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    Send your pump to Dave Davies in Manchester, tel no 01942 891447 good guy does a great job, cheers Ian.
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    Helen and I have just returned from this trip, and what an adventure. 9 countries and 6 capital cities in 20 days and covered 3578 miles, my TR5 returned 30mpg for the trip. We actually started the drive and met our fellow traveller Peter Coles and his wife Allison in Brussels with his Lotus Elan, from there to Berlin, Warsaw Poland, Vilnius Lithuania, thru Latvia and on to Moscow, then St Petersburg, and Helsinki, then by car ferry back to Travemunde in Germany, then to Dortmund, with and extra night near Liege, before our return home to near Paris. There were some extra nights as well in between. The Hotels were more than 1st class and probably ones we wouldn't have considered if we had organised it ourselves. The TR performed well even though I was rather concerned about some of the days mileages and routes we would take. Fortunately I was able to fix the only two problems that arose on route, one was an occasional miss fire over some rough parts of road and found the earth wire to the fuel pump in the boot was not was not making good contact. The other was a bit more, an undignified arrival at the Metropol Hotel in Moscow, the car just gave up at the Hotel entrance and had to be pushed into the carpark by some very helpful staff! It was confirmed later that the battery had completely died, it was only 5 years old. A very helpful taxi driver took me to a car parts specialist he knew somewhere in Moscow, it took near and hour to get there and I purchased a new battery. I was concerned that the alternator may be faulty, but with the help from the TR Forum it confirmed it wasn't and the rest of the trip it worked a treat. The in and out of Russia went much smoother than I feared, lots of forms to fill. We have seen so many lovely buildings museums and churches and have so many photos now to remind us of our trip as well as many MP4 files from the Dash Cam!, we really recommend the adventure. Where next??
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    Central heating Immersion heater element fitting ?
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    Ultimate recalcitrant oil filter remover? You drive nails into all those little holes. John
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    Many thanks Chaps. Hopefully photos are now below?
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    Not in my TR, but several there from the London group. Kempton Pumping station museum, open day plus (small) Classic Car show. Two tripple expansion steam engines one of which was running. Bob.
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    Glad all three of you had a good time and good weather. Its a lovely spot. Hope you managed a few river trips. Best value is out to the castle and upto Agatha Christie house is a double bonus. H
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