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    So I`ve got the bike for Pete`s panniers...And another one. Greetings Sugar
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    I think I’d transfer the markings to the other side, write Newman on it and use that side. Just to be sure. Also tongue in cheek.
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    Just as a matter of interest - whereabouts are you locating the centre pin of your new two leg puller? I would have thought that if you re-fitted the main bolt & screwed it in all the way & then back it off a few mm, put the centre pin of your puller against the head of the bolt & tighten a little the whole lot - pulley & washer (or whatever it is) would slide off together without any great effort?
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    Hi it's worth checking the plug on the lead from the ignition switch is pressed fully home under the dash where it connects to the wiring loom.
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    Ready for the Fall driving season which in my case is typically one day long. Very 70's look with the black vinyl roof.
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    The SL125 is also getting quite rare these days. You need to get one in the garage as soon as possible! It was quite difficult getting some parts for the XL restoration ,when I bought the bike it didn’t have an engine and I thought it would be quite easy to pick one up,but no such luck, after a long search I managed to pick up a rolling chassis with a engine I had to completely strip it and rebuild it. The first picture is when I collected the bike the other is after I striped the bike down,before I had parts sand blasted & frame etc powder coated. I must admit I farmed out the paint work to a guy who has done work for me before,& can do a far better job than me! Cheers Steve.
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    Hi, Not a 7 owner but I would check that the earth connection on the battery is clean and tight. Graham
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