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    Went to the Bay View bar and restaurant on Anglesey today. they have a bit of a motoring and racing theme with old car (1950’s) wall prints engine block and glass tables etc etc and in a display cabinet I spotted this Doretti instruction manual. Bit unusual for a welsh restaurant. H
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    Yep, JB Weld's right up there with duct tape and WD40 when considering life's essentials.
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    Gareth, I wasn't happy with the poor quality of the knob on the repro cable I purchased maybe 12 months ago, in fact, it pulled free of the shaft on first use. The one it replaced was possibly the original style cable with a much nicer removable knob, so I simply cleaned all surfaces with degreaser, roughened with grit paper and glued it onto the shaft with JB Weld. It's held fast ever since! Gavin
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    I've had several different wipers over the past few years - all of them from the usual suppliers, and all of which split well before time (including the last set from Tex). Soon got bored of that. So after the Tex wipers split, I took a pair of needle nose pliers to the frames, and eased open the tabs to remove the old blades. . . . paid a visit to the local auto parts shop for a pair of 24" universal wiper blades (with the hard plastic spines). . . . slid them into the stainless frames, re-crimped the tabs, and trimmed to length. A quick five minute job, with enough left over for two more sets. (And they do a far better job at shifting water than the "classic" brands too)! Cheers, Deggers
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