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    Good Evening Cameron, Thank you for your email, it certainly explains a few things, if I may I would like to respond to your comments. The TR Register Scottish Weekend is not my personal project, I am at a loss to understand what makes you take such a view and it was not my decision to refer to the Bo'ness event as the Scottish TR Weekend, perhaps the following may be of interest to you and others of a similar view to that of yourself. I attended the first Bo'ness Revival event in 2008 and met a number of TR Register members who I had not seen for a number of years and we had a good chat about all things TR. I attended the Bo'ness Revival again in 2009 when there were more TR Register members present and discussions turned to the Doune Classic Weekend, which as you may or may not know morphed from the initial TR Register Scottish Weekend in the early 1980's. It was suggested that the TR Register should have some form of presence at the Bo'ness Revival and fool that I am I contacted the then Scottish Co-Ordinator, Steve Craig. I asked Steve if the TR Register would be interested in participating at Bo'ness but the reply was negative as the comment made was that, and I am paraphrasing here, 'We all go to Scone' as the dates clashed. I left the situation at that. The following year Bo'ness had a number of TRs competing in the Hillclimb, together with an even larger number of TR Register members spectating and again the topic of TR Register involvement was raised. Once again I contacted Steve and received a similar response as previously, Scone was the TR Register event of choice. I then mentioned that a substantial number of TR Register members would like to participate at Bo'ness and offered to organise something so that those who wished to go to Scone could do so and those who wished to go to Bo'ness could do so. Unfortunately I did not receive any response to my suggestion so once again I let the situation be. In 2015 we had a new Club Chairman in Phil Tucker and a new Scottish Co-Ordinator in Alan Gibb and following some discussion it was agreed that the TR Register should have a presence at Bo'ness, with the TR Register Board deciding that the TR presence should be billed as the TR Register Scottish Weekend as a focus event for TR Register members in Scotland. This is where perhaps I made an error as I did not contact the Scottish Group Leaders as my understanding from previous experience was that they did not have any interest in participating at Bo'ness. The resurrected TR Register Scottish Weekend in 2015 was accepted as a success so plans were put in place for 2016, when I contacted all Scottish Group Leaders with a view to making the event a true Scottish event. Unfortunately I did not receive any replies from any of the Scottish Group Leaders which led me to the conclusion that they were not interested in participating. It was a similar story for 2017, by which time Scone had moved it's date to the week following Bo'ness, but now the focus was set on Grantown. I do not know if the Grantown date has always clashed with Bo'ness, or if the Grantown date has changed, but as I mentioned in my previous post I fully appreciate why Highlands and Islands Group would prefer to go to Grantown rather than Bo'ness. There has been discussion regarding the TR Register Scottish Weekend being held at another venue rather than Bo'ness in that if a proposal is received to stage the event at say Scone or Glamis that would be given consideration, thus far there has not been any alternative venue discussed. At the Scottish Group Leaders meeting in February the topic of the TR Register Scottish Weekend was discussed and once no again no alternative proposal to Bo'ness was raised, with Grantown definitely ruled out. My view is that any member of the TR Register is at liberty to suggest an alternative venue for the TR Register Scottish Weekend so if you believe it should be held at Glamis or Scone perhaps you could submit your proposals, I would be happy to assist in any way and provide a list of activities required for organising an event, as opposed to arranging for passes to be handed out. Personally, static 'Show' events are not my preferred way of enjoying my TR, I much prefer driving my TR competitively, which is why you have not seen me at Scone. I have however arranged for Passes at Stirling and attended Thirlestane where I have not seen yourself. As you may or may not know, I have made the suggestion of a TR Register@50 celebration to be held in 2020 well away from the Bo'ness and Grantown dates to all of the Scottish Group Leaders and their notional deputies, thus far I have received two positive responses, neither of which are from Group Leaders which to my mind tells a story. Regards, Cliff
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    Hi Roger, did you centralise the butterfly first and then nip up its attachment screws? Roger
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    Hi Andrew, Just enjoyed reading your tour, what a great way to explore Spain and enjoy your TR! Cheers, Waldi
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    Thank you for the clarification. Now I’m lost forever:) Think I need a drink, either from a pipe, hose or tube. Cheers, Waldi
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    I have that cam in my concourse car's engine. 41/71/71/41 valve timing, collision type, i.e. more lift than headroom in the combustion chamber. It is fed by Weber 40DCOEs with 32mm chokes on mine, and it does rip compared to the CP cam I have in my driver. Never dyno'd it but reckon it has to be good for 170 BHP conservatively. Supposedly this cam was developed by Racetorations, who supplied me (2) defective ones - the third I got from Piper directly and it has 5K miles on it now. It needs special springs and wide spring seats to cope with the lift; don't venture forth without these. Designation known to Piper is 1312@105. 200BHP+ is claimed to be achievable with this but may entail 7000 rpm capability and 2.7 litre displacement. Mine is only 0.030" overbored and stays below 6000 rpm. The idle can be brought to heel too ( on Webers, at least ) : Cheers, Tom
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    Super - looks fantastic and glad Bev and VUX are behaving. Rog and Julie
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