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    Send your pump to Dave Davies in Manchester, tel no 01942 891447 good guy does a great job, cheers Ian.
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    Central heating Immersion heater element fitting ?
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    https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/profile/10307-tr-graham/ Tr-Graham is the V765 officer, he has had considerable success with gaining registrations back. Iain
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    I couldn't get a Heritage certificate for my '2, but got a factory trace. I also managed to keep he car's original registration number even though it hadn't been on the road for decades. I think that the Club have a person who can help with the DVLA - contact the office to check. Rog
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    Quite right Bob, the Body shell number is on the Factory Trace.My error Iain
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    Ultimate recalcitrant oil filter remover? You drive nails into all those little holes. John
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    Sorry, but no it won't, only the plain number. Bob.
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    Roy a factory trace from Mike Ellis as mentioned above should reveal the EB number. Iain
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    Many thanks Chaps. Hopefully photos are now below?
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    Not in my TR, but several there from the London group. Kempton Pumping station museum, open day plus (small) Classic Car show. Two tripple expansion steam engines one of which was running. Bob.
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    Glad all three of you had a good time and good weather. Its a lovely spot. Hope you managed a few river trips. Best value is out to the castle and upto Agatha Christie house is a double bonus. H
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