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    I’m with Andrew. I have a CTek and have permanently wired the connector that came with the charger into the glovebox. As and when I want to put the battery on charge it’s a simple matter to plug it in to the extension inside the car. Rgds Ian
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    Hi all, Sorry for the lack of reply - I've been busy getting the bike ready for starting and getting the ACF-50 off - Christmas a New Year got in the way a bit! In the end, I just used a WD40 and cleaned and polished up the bits, must say the bikes came up very nicely. Got a few parts to replace with NOS stuff, but looking forward to the Spring. Tim - a mate had a new F2 in 76 and it went like the clappers, as fast my K1 of the day - plus it handled much better, getting very collectible now. After a bit of recommissioning prep, the old girl fired up first time today (first time in 3 years), it spat a lot of **** out the back (including the 20/50 I squirted into the bores) all over Bev's car......so another cleaning job for me tomorrow! Here's a video of the bike firing up, after it warmed up the growl from the exhausts took me straight back to 1977, and for a few minutes I was 19 years old again - then my back started to ache! Oh, and here's a few photos of after the ACF-50 was removed: Cheers, Andrew
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