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    Happier times at St Mawes with my wingman Stuart.
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    No.3 pot has been low on compression since car was re-commissioned in 2013, but lately it's got a lot worse, now around half the value of the other 3. Car still running ok, so I was going to leave it till I stripped the whole engine. With the current restrictions, I decided to whip it off now to see what was happening. Following a suggestion from Hamish, today I made an adapter out of an old spark plug to allow me to inject compressed air into the pot. So rocker box off, turned engine till No. 2 rockers were rocking, so that I knew both valves on No. 3 will be closed. (yes there was clearance between valves & rockers) inject air at approx 50 PSI, & lo & behold lots of air exiting from the exhaust (none form carbs). Result, so now I know what to expect to see when head comes off. This could be interesting, as it was last put on by the Triumph factory circa 1965 (factory recon engine) Bob.
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    Finished off some fuel filler restricters for the TR4 and a different design for the TR6 filler on the TR3 No more diesel for me thanks.
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    I reckon that's a cast iron warranty claim ! Mick Richards
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    Photo shoot, PPC: November 2013.
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    Knock Knock ...How do you make a duck into a great singer...you put it into a microwave and wait until it's Bill Withers. Time passes and music marks the memory of good times and bad and who can forget Bill Withers contribution who has recently passed away aged 81. Neil McCormick in the Telegraph reports Bill Withers walked away from music in 1985, when he was 47. He had done all he needed to, had made a lot of money, and by all accounts enjoyed a long and productive retirement. He released no more music for the next 35 years and expressed no regrets. So let us not become too overwrought at his death, at 81, from heart issues, surrounded by his family. For those of us who only knew him through his music, he left a small but perfectly formed catalogue of some of the greatest songs ever written and recorded. It is very hard to put a finger on what made Withers so unique. His sound existed in a place between blues, soul, gospel, country, funk, jazz and pop. His arrangements were sleek and unfussy. And he sung with relaxed pace and restrained emotion, never over-stressing nor employing any of the showy, expressive techniques common in R’n’B music. His songs were melodious, philosophical, pared down to their essence and usually very short and to the point. But wow, they did everything a song needed to in their allotted space and time. It's going to be more difficult to find those "Lovely days" without Bill. Mick Richards
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    When restoring an old Triumph (or no doubt an MG), it used to be possible to check when the bodywork had been repaired. After digging out the filler, just look for the date on the newspaper! Nigel
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    HELP THE NHS ~ I've let my adjoining empty house (fully furnished) to four NHS nurses free of charge during this National Emergency. We have a very large General Hospital at the top of the road. Some of these nurses have to travel large distances to the hospital. Now these nurses are in walking distance to the hospital. My late wife was a Nurse and I'm sure she would approve of my actions. It's the least we can do for our 'Angels' who work very long and dedicated hours. When this emergency is over my Grand-daughter and her family will move into the house. Tom.
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    Well, it's about 16 months since I posted here. I've been lurking for a couple of months or so, but feel now is the time to join in, contribute hopefully, and to gain again from the camaraderie of fellow TRR'rs. Here are the TR and Stag, taken in Feb after they had both had a run out. They both got a run the day before the current restrictions came into force. If the travel restrictions remain then I'm sure one or both will be employed on a shopping trip at some point.
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    Here is a great photo of Performance Cars Brentford on the A4 prior to the M4 being built there. The pub The Globe top left used to have great live music up until only a few years ago.
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    I hear Boris Johnson has now been admitted to hospital and I for one wish him and all others suffering with Coronavirus a very speedy recovery. Alan
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    Driving away from Lake Misurana during the Liege Brescia Liege Rally last July.
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    Hi Guys, I have refrained from adding my twopennith but I find that but for a few knowledgeable people the bulk is conjecture and fear mongering following the line of the MSM. AS some will know my wife suffered a potentially catestrophic accident but rather than go straight to hospital as would have been the case normally we waited as we knew the NHS was under pressure. We waited until it became clear it was more serious then we both thought. The staff were fabulous and treated my wife as normal. My son waited outside for three to 4 hours and during that time did not see a single ambulance arrive and the A&E wore neither gowns or face masks. This could be for lack of supply or down to the way the virus is being treated in my area. I find the crass comments and blame culture abhorrent when dealing with an unknown illness. There seems to be an expectation that we should be ready for any and all emergencies and have unending supplies of equipment and PPE. Those of us older generation remember the isolation hospitals that were in most large towns 40 to 50 years ago and also the erradication of TB in this country. Here we are fifty years later and it is back, I know why but dare not say for fear of being judged a racist. The question is should we have kept these hospitals fully founded and operational just in case????????????? In my humble opinion and it is only that the downfall of the NHS is due to the management structure that we have in place that does not work, has no co-hesiveness, hugely expensive and damaging to front line medics. The over worked doctors who were offered a pay rise for fewer hours, the expensive beaurocratic management of hospital trusts. A few examples of the downside of local management, a computer based records system that constantly breaks down and due to a contract for lifelong maintenance crippling costs just to maintain it. Records and file export. I lost my sight in my right eye last year and had direct steroid injection into my eye and a subsequent operation which was gruesome and I wont trouble you with gory details but the issue is that the tests and records that were done in my local hospital had to be redone at the specialist hospital in Glasgow because the software used was not compatible. That was a huge waste of time and resources and my surgeon said it was because each Health Authority went for the cheapest option and could be as much as 20 years to get uniformity. To blame the Government for shortfalls in planning is crass and ill informed conjecture without knowledge of how things work. For a bit of perspective have a look at the following videos and perhaps there is an alternative viewpoint. So in conclusion I do not wish offend anyone nor downplay the seriousness of the situation. I do however need to vent my anger and frustration at the younger generation who consistently ignore restrictions and go to parks and congregate together. I was young once I think and there is natural invincibility gene that young lose over time as they reach maturity. Keep well and safe and perhaps we need to keep hope alive and concentrate more on what we can do to handle isolation. Go and talk (respectful distance applies) to the old lady on her own down the street when taking daily exercise. People are going stir crazy and need hope not despair armchair experts are abounding with too much time and too little to interest themselves. Rod
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    Thanks for the kind comments and the 'likes'. On a slight different tack - here is my current TR2, as it was back in ~1980 (the orangy/red one nearest the Range Rover) and my previous TR2 that I had sold to the chap in the cap facing the camera. I think , what is left of it still resides in a garage somewhere in the Portishead area. Just for fun is our other toy - a little 948cc Midget
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    In a complete contrast with Tom’s sleek sprinter at Curborough, here we are being overtaken by - a cyclist in Ljubljana last year…
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    Here is a picture at a sprint at Curborough sprint circuit.
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    I’m following Bob’s posts closely as I have recently gone through this exercise - at least partially. I have had a 4A engine with 87mm pistons in my 3A for 20 years ( the original one is under the bench) and late last summer had a head gasket start leaking coolant into n°4 cylinder. The head, which came off fairly easily, was checked and lightly skimmed and pressure tested locally and pronounced OK in spite of some battle scars and cracks in and around the usual places. I have always had some minor angst with pinking particularly when running on 95 octane. 98 has always been fairly available here in France but less so recently and trips elsewhere in Europe reveal that it is virtually unobtainable in many countries. So I decided reduce the CR a bit. The combustion chambers were measured at 52ml - big difference from Bob’s 65ml on his apparently virgin cylinder head. I have replaced the composite head gasket with a 2mm copper one, at great expense, which should give a 9.5 CR. Heaven knows what the CR was before, my thanks to Carl at Revington TR for his help and advice on this. Although it is all hung together and running now I haven’t been able to try it out in anger yet. james
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    If you go for the steel spare make sure that you have a spare set of nuts suitable for the steel wheel, as the nuts for alloys are often no good for steel wheels George
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    Hi, I did different things the last weeks, with some Corona free time I glued the parts together yesterday. First step, 30 minutes later second step. Runs lovely on the lathe. I did not want to do this before I have the extension out of my car to compare. Checking the weight, it's about 33% of the original. My typ "20" belt now fits between extension and steering rack, distance is about 13 mm. Fan is already fitted, ideling was lovely, but a test drive was not possible because of a unsealed heater hose, I will see what I can find stored at my workshop tomorrow, a 12 mm hose must be anywhere.... Ciao, Marco
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    No local evening 'We"er only here for the beer " (corona) just a small drive at sunset tonight. Marcel.
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    'tis off, much energy exerted, & much vandalism with crowbars etc. but seem to have got away with it. Think I can probably re-use the gasket ? no sign of bad erosion on No. 3 Exhaust valve, but will see properly tomorrow when they are all out. Interesting there does not seem to be the usual crack in the centre. Bob (knackered)
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    Glory halleluyah . Tony has seen the light.
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    The arm is essentially the same as TR4A to 6. The inner end is the same hole. The outer on yours is smaller than the later cars. Not beyond the wit of man to create a phosphor bronze or oilite bush to fit in the outer end and ream to 5/8 for the trunion pin. This is assuming you can find spare later arms to work with. You would need to drill and fit a grease nipple. Refurbing to repair the egg shaped inner bush eye is done by boring the inner eye to a size that creates a round hole then fitting a thin walled sleeve with suitable inner diameter for the nylon bush. I do not know what the arms are made from. I do have a selection of arms suitable for refurbishing. Years ago I filled the egg shaped hole with 2 part epoxy glue then reamed the hole to get back to round. Fitted the nylons and here we are years later and the glue has held up fine and the nylons have not yet worn through. Cheers Peter W
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    Just before the Government’s self-isolation edict I tuned my TR6 Engine. Best fuel consumption ever! I’m now getting 3 weeks to the litre. Perhaps because I’m now going slowly round the bend…
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    Willie, You can also pull the Furflex trim off the front of the frame to get the panel out. Some chaps will go to great lengths to get a date . Tom
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    Can't offer a surfboard, but here's TuRK in Inverness at Christmas 1960 with a couple of sets of skis, same principle I guess? Cheers, Andrew
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    The wife was outside hanging the washing out but could not find the pegs, Mike Redrose Group
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    Now I have some time, I thought I would do a job I have kept putting off, painting behind the front grill Matt black. Took the grill off and painted the offending areas, then give the grill a really good clean while out of the car
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    Sorry me, please allow me to tell you a simple rule to get all grease in the nipple, because I know lots of us don't know about: always take attention to hold the mouth of the grease gun as good as possible in line (upright) to the grease nipple and not angular. If you failed so far try it the next time and you will see
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    TR6 and its mates are all serviceable and ready to go. Spending my time making a buggy for my good lady to drive around the property. About half way through the project. 5.5 HP motor with electric start and centrifugal clutch. "Armstrong" steering (when fitted). Braking done by a hand brake lever. 0 - 60 MPH in about 15 minutes Keep safe Alan
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    November 2019, on the way to winter hibernation. Still there, unfortunately.
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    OSF suspension rebuild completed, car now back on road, for what it's worth these days.
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    In my younger years I sung alot of barbershop music, I met a few people with stamers and they could sing like skylark I always had the problem listening to people with a stammer, it would start me of, Strange that, often I would end up apologiseing so they would not think I was taking the Michael
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    This fault was new to me, the engine wasn't running well, so I tried tuning carbs and ignition and checked the plugs. I didn't get any result and it seemed that it ran even worse after checking the plugs. This continued until I finally discovered that the brass insert in the cap, of one of the caps, was stuck on the plug. Checking the other caps showed that 3 out of 4 brass connectors were loose. Substituted them for considerably more expensive caps and the engine is now running as it should. So, advice to myself, stop buying cheap stuff!
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    This was taken in November on one of the last runs of last year. Been out once this spring, just before the lock down, but didn't take any pictures
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    My 3a 'Basil' waiting outside my local garage at Astbury for it's MOT last year.
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    Chateau de Hattonchatel, the last overnight stop on our 3 week/3,000 mile Euro tour in June 2019. Lovely memories. Cheers, Andrew
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    You need a new tank, they are prone to splitting ( common fault with age ) I have replaced many of these for my customers. Harvey S. Maitland
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    I can't get them to work on my 'phone either Tom.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Hamish. I suppose it had to come. The Harbour Master's Compliance notice certainly makes for a sobering read. Let’s just hope the Home Secretary doesn’t get wind of the old river chain at the Castle, or we may yet see a hasty reinstatement!
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    Is it a special LED bulb which works properly both ways? https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/1xtriumph-tr6-tr250-spitfire-sprite-midget-green-led-indicator-warning-bulb-e10?_pos=2&_sid=e3a2c0b8f&_ss=r
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    Finished mine up to day and put the grill back in, I think it looks good not seeing that yellow behind the grill, plus it’s a proper job
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    I have done the same, however I did replace the ignition light with a red LED. It does occasionally stop the charging for a few seconds on starting the engine so I may go back to a incandescent bulb if this continues. Cameron
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    Best bit about the ribbed pedal rubbers was that they were still used as the accelerator pedal pad on the Innsbruck series (2000-2.5-2500) right up to the end of vehicle series production, so were available from the factory spares throughout the I980's. Peter W
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    Just can’t get the workmanship that lasts nowadays steve I can’t claim anything. Saw the pressure test idea on tv that it could show either inlet or exhaust valve bypass or rings or head gasket depending on where you could hear the air escape and bob made up his own adapter.
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    £25 in 1969 for 12 months
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    Colour coded spokes would be good.
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    The wedge is having an extra long hibernation in the garage. Sadly it is 20 miles away in my partner's parents garage, so I will not get to see it again for a while. I had planned on taking it out for a drive next Thursday to coincide with my birthday, I am rather sad that won't be happening. Hoping the majority of the travelling restrictions will be lifted before the end of Summer.
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