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    I’m following Bob’s posts closely as I have recently gone through this exercise - at least partially. I have had a 4A engine with 87mm pistons in my 3A for 20 years ( the original one is under the bench) and late last summer had a head gasket start leaking coolant into n°4 cylinder. The head, which came off fairly easily, was checked and lightly skimmed and pressure tested locally and pronounced OK in spite of some battle scars and cracks in and around the usual places. I have always had some minor angst with pinking particularly when running on 95 octane. 98 has always been fairly available here in France but less so recently and trips elsewhere in Europe reveal that it is virtually unobtainable in many countries. So I decided reduce the CR a bit. The combustion chambers were measured at 52ml - big difference from Bob’s 65ml on his apparently virgin cylinder head. I have replaced the composite head gasket with a 2mm copper one, at great expense, which should give a 9.5 CR. Heaven knows what the CR was before, my thanks to Carl at Revington TR for his help and advice on this. Although it is all hung together and running now I haven’t been able to try it out in anger yet. james
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    TBH Bob I would stick with 86/87mm I have gone to 89mm only because I had an exceptional deal on the piston/liner kit and I cant really tell the difference so not really worth the extra effort and expense. Stuart.
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    Hi David ~ Thank you so very much for your kind words and compassion. I've taken in all you've said. Your words will not be in vain. Tom.
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    No should be the same though you might want it to go a bit further outwards at the bottom, Stuart.
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    Hi, a "grumpy old man" (indeed he is a real good fellow) asked me about my glueing by PM. Well, I did not weld or solder because I expect the construction will be bended by the heat. Glueing is very safe and solid, depending on the glue. I use 4 different Loctite products. In this case it is german called "Fügen Welle-Nabe", what I want to translate with "fixing shaft-hub", product no 638. This is used for example to glue bearing in gearboxes, I did it also with the main roller bearing (crankshaft) of my Norton. Very solid and fast (!), more solid than it has to be in this case, because the big bolt holds all together in the crankshaft. Hope this helps, Marco
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    If you go for the steel spare make sure that you have a spare set of nuts suitable for the steel wheel, as the nuts for alloys are often no good for steel wheels George
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    just an idea....I made mine myself after seeing Racetorations prices...made from 42mm hydraulic tubing, wall thickness 2mm, powder coated. You can hang the whole car on it. I will be glad to send you the drawing....just send me a PM with your email address.
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