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    Today was the Redrose Group Meeting after the meeting we had a short run to TR Bitz. Craig, Johnny and the team put on a open afternoon with nibbles for the local TR Groups about to 45 TRs turned out for a great afternoon to catch up and look around the workshop. Mike. Redrose group
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    So, after 11 years of ownership, and nearly 5 years back on the road, my ratty TR2 has gone to a new home. Mixed emotions seeing it go, but best for all concerned really (me, the new owner and the car). I wasn't using it and the TR6 enough - so now I can only use the '6. I've got more room in my garage now (no, I'm not getting another car!) to get going on some furniture building/DIY etc. The car will be kept alive (maybe as it is, maybe with a new coat of paint) and certainly loved. It will see more of the world hopefully. I can start to sell a garage load of spares I had acquired (just in case!). And the cash will certainly come in handy now semi retirement has arrived! Cheers Roger
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    Took my cousin out to lunch. She was born in 1918. Tom
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    Great day out it was too. Thank you TRBitz thanks for posting mike.
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    this is the one https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=815508&jsn=254 Roger
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    Sold for all the right reasons Roger and congrats re the semi retirement. I hope the new owner keeps us informed. Stan
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    A great car Roger, hope we will still see it from time to time. Bob.
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    The dent was put in for fitting a brake servo which was an option on the TR4A. The 4A I had in 1968 had a servo fitted there.
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    My 4A is Vauxhall Jade Green - the colour when I got it 30 years ago. It should be the drab Conifer Green. A lot of people go for a different racing green such as Jaguar Racing Green. I have often thought of having it changed back to the Conifer Green but I like the colour it is. I have seen some German TR's a similar colour to mine. From the colour chart above there is a British Racing Green and a Triumph Racing Green used at different times. I find that all the other colours fairly easy to identify but put two green cars together and they are rarely the same. In the 1960's it wasn't unusual to spray a car a different colour but now a non-standard colour is often frowned upon. Keith
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    Pitched up at a local ‘anything goes’ gathering this morning .... lots of variety, particularly American. TR was a little dwarfed by some of the company! ...... Andy
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