5 PI, 2500 saloon or estate or Stag. These systems were self adjusting and of course use the same hub unit as the TR IRS models so the stud patterns to trailing arm and wheel are not messed up. Mk1 Triumph 2000 and 2.5PI used the same rear brake design as TR with an adjuster, but swapped to self adjusting in 1969. Why the TR did not get this feature is a mystery. Probably cost. Only challenge is finding a scrap Stag.... Mk2 Triumph saloon or estate would be much easier. The only issue I had when running these cars was the handbrake cross bar that works the shoes tended to seize and needed to be lubricated. Self adjuster is a ratchet and pawl arrangement. See image of Stag setup from the Rimmers web page. Cheers Peter W
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    After a total strip down and thoroughly good clean the rebuild starts.
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    Hi All I always thought the brake and clutch lines looked untidy so came up,with a neater solution. Mark.
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    Hi Andy, I've found this voltmeter image, if you print it on heavy paper you can see if the size is right. Mike. Volt dial.docx
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    Exciting times! good luck with engine start steve
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    The temp and fuel gauges work off a common supply which is from the voltage limiter in the top right of drivers footwell. Behind carpet So before changing gauges you should check the supply from that isnot displaced and that there are volts coming out of the unit.. Mike
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    Millau Bridge September 2009, Club Triumph Ten Countries Run. Tim
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    All finished I think it looks fantastic hope it runs as well as it looks, it will probably take couple of weeks to fit and test as next week is the school holidays and we have the grandchildren. Mike Redrose group
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    The fine art of Planishing. Deggers
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    No to worry, NASA managed to hit the backside of Mars with a similar metric-imperial confusion.
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    Thank you so much Pete ~ Let's hope for the best. Best regards ~ Tom.
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    A lightweight drain plug remover which lives in the travelling tool kit.
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    Alternatively, you can fiddle with it until it is......... Cheers, Andrew
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    I made up a lifting arm with a piece of 1 inch square tube and a couple of brackets, one screwed to the firewall. You just walk the box back on the chain with a block of wood to support under the OD drain plug, the box comes out on the passenger side the hardest part is lifting it out onto a milk crate. putting it back in I had to shorten the chain to get it high enough to clear the clutch fork. This lifting bracket has made it doable for a 78 year old. I took the rear mount and bracket out to get more forward and back movement and wire the clutch leaver to the bell housing as soon as you get the box back about 1/2 an inch. Graham
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    Loch Allen in 2020, could have been 50 years ago......
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