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TR4A chassis (1967)


Chassis from my 1967 TR4A for Sale. The car was restored 22 years ago and has been on the road as a cherished / garaged / locally-driven car ever since.

Although the chassis has what looks to be professional quality patching, from many years ago, it otherwise appears to be in tidy condition.

I've just had it swapped (read ££££ !) because I discovered cracking around the rear diff-mounting bridge and adjacent rear chassis legs. I was offered a new (aftermarket / tubular) bridge to replace the old one, and although this would have been easily done with the body off, I didn't have the work-space where I live and so my options were limited.

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Anyway, this original and repairable chassis is now for sale. Its trailing arm mounting rails / outriggers, T-shirt and body mounts, and all the front end all look good. It's presently in Wolverhampton, but by mid-July it will be brought across to Ipswich, Suffolk.


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  • Category: Parts
  • Model: Triumph TR4A
  • Year: 1967

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