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16th April 2021

First Right Hand Drive TR - TS2 to visit Kennet Valley Group in April

First Right Hand Drive TR - TS2 to visit Kennet Valley Group in April

We realise that next year and future events seem a distant dream, however the TR Register will be rearranging the planned 50th Anniversary events next year as 50+1. As part of this, as we did for the 25th Anniversary see photo above, the club TR TS2 will be taking a tour of the UK and the plan is to visit the KVG on the 16th to 17th April 2021.

What is the purpose? Well, fundamentally the aim is to mark the 50th anniversary of the TR Register, albeit delayed by 12 months due to the pandemic. Through this relay, we hope to not only bring the experience of TS2 to every region of the TR Register, but also gain publicity for our local groups and the TR Register car club along the way. The club needs your help to make this a success by organising the local logistics and putting on an event or taking part in an activity with TS2 during the car’s allocated time in your region. It could be something as simple as a special local group meet, or a visit to a local school or charity, a local classic car show, or even perhaps a special TS2 reception for local people, businesses and the media.

Whatever it is, the activity should generate excitement, audiences and publicity either via the press or social media. The relay is now on the third version of the proposed route and schedule, which is different to the 2010 routing. Area Coordinators on the Management Team have been keeping the arranger Stephen Hall on his toes to try and hit as many events of note as possible. However, whilst we have tried our very best to accommodate as many of these as possible, we must accept that there may be some missed dates and events.

What about Coronavirus? Well, with stringent cleaning and sanitising as part of the hand over process in place (for which you will be provided with a kit), we are confident that can proceed safely with this super exciting UK relay for TS2. Of course if we are locked down it will be postponed/cancelled until restrictions allow.

As TR Register members in the Kennet Valley Group, can you feedback ideas of what we could do with TS2 to promote the TRR etc.? If you would like to drive this iconic and historic car, please let me know. I look forward to your feedback.