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    Only a short run around the lanes near our house to test out the gearbox/overdrive and diff after a complete overhaul all went back in easily than expected. Just need to recheck all nuts, bolts and oil levels before re fitting the interior. Mike. Redrose group
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    Taking advantage of the first sunny day for weeks, 50+ miles around the Peak District....
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    Some rope and a co-operative tree branch!, it's how our American cousins out in the sticks would do it!!
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    . Successfully viewed, purchased and collected today. engine number is near to CT56400E so that would be a 4A from mid-1965 (..I'm guessing). ..all I need to do now is to figure out how to get it out of the back of my Chrysler Voyager. Pete.
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    Well done mike. Yet to get out with my new LSD
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    So how did Heritage "Lose" the tooling for the TR6 shells then, size of those tools you`d have to be pretty blind to lose them. Stuart.
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    Great collection of off road bikes Chris - took me back to my enduro (Yamaha DT250) and motocross (Suzuki RM370) days in the mid-70's and early 80's, sadly not too many photos left but dug these out: Keep the bikes, stories and photos coming. Cheers, Andrew
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    Check that fan very carefully - I had one, and the car suddenly started vibrating badly. One of the blades had snapped off, and luckily it must have gone downwards, or it could have done a lot of damage to the bonnet. Pete
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    I did have an expert to guide me Ian, I looked closely at the photo of Stuart's car. Thanks Stuart. Chris
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    I've spent a great day today with my 17 year old Grandson Bailey, on a half day track day at Cadwell Park in my Race TR6. He's been with me to virtually every race since he was about 12 and has been a huge help in both building and preparing the car and acting as Pit Crew at all the races, including at Spa, Belgium. He's been driving the car in the paddock to Scrutineering, etc for the last 18 months, but this was time for him to have the opportunity to try it out at speed on the track. Thanks to the organisers, North Humberside Motor Club, for allowing him to take part. First session was him in passenger set with me driving to find his way around the circuit. Then, in the still damp conditions, him driving with me in the passenger seat. He took to it immediately, with only one minor early indiscretion, which I think taught him to focus and respect what he was doing. Over several sessions, as the track slowly dried and he became more familiar with the cars characteristics, his confidence grew and his pace increased. By the end of the event he was well on it and really trying hard. No misdemeanours and car safely home. Couldn't have asked for more. He had several genuine favourable comments from other session drivers about his conduct. One very Happy young man, grin from one ear to the other, and one very proud Grandad. See photo. Dave McD
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    I tend to use the type of seal found on boot lids and the like with the U shaped bottom that fits over the lip of the plate between inner and outer wing, and the soft circular rubber top bit presses against the outer wing. These are really soft and seal well, but you might need to trim the edge of the plate back a bit if the gap is too small Neil
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    Mine gets used regularly. A trip to Marks and Spencer today!
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    I think you are about at the limit of weight reduction for a road car. 22-23lbs is about right. Iain
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