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    Popping up to the swettenham arms this evening in the 3a in race trim single aero screen and track ( road legal) tyres raining or not ( it has been all afternoon here) Come and say hi http://www.swettenhamarms.co.uk/events/
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    Pete, Just to clarify things, that was the East Saxons Group at the Alma, Copford, but glad you had a good evening. Look forward to seeing you at one of our other meeting places. Allan GL
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    Hi Pete, only followed up as far as costing, and a set of 4 knock one were over 30% more expensive than same size tubeless chrome wires. (£474 plus shipping each) My wires are fine at moment so may wait a while. Chris
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    Many thanks John, I had not commented but this change was really starting to bug me! Thanks to the team for all your hard work Iain
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