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7th August 2020

TR Register South Central Group - 50th Celebration - Sorry it's Cancelled

TR Register South Central Group - 50th Celebration - Sorry it's Cancelled

Another 'casualty' of the current situation, RetroFest has been cancelled so we will defer our celebrations until 2021, if you've bought tickets, please see the information from RetroFest below:

'Dear Friends,

After much deliberation and waiting to see what is happening with the world, we have come to the heart-breaking decision to cancel our next Retro Festival at Newbury 2020.

It has not been an easy decision and we have been waiting for advice from the government on what were the next steps to be taken in beating this virus, but it is the RIGHT DECISION. With the next steps being issued we have been told that social distancing measures will still be in place in August. With this in mind how on earth could we social distance at our festival? We have over 30,000 people attending and you know how busy our music tents get! Your safety is the most important consideration in all this and we could not put in place social distancing in our music tents!

This is a very uncertain time for everyone involved, BUT, we will be back bigger and stronger next year.

If you have already booked tickets there are two options for you.

Transfer your ticket to next years event (this will happen automatically unless we hear otherwise)

Apply for a refund through our website

Next years events will take place on:-

Retro Festival Newark - June 11/12/13 2021

Retro Festival Newbury - August 6/7/8 2021

We are very sorry to have to disappoint all our family like this but as I said earlier, your safety, as well as that of the bands, acts, traders, exhibitors and staff is the most important consideration.

I tell you what though. We are going to have a big blowout at Retro Festival next year. That’s for sure.

Please stay safe and look after each other


The TR Register South Central TR Groups will be getting together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the TR Register over the weekend at RetroFest Newbury, keep watching here for further details.

Loads to see and including music day and night, why not camp there too?

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