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    Elect clowns. Expect a circus.
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    Hi - I just wanted to join in. It's not everyone who can flick their adored stepdad's name on the internet and find him...so very proud of him. Thanks especially to Tom for 'Roy has passed the Chequered Flag; may he rest in eternal peace.' My stepdad took me on, aged 7, and treated me like King Cod's princess. So I would like to say hello. Regards, Belinda King x
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    You’re right John, I apologise unreservedly to Krankie fans everywhere ! Mick Richards
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    More likely a Krankie fan ! Mick Richards
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    I think there are some yellow too. Whoops!
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    How she has the brass neck to think she knows the answers when she supported the Scottish CMO who broke social distancing guidelines I do not know. Personally I find her irritating, a first class manipulator who is clearly using the Cobra briefings to her own advantage. A touch of insider information that she then roles out in advance of any serious guidance from the Government. This is nothing more than petty points scoring at every opportunity. She has said nothing, but encouraged by the media who are intent on driving the next item on the agenda she responds to their needs......a class act in how to manipulate ones image. Iain
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    Yes well Done Hamish.. Also, great news to hear Tom is still his usual tremendously helpful self..... Was a tad concerned we’ve not heard from him in a while.... Therefore, Tom, if you are monitoring; missing / thinking of you and hoping you are managing in this particularly difficult time. A good weekend to all, Tony
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    More like a Greek tragedy.
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    Thank you all for your kind wishes, I had a quiet day (no surprise there then) tinkering in the garage. Had a nice session on Zoom with the rest of my family, & got a nice cake to eat with blue icing to match the TR !! Bob.
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    At the risk of being controversial, I was watching the 10.00pm news last night and was struck by the contrast between Ms Sturgeon's press conference and our own Matt Hancock. Whilst the former was definitely 'In control' she nevertheless gave clear answers to the processes that were being considered for getting out of lockdown. She was confident in her presentation and all the while there was someone alongside her 'signing' for the benefit of any deaf people. Meanwhile, Matt Hancock continued his tired old theme of not wanting to confuse people as an excuse for saying very little. And the UK Government still haven't cottoned on to the fact that we appear to be the only country in Europe not having a sign language translator as part of the presentation. I am no fan of Ms Sturgeon and her policies but in respect of presentation, our politicians could clearly take lessons from her. It was the same when she was very strongly challenged by Andrew Neill during her interview with him in the run up to the election in December last year. Rgds Ian
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    Lancia Flaminia GT 1961 model with de dion rear suspension LHD from Africa now in the UK . Looks relatively rust free https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143585449386
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    All good so far Daz
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    Perhaps one of these, a Bearing Separator could be helpful. Clamp it round the sprocket between the two lines of teeth and extract with a puller. Cheap kits that include two sizes of separator and the puller. If it works once it was good. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-pcs-Bearing-Splitter-Gear-Puller-Fly-Wheel-Separator-Set-With-Box-Tool-Kit-UK/293557684878?hash=item445966ca8e%3Ag%3AGrsAAOSwUAVeopuj&LH_BIN=1 OR https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-12pcs-Bearing-Splitter-Gear-Puller-Fly-Wheel-Separator-Set-With-Box-Tool-Kit/263550520539?hash=item3d5cd5ccdb%3Ag%3A2~MAAOSwKtBd0lfE&LH_BIN=1 Cheers Peter W
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    I’ll confess to having taken the TR2 and 4 out. Before you judge me it was to drop off food for a few elderly self isolating couples and my mother. Seeing the geranium TR2 dropping off there shopping made there day and we have had requests for return deliveries in what must be the oldest and best looking home deliver vehicle in our area. The only problem is with the roof down footwell, rear bulkhead and front seat loaded up with shopping wind does tend to blow the bangs around a bit. Already looking forward to next weeks delivery run. Jonathan
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    Remove master cyl filler cap Fit a doubled over plastic bag over the filler cap hole and screw the filler cap back on - that should stop all the fluid draining out of the disconnected pipework. Slacken the flexible pipe from the cylinder (1/4 turn) Remove the bolt that holds the cylinder to the backplate Remove the rigid pipe from the cylinder Pull the cylinder and pipe through the backplate and unscrew the cylinder off the pipe. Refit same way. If the pipe is twisted when tightened then slack the pipe from the other end of the hose at the chassis. Then slack the big nut holding the hose to the chassis. Align correctly and refit/retighten everything. Re-bleed in usual way. Or just remove the hose completely Cheers Peter W PS Do not lose the copper crush washer between hose and cylinder - It is there to create a seal between the two.
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    Tescos in Ashby, know it well. 3 miles away from me. I got some essentials from there a few weeks ago, too.
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    Isn't it the Greeks that will inherit the Earth Roger
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    So if you want the UK spec lenses to go with Im sure I have a couple. Stuart.
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    Ian Many well put points and I whole heartedly agree on all of them. I do however have the feeling that the anti Chinese sentiments will be long lasting which is sad for the general populous chinese but the regime . You can not seem to buy anything that doesn't have the made in China label. I wanted a set of copper barbeque mats for my new pellet barbeque smoker, simples you might think made in UK. Think again, made in China and now i'm fearful to put my food on them to cook. How crazy is that? Rod
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    Whilst she is is spouting forth she does not have anyone working on cures that she organised but I;m sure she will be there to take credit somehow. She has spent her whole wasted first ministership fighting for an independence that no one wants so she can hand us over the the EU. In the meantime perhaps if she got on with her day job and actually went to her constituency where rats abound in the streets. Check out what her constituents say about her. I despise the creature with a vengeance for what she is doing to Scotland. Most people in Scotland are hard working honest and reliable and have honour,something severely lacking in the scottish parliament self important lunnies to a man or woman Rod
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    Basically the size of them plus they are quite high output. Stuart.
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    I tried to order these but they are out of stock at the moment, apparently there are more being made.
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    Jase, I know these are strange times but I also live in Bridgend and have a 1962 TR4 and would normally offer you the opportunity to come and use as a reference or just a chat. Have you contacted the South Glamorgan Group as there will be a lot of help on there. Speak to Spiro as he can often help with the supply of parts. Neil
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    Thats why I change to a "Z" shape 3/16" bar at the front ends of the sticks so you can just hook the header rail to the frame by holding at right angles sliding it back so the ends of the frame hook in and then turning it down to fit the catches. It does take careful adjustment of the "H" sticks so that as you turn the header rail down and the pins of the handles start to engage the capping holes the material just starts to go tight the same as when your locking the ordinary convertible soft top down. Stuart.
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    You have a TR4 front bumper definitely. The boot script should read TR4A in one line and the IRS in another below it. Stuart.
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    Managed to jack up the n/s and remove the road wheel this evening! This creates enough space to get a 9/16ths ring spanner on the bolt head and remove it. I will try the o/s tomorrow.I didn't need penetrating fluid but I have positioned two axle stands under the bumper to take the weight! It looks like I have a result so thanks for your help! Still don't believe this was the way they were fitted in the factory though!
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    There is a combined version Triumph TR2 through to TR6 on eBay at present for £20 buy it now. It has exactly the same text as the TR4 to 6 one with the addition of the sidescreen cars. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-Triumph-TR-book/184179012469?hash=item2ae1ecb375:g:O1gAAOSwy9ZeTrbe cheers Derek
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    In the middle of the same TR6 header conversion. Found some M8 quick release ball joints which seem to fit nicely in the holes on the end of the TR6 header rail and can be detached easily. The Surrey top frame just about allows an M10 thread to be cut in it once you've cut to length. Its a bit marginal but enough to hold securely. Ebay turned up a M10 to M8 threaded rod to connect it all together. Neither of my surrey tops look like they have enough material to be unpicked to wrap around the header frame so thats going to have to wait a while.
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    Been watching this from the start. Les is so funny, but Tush knows his stuff
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    .. filling in a few tasks . . . . ^ following on from the cylinder head not sitting down, because the bottoms of its stud holes had closed up from their being done up overly tight... I sellotaped over the cylinders and the oil way drilling (smaller hole on the right hand side of photo) before drilling the stud holes out. I really did not want swarf inside the engine at this stage. - - - Next job was to finish up in the bottom end . . . ^ having sorted nuts out so that, when tightened to 25 ft lb., their castellated heads to would align with the holes through the big-end bolts (done in pairs and appropriately ticked / marked with the felt pen so I know where I've got when working on two engines) I then fitted the spit pins. On these engines I use 1.8mm dia steel pins and cut them to the 3/4" length I want. Don't know why but 1.4mm pins seem a more common size but they rattle around in these holes (not good because rattling around means wear, which in turn means breaking). . ^ Close up of how I bend my split pins. The pin is fitted and its looped head is pushed tight into the hole (I use a screwdriver blade to lever it in). Only then is the longer end of the split pin is folded back over the end of the bolt and the short tail of the pin is pushed downwards and pinched flat to the side of the nut. These nuts have a shoulder on them (ie., a built in washer) and so the length of split pin is pretty critical to achieve a good tight fit. If the split pin is too long then it doesn't sit flat and then rattles around as the con-rod reciprocates. If the pin is too short then it's a right pest to get in and to fold both up and down. Tip : when cutting your own to length - cut across the split so that the metal is drawn inwards. If you cut flat to the split - then the metal tends to flare out wider ..which then makes fitting them through the holes more of a pain. Job done, and its time to move on . . - - - The sump can be fitted now but if you drop a cylinder head nut or its washer down inside ..then you might wish you hadn't. I fitted this engine's ..but only using gasket cement on one side of each of the three gaskets (two gaskets are normal for these engines, but three are used when the sump extension is fitted). I fitted all the nuts and washers, as will be used during the final assembly, but torqued them systematically (diagonal sequence) to just 4 ft.lb. This brings those gaskets to a light but even pressure ..so as to not squeeze all the gasket-goo out. It can can be curing while I get on with other tasks. - - - Next . . . ^ crankshaft drive gear for the valve timing gear and oil pump. Note the woodruff key is already fitted into place in the crankshaft (..the second key slot is for the flywheel) and the two dots on the (large) timing gear are aligned to that woodruff key, as these are the valve timing marks. . ^ not wishing to see that woodruff key disappear into the crankcase - I've bunged the obvious holes through the bearing carrier with rags. The screwdriver is just loosely placed but it's enough to prevent that key from being pulled out as the gear is fitted. It does need to be checked several times over during fitting ..as the little blighty does like to move. You'll note that I've used my felt pen again to mark the drive gear's tooth which aligns with the woodruff key. That may seem unnecessary from this photo, but I use a piece of tube over the crankshaft as a drift - to tap the gear down into place ..and then I can't see the woodruff key slots.! Of course this has to be done with care so that its teeth align suitably with those on the timing gear and oil pump. Only because I had the timing wheel on (to adjust its end float on the spindle) did I fit the crankshaft gear now. Of course, when fitting the pistons and con-rods it is easier to turn the crank without the chain getting in a twist, but on the other engine I'll revert to doing things my usual way ..and fit this gear onto the crankshaft before I fit the timing wheel with its chain. . ^ all done, but I'll not fit the cover over this until I put the cylinder head on and do the valve timing at the camshaft sprocket. By the way ; the woodruff's slot is cut to the same plane as the crankshaft, so with this pointing straight upwards the crank is at top dead centre. - - - And the following reflects a little tidbit of design evolution .. . ^ the engine to the right is the older engine ..1948 or 49 judging by its number, and you can see (red arrow) how the drillings for the cylinder head studs are off centre to the engine block. The later engine was modified and is drilled straight. . . ^ this engine's has this extra flat cast onto it. it serves no other purpose so I presume it is to align the cylinder head stud's drilling jig to the block. I like curiosities like that - - - And finally for this post . . . ^ this engine block has +0.030" pistons and has recently had a replacement cylinder liner. At that time its gasket face was skimmed ..but I don't know by how much, nor do I know if it had been done previously (once or twice), nor do I know if the gasket face on the cylinder head had previously been skimmed as well. Comparing the two engines ; the piston crown to gasket face on this engine measures 0.009" ..and on the younger engine with standard sized pistons it measures 0.030" (so over 1/2mm difference on an engine with 63.5mm stroke). There's nothing I can do about it ..but I will fit the thicker (0.062" thk) / solid head gasket to this engine and the skinnier composite gasket to the newer one. That (composite) gasket presently measures at 0.050" thick, so it's only 0.012" difference, but it is very much more compressible when torqued down a few times, whereas the solid one will hardly compact at all. That's it for tonight.. I bid you a good evening. Pete.
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    Tim TR owners might not be using cars at the moment, or at least not publishing the photos! Others are not so bothered saw this rather nice Bentley in the local Coop yesterday. Dave
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    After finding a broken casting on my dynamo I decided to bite the bullet and Fit a little (racing) alternator to my 3a individually sources parts kept the price to much less than half the kit prices out there thanks to Peter W and Fireman Tom for lots of advice in the back ground. just waiting for some wire to finish the job. H
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    Some online photos for reference Housesteads Roman Fort and it’s Roman toilets Chesters Roman Fort It’s museum with collection of Roman grave stones and it’s Roman bath house Corbridge Roman site and museum And there’s several more such as Wallsend ( the east end of the wall) and the fort at South Shields guarding the river and of course you can continue west through Carlisle, to Maryport, and down the west coast of Cumbria. I like Ravenglass bath house which i think is Britain’s tallest bath house remains Here’s Hardknott Roman fort It’s on a particularly challenging road covering Hardknott and Wrynose passes through the Lake District fells. Paul
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    Well I found a new use for a garden bench and a ladder! Hanging my parts out to dry. And a new use for electric cable (not live!) in the garage too.
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    +1 on moving the sidelamps to the headlamps.........it is something we have been doing on sidescreen cars for years as the front indicator is originally white indicator with white side/parking lamp incorporated. Modern road users fail to understand that a flashing white lamp is an indicator - so for safety sake we fit an amber lens to the lamp and move the parking/sidelamp to the headlamp. You are doing similar - keep the amber flasher but move the side/parking lamp to the headlamp assy. You can also try this relay to reduce brightness once the headlamps come on - Quality LED bulbs are a great way to go. https://www.tomtop.com/p-k1467.html Cheers Peter W
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    Rich When I was living in Holland orange side/parting lights were not permitted so I disabled the side lights and as I had also to change the headlights to dip to the opposite side I bought lamps with an integral side light, I fitted LED bulbs and wired them to come on with the ignition. If you can't find European side lights this may be an option (I may even still have the LHD headlights in the loft of the garage if you need them) George
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    What about these ..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-front-side-light-and-indicator-assemblies-pair-complete/324138792791?fits=Model%3ATR+6&hash=item4b782d7757:g:-e8AAOSwwdhemf47
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    Mickey, You could try to answer some of the ST's critical reports, but you can't, can you, because they are true! And criticising Labour is irrelevant as it was the Tories who have been in power these last ten years and their responsibilty that has been so signally failed As for current support for the Torys and their Toryboy leader, that's natural at a time of crisis. Johnson wants to be seen as Churchillian, but even Churchill's inspiring wartime leadership did not save the Tories in 1945. Memories of their handling of 1930s unemployment were fresh. Five years isn't as long, so despite their trimming and buck-dodging, I hope to live to see them out of office at last.
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    Many here may see me as a muesli-eating, sandal wearing Guardian reader, wedded to a Marxist view of history and implacably hostile to the class-enemy, the Tory party. All true, of course, but let me introduce you to an organ that you cannot doubt is the House Journal of that same party, the Sunday Times. And what is the front page headline today? Quote: "Revealed - How the government sleepwalked into pandemic catastrophe" And they show no mercy, no forgiveness, but lay into the Tories for their transgressions. I won't transcribe the whole article, just retail you some of the worst bits. "The Government lost a crucial five weeks in the fight to tackle coronavirus" "Complacency in the heart of genvernment in late January and February, when it should have been urgently replacing stockpiles" "Training for pandemic had been neglected for years" "Stockpiles of PPE were rundown and out of date" "Ministers failed to correct shortfalls in training and equipment.and did not initiate key parts of the official pandemic plan" "Boris Johnson did not attend any of the five virus meetings held by Cobra ... in January and February and spent 12 days out of the public eye on a 'working holiday' " "The government failed to make meaningful contact with the .... British PPE manufacturers". "In late February. the government sent 266,000 items of PPE to China " Quote Downing Street adviser, "Boris didn't chair any meetings. He liked his country breaks. He didn't work weekends." "The Government failed to seek help [from industry] with corona virus test untill April 1, the night before Hancock announced a target of 100,000 tests a day" This can only be a summary. The full case of indictment is expressed in ten columns of dense type on pages 6 and 7 of the newspaper. If you don't subscribe, ask your newsagent if they still have a copy tomorrow. I don't and they had some this evening. In any field other than government this degree of dereliction of duty would be a sacking offence. We will have to wait another five years, but do not forget how deeply and completely the Tories let you down. JOhn
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    Has anyone fitted a SS Manifold and not used heat insulation? Thanks Steve
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    Roger All that fiddling and fettling was absolutely worth it - love the colour combination too! Miles
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    in my garage i have both a foam and co2 extinguisher wall mounted - one at each end - for in the car could not find anything other than powder in small circa 800g size
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    Hi Not a number I've ever seen before but that means nothing. Best option if you are looking for 'history' is period Motorsport publications. The London dealer connection is interesting so you should really check that out on the production records. I don't believe that it's a London plate ? It's not unusual to see a list of fitments such as you describe as the Sidescreen TRs were very widely used for rallying in the 50's particularly and I've owned several with those home made mods and method of fitment of performance parts supplied by the likes of SAH, Derrington etc. in London. Regards Tony
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    Hi all, hope you are having a good Christmas/New Year I have owned my TR2 for about 2 years and it generally performs well. There is one niggling problem. After a longish run on a hot day the engine will not restart if left for a few minutes. It will usually restart ok immediately after stopping or if I wait for 15 minutes or more. Sometimes priming the carburettors by operating the manual fuel pump lever will help. I assume that too much heat is getting into the carburettors and causing fuel vaporisation. I notice that the insulating blocks between the carburettors and the manifold appear to be made of aluminium which surprises me because I expected some material with better insulating properties. Maybe some PO has put the wrong part in. What should the insulator be made of? Some owners fit a metal plate between the inlet and exhaust manifolds, should I consider doing this. All comments/suggestions gratefully received. Bryan New Zealand
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    Hi Bryan When I worked at SU Carburetters we bought them in for gasket kits and I think they were made of asbestos which the ones on my TR4 are made of . I will have a look and let you know. Cheers Chris.
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    Incidentally, I am currently in Santiago, Chile, visiting my son, and this morning we saw a dark green TR3, with tan trim, ( same as my car) driving through the city past the art galery Anyone know this car/owner? Mike
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    Like Darren I bought my car through TRGB and had a good experience.also have work done by Protek in Wallingford who are down to earth and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Protek and proprietor Glen Hewett. Best Regards Tom
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    The British Gov't (whoever is in power) never rush into anything. It is so easy to rush at a possible answer only to find you create another problem. Were we slow at implementing anything - very possibly yes. We are were we are and very possibly we may be first to the winning post for a vaccine That I'm sure os what the gov't want. As for the Scottish 1st minister - in my view a very sad sick person. Roger
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    Ian, when telling lies comes naturally it is an easy step to seem confident when you don't take any responsibility health service and education ib Scotland is at an all time low. mc Face face wouldn't know the truth if it leapt up and bit her. She is positively odious and much hated around Scotland. Strikes me you create divide and uncertainty with her statements. The woman makes nancy Poliso look positively saintlike. and theyre both pure poison and evil. This has nothing to do with what is best for the people it is only pandering to the support (which is waining at long last)
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    Ian, I always feel the opposition politicians have it oh so easy. The "I wouldn't do it like that" and "I could do it better than the government" type answer when they have no responsibility to make it happen, or even need to have a workable solution makes for a very comfortable life. This has always been the First Minister's policy on independence, clamour for what you won't get to raise your profile and popularity knowing that you won't have to deliver. This has been the case with many of the statements from the First Minister over the years, and even now with Covid, although Scotland has some independence they must by their very proximity to, and commuting with, the UK are in reality following the UK lead - and rightly so. I do not recognise that Matt Hancock has a tired theme, the Pandemic does not play by any rules, it is novel and the whole world is in a learning process. There are currently no treatments, and no vaccines against Covid so whatever the reasons to shut down when we only had a few infected people still exist, nothing has changed. I'm sure as countries ease restrictions there will be issues as Japan has found to its cost. The UK/world is establishing a method of holding off mass infection until treatments or vaccines become available, whether the time scales involved will allow that to happen is another matter. I thought Matt Hancock handled this morning on Today with Misha Hussain very well , particularly when Misha only wanted to get her own political statement broadcast, then afterwards she fell back and was rather low-key. We were always told we were two weeks behind Italy, plenty of time to contain the situation then see the results of others returning to a more normal society. There is of course always President Trump's suggestion of yesterday to have humans take disinfectant, obviously the Final Solution to the problem!!!! Well the sun is out again thanks to the lack of contrails, the garden beckons, Alan
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