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    A few of us from the Devon Group should have been off to Classic Le Mans today but as the event has been postponed until 2021 we made do with a day tour round Dartmoor and down to the coast for a socially distant picnic.
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    It was my birthday on Monday so I celebrated by a drive down through the New Forest to the sea. A superb day and a very enjoyable 150 mile round trip. I got well suntanned in the process too. I passed a white TR6 near Beaulieu who flashed his lights so hi if you are on the forum.
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    Eureka moment I hope! Started her up after charging up the battery but still dumbfounded why it went totally flat in six’s days. The car was in the garage, no lights on in the garage and it was overcast and fairly dark. Was just sitting in the driving seat warming the engine up nicely, when out of the corner of my eye in the dim light I saw light coming out of the gaps around the glove box! Seems I have a sticky switch and guessing the light over six days must have been stuck on. Now sorted.........I hope!
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    It’s started, we have people camping out to stop statues being removed. Cancelled Protests Against racism, because of threats from others. This will not bring people together it’s already putting them in camps, groups at odds with each other. Pulling down statues doesn't change our history, the really good or the really bad, we have a history as has every other country some good and bad. Bringing up our past or the past of others In a negative way won’t change a thing, the only way forward is to accept what went on remember it and learn from it. The media reference to right wing thugs or left wing thugs, whether white or black, left, right or centre will only widen the animosity and encourage more resentment. I actually believe on the whole we are a tolerant country in the main, clearly thousands try to get here every year. The first thing we need to do is establish order refuse to accept destruction of property or attacks on people. The police will need to do what’s required show authority but with restraint. We then need to educate what’s happened why and without bias and learn. The media needs to show restraint also.
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    So now the luvvies have banned the Fawlty Towers episode 'The Germans' and the idiots have now removed the statue of Christopher Columbus. Well i wont mention the war but the grave of Guy Gibson's dog must be next on the hit list to re write history. They will be banning the Dam Busters film next! hoges.
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    If you can wrangle a length of cord or wire down and under the bottom (layshaft) gears and try lifting the gear cluster. Try at each end. If there is any up and down movement the shaft and bearings have gone. The needle rollers run directly on the shaft and take all the thrust load of the gears trying to force themselves apart and come out of mesh. Eventually the hardened surface of the layshaft wears, which then accelerates wear on the rollers. It is the weak point on many gearboxes, not just triumphs. Luckily, usually, a new shaft and rollers sorts it, the lay gear itself is usually OK. If when driving it is noisiest in first and goes quieter in fourth its the layshaft, as in 4th gear the drive is directly through the mainshaft and very little load is placed on the layshaft. The worst wear is always at the 1st/reverse end, as thats where the most torque is put through the box. The box is going to have to come out though whatever the cause for a strip and re-build. 3 shafts shown below with typical wear. Top 2 are Austin A35 and you can see where the case hardening has started to break up, the bottom one is from the saloon overdrive box I just overhauled prior to putting in my 3a. That one had not gone through the hardening, but was replaced anyway with new bearings. Ralph
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    So, with a bit of fiddling with the key the tumbler came out still attached to the key! With a screw driver poked down where the tumbler should be I managed to unlock the boot.......phew! New lock assembly on order, don’t want to mess around with the old one. Onwards and upwards, the joys of owning a classic.
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    I will celebrate our independence in the usual way of driving a British car.
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    I’m not sure they haven’t already gone.
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    Andy, I think you'll find the Chinese will be VERY concerned about 3 million people walking away from Hong Kong for the following reasons. 1) Loss of face, (the impression that they have been beaten in a negotiation). Hong Kong is just a small peninsular and collection of a few islands, it doesn't have natural resources that makes it valuable or important. It's the people who live and work there along with many world leading firms, people from around the world in many instances that either work harder or work smarter than the rest of the world...and earn lots of foreign currency by so doing. Having a mass exodus of the tools that made Hong Kong rich will shine a light on the Emperors new clothes to the rest of the Chinese population, here's a small enclave that has peacefully (well by demonstrating that might have strayed into being forceful ), shown that they cannot be bullied by a government. China cannot afford for that to happen. 2) Loss of traders and specialist people. The 3 million people who make take up their businesses and run, (and China can't stop that because their business is in intellectual rights or in their application to work, cannot easily be replaced. Their expertise has been built up over decades and contacts , know how, and the sheer bloody mindedness to put up with anything whilst they build a better future for themselves and by association the country that houses them. China has lots of hard workers but not combined with the trading and world exploiting expertise of Hong Kong. China cannot replace them easily, or quickly if at all 3) The golden egg (the lots of foreign currency). The Chinese government is greedy for the foreign currency that Hong Kong drags in, that was the whole idea of allowing Hong Kong to coexist with China...one country - two systems. When I was last there in 2017 I was with a couple of ex Hong Kong residents, they showed me around...Stanley market etc, and their tales of being able to negotiate any items down were scuppered by those traders who would only discount by 10-15% instead of the 40-50% these same ex residents were used to. The light went from their eyes of these traders as they realised they couldn't tempt us at their prices and when questioned by the ex residents they complained of increased internal costs and add on's with the top figures being manipulated by the state to increase the payments made by them to the "government". There will be a considerable reduction in foreign currency for the Chinese government if these hard working people are allowed to leave. If a large proportion of these 3 million people were allowed to gain British Citizenship their work ethic and determination to succeed, even more endorsed by moving to a new country I feel would enhance our futures and gild our efforts to rebuild our economy and future international trades. Mick Richards
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    Hi Marco, I had a look at your concern of the selectors rods being outside in the dirty environment under the car. I have come up with a shape/design that is functional but not overly pretty I wanted to make the cover with a rounded end - a demi-hemi-sphere (1/4 sphere) and then add the sides to it but there is just not enough room to play with. The first and second pic shows the position of the central rod with 1st gear selected - there is actually 1/4" spare. The third pic shows the cover attached. It would certainly work with a thin smear of sealant around the edges Not pretty but out of sight. Also as it is sealed it would probably catch all the oil from the leaky seals. Roger
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    It’s been a few years since this was last posted. Still makes me laugh though. Riccardo Patrese takes his wife for a leisurely tour of the Jerez circuit in a Honda Civic Type-R. (Funny, my partner sometimes has a similar response in the TR !). Cheers, Deggers
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    Incompetence? Pete
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    Are you deliberately trying to be controversial ans stir up bad feeling again in this forum? History is going to repeat itself if you are not carefull. If you are dissatisfied with how the forum is run and organised why not send John Morrison a PM with your thoughts and grumbles. This thread was started by someone who, although controversial in my mind, decided to Enter it in the Social Scene. It has morphed as it rolled along, if the Mods weren’t happy they would have moved it by now. Moderation is best left to the contributors, in my opinion, reasonable people know what is acceptable where......!
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    I don't think Farage was sacked, his contract wasn't renewed. Despicable man.
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    Nigel, I don't agree with your statement " unequal treatment of ethnic minorities", accepting that there are 200,000'ish police and there must be a range of approaches and behaviours, for me your statement would be nearer the truth if it read " perceived unequal treatment of ethnic minorities". I think that the police do a remarkable job in the face of a hostile approach by many of their customers. Alan
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    Paul Hogan mentioned the Congo as an example of Black on Black atrocities. Rwanda being another, but you don't need to look that far back in history. Look at the International news and see what is happening in Burkina Faso, Northern Nigeria and Mali at this moment in time. There is deep unrest in most parts of West Africa at the moment, and it is Black on Black. Some of the problems are due to ISIS, Boko Haram and other radical groups, but a lot of it is purely Tribal conflict. There is little respect between different tribes, and especially between people who have moved in from another African country, as can be seen by the xenophobia that takes place in South Africa. The way I see the ethnic minority reacting to our Police, like the incident in Hackney the other day, makes my blood boil. If such a thing took place In Africa between the public and the Police, I know for certain who would come out the worst, and the Courts would have no sympathy for them if it got that far. I have worked around West Africa for the past 22yrs, so have seen all of what I have mentioned above in the flesh. I am currently in Ghana at the moment, and a lot of the people here can't understand what all the fuss is about in the UK at the moment and think our Government should get tough with people destroying our statues etc. How George Floyd died was disgusting and should never have happened, but it is no excuse for what is happening in the UK at the moment. Our Police are no Angels and there are a few plonkers amongst them, but in general they are a very professional force. I know which ones I would prefer to deal with between the American Para military Police force our our PC Plod.
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    Myself and the young lady took the 6 out last Saturday. Managed 535 miles, door-to-door. Here is a picture of the 6 about the tackle the 1 in 4 hill climb.
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    My '3 passed with flying colours last week Bob.
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    I have attached a few shots Post installation, I mounted the control units in the engine bay, see picture at top of this post, and used the extension lead. I had to cut into the harness, but it was pretty straightforward. For the dash lights, I have chubby fingers and it’s doable, you have to be able to get into some awkward positions in the footwell too, but take your time, swear a bit and it can be done. In terms of colors, Duncan at Classic Car LEDs is very helpful. He advises green four the dash, warm white everywhere else, except reversing lights, where he suggest bright white. I think it’s totally personal though. I think it makes a significant difference. One quick point, I cut out the rheostat as I found it was very imprecise, I did leave it in position though.
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    Made it to our first stop!
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    I have these plates on my December 54 TR2..
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    Todays car meet in Fife. Great to be out in the car. Jim
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    A switch in the earthy is as safe as switching the live. Once the battery earth terminal is no longer connected to the body you can touch anything 'live' to earth and nowt will happen. When disconnecting the battery terminals with a spanner you always do the earthy first. Work on the live first and the spanner may short several hundred of amps to anything earthed- body, battery clamp, cable whatever. Neil is right: for racers, live terminal switched, earth lead wrapped in yellow tape. Peter
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    For those that want to and are able to get out, I understand that a location with a similar culture and language such as Singapore or Taiwan would be first choice (although Taiwan is facing some threats). Then perhaps Australia if they can get in and then the US where there is a successful and well integrated community on the west coast in particular. After that the UK might be considered. Miles
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    Hi Andy, Welcome to supertuning the TR engine. The head on the 4 cylinder TRs is what is called a "bathtub" design, quite common in the era when the Standard Vanguard was designed (late 1940s but with pre war influences). The valves are pocketed (the bath tub) in position on the cylinder head, but because of space limitations (the head design and getting inlet and exhaust to exit the head in the correct position) the valves are pushed up tightly towards one side of the chamber as viewed in the attached diagram The otherside of the chamber has a "squish" area where the incoming fuel charge is "squished" by the upcoming piston top helping it turbulate and mix correctly, the chamfers found on some of the heads help this fuel charge reach the extremes of the chamber easier. The normal modification for more power is to get more fuel mix into the chamber...bang ! more power, but the inlet valve position is not only squashed by the edge of the bathtub (where it says "sharp edge to remove after milling on the diagram) it is also hindered by the outside radius of the liner which the valve comes very close to. Fitting any larger valves than those commonly in use in performance TR engines only chokes up this flow. If you look on the second diagram you can see where the headgasket shape has been scribed (lightly) into some engineers blue wiped upon the area. The overhanging lip has been completely removed so as not to block the fuel charge from the inlet valve in that area, and this modified chamber shape will be transposed upon the top of the liner where it overlaps. (wipe the liner top in blue and then a merest smear of grease, fit the head and clamp lightly, remove head and where the grease has been cut into by the head scratch a light line into the blue). Clean off the grease leaving the marked blue on the top of the liner, the liners are then filed (that's what I do) with a fairly rough half round file into the wall of the liner thinning it up to the scratched line which marks where the head and it's gasket will be fitted. It's important that an angle be adopted upon the file when removing the metal so that the bottom of the chamfer (that's what it is) doesn't come any closer than about 1/8th from the top ring of the piston (do it by eye, thereabouts is fine) to avoid damage to the piston and ring. All this is documented above and is pretty standard stuff, however the offsetting of the head is what REALLY releases the TR engine power. When we were developing the 1988 head we were trying to move the valves themselves more into the centre of the liner and give more freedom to the incoming charge that is restricted by the liner walls, more flow equals more power. Flow bench testing with Peter Burgess proved a large power increase could be achieved if only the valves and the bathtub chamber could be moved more centrally across the liner and away from it's walls. The engineering looked to be a problem, offset valve guides are not unheard of but have problems of their own, uneven heating upon the walls and transmission into the head, and developing a Z plate which has angled surfaces to match up the opposing surfaces whilst imparting an offset to the chamber would require two sealing surfaces and various other tricky and likely failure points. So why not move the head in it's entirety ? Somewhat radical and as far as I know not practised by ANY other TR tuner, determined to give it it's best shot and worried about gaskets crossing sealing surfaces I decided moving the studs across would give the best chance of success. The sealing surfaces are not compromised. So cast iron studs (as close to the material of the block to minimise different expansion) were made to the appropriate cylinder head stud dimensions threaded one end and screwed into the block with Loctite 648 and then the studs cut off flush leaving a smooth deck surface with no stud holes. The head was fitted 3 mm across the block towards the exhaust side in exactly the same position as normal front to rear (premachined slip gauge slots), and set upon a Jig borer the head stud holes transposed onto the cylinder block deck surface and then the stud holes redrilled into the block (including the deep studs,...no they don't break through anywhere.). This leaves a crescent shape of threaded and glued in new stud material in the Block alongside the stud holes. The new holes were threaded as per standard to take standard studs, and trial fittings transposed the cylinder head chamber sealing edges marked lightly onto the deck and liner surface to prove all was well. Where the cylinder head oil feed comes up from block to cylinder head I compared the new steel head gasket slipped over the newly fitted studs in position and marked the block surface for position for the oil feed to a 3mm different centre further across matching the offset head. Attacking it with my Black and Decker (this was winter 1988) I "chavelled" (technical term, part drilling part milling) freehand along the surface (no slipping) an oil way feed linking block to the now offset head position, the new steel head gasket when cut slightly removing surplus metal on the edge allowed the channel and holes to remain within the sealing ring. The steel headgaskets were also cut around the inlet valve area around each chamber and the remainder of the liner only using half of one of the gasket 2 pressed sealing rings to seal on...successfully. That car won the TR Register Championship in 1988 setting new track records, and again in 1989 after bearings and rings being refreshed driven by Chris Conoly as I was busy developing the TR7 V8 for future TR Register racing. That's it, before offset head 132hp back wheels previous season on 1 3/4 SUs. The new head to take the bigger valves, more unrestricted flow and the more aggressive modding it allowed, offset across the block using the same 1 3/4 carbs ...148hp back wheels. Same engine but on 45mm Webers 165hp back wheels, that's how an offset head works, now used almost universally, I don't know any 4 cyl racer now who doesn't do it...including in the US. That car and it’s engine are still racing today. Oh and in Terriannns head review it's mentioned "that in the UK a popular mod is to move the head but it sometimes causes unreliability". I think she's been mislead (probably by racers trying to maximise their offset head advantage) I never had any problem with sealing or other problems on mine, but you have to build it carefully. These days the offset heads are made using slotted cylinder head stud holes and pushing the head across, a lot easier, same difference and looks like I worried unnecessarily, they seem to seal fine also. Oh...and to prevent other racers realising what had been done, when the offset head had been bolted onto the bare block we put all of it on a miller, and milled and removed the 3 mm step of the block edge sticking out below the head fitted and now exposed from the offset head on the distributor side (the manifolds and other junk hide the overhang on the drivers side ) and painted it black...tricky eh ? Mick Richards
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    Well, my niece on her 18th birfthday still finds a way to flash some style with a mask and a shaka sign! cheers Dan
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    A picture of the car - I'm only able to upload fairly small file sizes it seems so this will do for now...
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    Just my own unsolicited opinion, but why not stick with the mechanical AC pump? In over 50 years of TRs, it is one of the components that has never failed. I would add a shut off valve up stream of the pump for convenience when servicing the pump or carbs. Because the fuel level in tank is higher the than carbs or pump (when full), It also prevents filling the crankcase with gas from a stuck carb float valve or leaking diaphragm (which has never happened). Berry
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    Hi Folks, I have revisited this topic. In order to stop/reduce the oil leak at the end of the selector rods I fitted new 'O' rings and then 'Q' seals. Neither of these worked as well as I would have expected. It may be that the counterbore is too slack for the rings. I found an answer but it is a bodge and have always wanted a definitive answer. Marco's engineering wizardry was perhaps a bit too much for the ordinary fiddler. So I did a search for bits and pieces. I found the seals that I wanted 3/4"OD x 1/2"ID x 1/8" thick (3mm). P/No.NBR07505013A from Brammer Bearings and Seals. I also found on ebay a very nice 3/4" end mill with 1/2" pilot - perfect. The other day TRevor advertised an old GB on the buy/sell/swap forum - so I went for that as I needed the top cover. The attached photos show the process - Pic 19A shows the top cover firmly attached to the work bench Pic 20A shows the cutter inserted and sitting on the steady Pic 21A shows the drill attached Pic 23A shows the centre hole counter bored Pic 26A shows all 3 seals insitu and the metal remaining I will set the seals in with Loctite 638 The process is very simple and requires no serious machinery apart from a decent cutter. The above cost outlay including the gearbox was apprx £30. - result. PS - in order to drive the cutter I needed to get my electric drill working (new lead required) having done this I found the chuck was not true - rats. Roger 19 20 21 23 26
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    Awww, thanks for the lovely birthday wishes everybody! I have had a wonderful day today. Ben took me to see the farm we are moving to and we walked through the woodland and fields. Our family is leaving the New Forest after 50 years and starting a new life in the most glorious spot in North Devon. We have found a lovely spot which will accommodate both of us and my parents. Geoffrey is going to be spoilt for garage space, Ben just needs to remember which barn he parks him in, and will get that 4 post lift he has always wanted!! My horses are going to be living in a horsey heaven and I can't wait to have them at home again. I'm hoping our farmer friends in Sufffolk have managed to get my old Spitfire out (the wheeled variety, not a winged one!!) so I can drag that to Devon and start a project of my own. Ben is retiring from work on 30 June, so we have a lot to be happy about at the moment. I hope we can meet up with TR friends again soon. It has been a long time and the world has changed, but we miss you all. Wishing everyone a safe and happy future! Vicky xxxxx
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    East Saxons group had an informal social distanced gathering at the Alma this evening, with take away food and bottled beer. Very sociable.
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    We had a great drive out around the Peaks and Dales of Derbyshire on Monday. Found a deserted picnic spot for lunch. First run out since finishing my radiotherapy so made it a bit special Phil and Jenny
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    Generally the carbs do not need a heat shield. Heavy stop/start traffic and restarting after a few minutes at the end of a long hard drive might cause vapourisation but not normally. However if you go for an Alternator then that does need a heat shield - otherwise the back simply melts. Roger
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    +1 for PayPal - I use it whenever I can - buying or selling. Bob.
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    Lovely car and looks like a nice project. I can heartily recommend Bob's (Lebro) LED light upgrades for the front, back and brake lights. Makes a big difference. Roger
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    Good Evening All, Kens Daughter Jane has been in touch with Helen Gill of TR Improvements. She says that Ken would be very happy to hear from Friends , Old and New. He would like to receive Letters etc, at his new abode, So Helen has asked me to put his address on here. For those that don't know Ken, he is a long time Member , Supporter and Trader of the TR World. Ken Munford, Room 114, Denham Manor, Hailing Lane, Denham, Buckinghamshire. UB9 5DQ. Great Idea from Jane and Helen. Conrad.
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    Ups, the adaptors are already delivered, I'm really surprised about the laser cut surface! Tomorrow will be first fit, please keep fingers crossed for me.
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    Compared to a 1965 typical car the 4A was quite sporty in both top speed and acceleration. Most dedicated sports cars were a bit more spritely. Compared to anything from 2000 onwards it is not earth shattering. However put a standard tune 4A on a country lane and it is far from mundane. It will easily keep up with motorway traffic. It will excel on country lanes. And the grin factor far outweighs anything that a Eurobox can generate Breathe on the engine slightly and then things start to happen Roger
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    I’ve always been drawn to the oily rags rather than trailer queens at car shows. IMHO they are much more interesting.
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    Not all statue defenders are thugs, just most of them.
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    This TR6 39 years but Iv had other before and after but this one is staying, it was my every day car in the 80s and I would tow a trailer with boilers and my tools in .
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    As I have been doing on TRs for 60 years, use Castrol LM grease on all grease nipples, including trunnions. Ian Cornish
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    My biggest regret was selling my first TR. Bought as a rusty runner in 1971. Joined the Register for spares spent the winter rebuilding the old girl. Spent two summers racing through the club despite it being my only daytime vehicle. Sold it in 1979 when the first child came along as I needed the money. DVLA shows it is still on the road, wish I knew where. Fond memories Gordon
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    1984 has not been mentioned yet, so here goes: Quote of the day... “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” From the novel Nineteen Eighty Four - George Orwell, first published in 1949. Interesting times
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