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    I have for many years worked on and rebuilt many cars and the older stuff always suffers from a shortage of parts. All too often I talk to people who insist that using modern parts and converting to suit is the way forward. e.g fitting an alternator, fake alternator dynamo and the like. So it occurs to me that they do this and the knock on effect is that something else needs altering or it fails and they wonder why. Electrical components were made by very few companies like Lucas, etc. They made non specific generic items like dynamos, regulators, wiper motors and they were supplied and fitted to our cars. But they were also fitted to much more obscure vehicles, you just need to know which. The companies that built vans used the same components like dynamos, wiper motors regulators. What if I could find an up-rated item that I could fit to my car? For example to take my pet hate the humble dynamo which puts out around 21 amps and worked well and still does for most purists. With a high output battery the battery will work in all but a few cases. What have you fitted that is such a drain on the electrical system that requires fitting a £400 DYNALITE type unit aping a dynamo because you want it to look original and a dummy regulator box for originality's sake? If you were to think out of the box you might consider using the dynamo from say a Thames Ice cream van or the like. Why, I hear you gasp in consternation? What do all ICE CREAM VANS have in common and what is the purpose of a van that sells ICE CREAM. They have bad music. They start and stop constantly. They have additional lighting. THEY KEEP THINGS COLD! They don't rev highly and so they need to keep things changed up to capacity. You can but now, today probably, a dynamo that puts out 35 amps plus looks original, is original, fits perfectly, does not need pulleys to be altered, does not fall off, does not take out the water pump when it does. Saves upwards of £300 to spend on things you really need. With a matched regulator you keep the original looks and reliability, doesn't fry things and it wont leave you stranded wondering how to fix the botched together alternator mounting and spend an entire show fixing the car when it fails just as you arrive from afar with no spares store. I like the challenge of thinking out of the box! Rod
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    You can PM or Private Message each other If you click each other’s user names you will see a screen with an envelope click this and a screen similar to an email will come up. That is already addressed write your-message and privately share email address etc
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    Hi Ernest i am the current owner of the vehicle and would be interested in the items if you still have them. Regards john
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    Email me at gimpsunlimited@gmail.com
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    Hi Roger Currently got NGK's in there not sure how "hot" they are though. Gareth - appeared to be a spark with No 3 out and earthed to the block. Jon
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